The tie rod end and ball joints are also new. Serving the the component car community since 1997. On the right, we’ve installed the suspension and brakes.

Factory Five 818 Models 818S STREET The 818S is a well-engineered, easy to build street car with the performance of… We had the windshield professionally installed. Yes, we offer a 24 month unlimited mileage bumper to bumber warranty with every new vehicle build. Yes, we can install any engine you would like. We replaced the two inner CV joints as well as the transmission output seals. A revised front end includes new fenders, 3D-printed headlamp bucket and revised headlight design, nose, and grill (standard now in all 818 designs). We provide front upper A-arms and four corner KONI coil-over shocks.

The lower control arms are a Subaru part and are aluminum. We removed unnecessary wires–for example interior lighting and climate control–to save weight and simplify the wiring harness.

Note: This is for a 2002-2003 WRX based 818, however a good amount of parts will swap between models read the comments for more. The car passed both with flying colors. Watch a demonstration of the benefits of flatfoot shifting and enjoy some fun footage around the FormaCars campus. He says that he was listed at 6’4″ on the Gettysburg HS basketball roster. In the pictures below you can also see the turbo intercooler and ducting. The Factory Five 818 is an affordable two-seater, mid-engined car that is a modern original design rather than a vintage replica. You can see the new slotted disk brake and the Subaru WRX caliper.

I think this, and some other edges can be improved. Every high-quality FormaCars FFR 818 comes with waterproof electronics, powder coated sheet metal, painted rivets and more to increase value and last a lifetime. The 818 uses factory wheel and tire sizes. The pictures below show the middle hood to fender shut lines during the fitting process.

I ordered and received the 10705 axles, but they are skinnier than the Subaru axles, so those CV joints will not work either. Click here for the FFR 818 parts … 818 full disassembly and donor list can be found here. Custom parts and accessories for Factory Five Roadsters, Hot Rods, GTMs and Daytona Coupes.

CV Joints and Boots. Click here for the complete 818 hard top packlist. A FormaCars sales representative will be contacting you. Mike attached the harness bar mount to the rear frame in order to accommodate the over-the-shoulder seat belt harness straps that go through the tops of the racing seats. We replaced the engine and transmission mounts for safety reasons. Plus less work for you! Click here for the FFR 818 parts … For both, the car needed to be transported by trailer.

The problem here is that I thought all axles were created equal.

One of my design goals was a car that would pass the state emissions test even though kit cars are not tested in Maryland.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I did not use a donor primarily because I imported my motor from japan. Many lessons were learned here…most importantly, don’t assume that aftermarket parts will fit your kit car! If you want to look up compatibility with other models use The FormaCars designed air to water intercooler is engineered to pull in the freshest and coolest air. That is after we have received the frame and chassis. Get the best sports car content 8 times a year. New Subaru axles are crazy expensive, so I decided to get some dirt-cheap used Subaru axles. That is 2-5 years your garage will be filled with tools and parts. Final shipping price to be determined shortly.All glass is DOT-compliant. Before the body, I installed the seats and asked a friend to check the fit for tall persons. 9 Tow RoadWareham, MA Like I always say, more safety, more fun…bring the speed! Copyright ©2020 Factory Five Licensing, Inc. All rights reserved. The 818R is the competition version of the 818S. We first installed almost the complete harness to ensure that the engine ran and then began the trimming. The installers remembered my first build and preferred the red body to the white originally produced by Factory Five. Please call us to learn more about our build process!

The muti-link rear suspension is standard, and the suspension geometry has been optimized for the wheelbase, center of gravity, and weight distribution of the chassis. Published on July 9, 2014 August 9, 2014 by Chrysta Baker Leave a comment. This was my second 818 build, and so I was ready with donor parts ready for installation and the garage setup. Two cosmetic improvements to the car are shown below. If you are shipping the hard top, the crate costs $400. Modern technology allows for stronger, and safer frames, FormaCars advanced intelligent technology allows for more control over launch and acceleration, Advanced suspension, braking, and controls allow for better handling, FormaCars is backed with decades of manufacturing experience, In-house precision manufacturing and design capabilities, Industry known limited production builder, Innovative and precision engineering model deliver amazing results. With half of the team working on aluminum paneling, Tim and Wayne sit down and look over the Subaru parts we’ll be using as the heart of our Factory Five 818. The wooden dolly under the frame allowed me to move the frame around the garage during assembly. The mileage on the WRX engine (93,000 miles) is recorded.

Options include padded interior, upgraded shifter, seat choices, soft top, and removable hard top. Custom parts and accessories for Factory Five Roadsters, Hot Rods, GTMs and Daytona Coupes. Additional configurations are available by request. Gallery • Categories Parts: Factory Five, Parts: Subaru Used, Rear Suspension, Transmission • Tags CV joints, Factory Five, Inner CV Joints, Outer CV Joints, Project 818, rear axles, Rear Suspension, Subaru WRX. | Carefully crafted by Design Principles, Inc. “Factory Five’s newest offering is a credible alternative to the. Carefully crafted by Design Principles, Inc. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). Factory Five designed the 818 to built without painting, a great cost saving. The 818R has a full race cage, race seat, and adjustable KONI shocks. FormaCars FFR 818 is the most exhilarating and outstanding track car built in the marketplace. The 6-speed transmission allows for swift take off and a full range of performance points whether you are coming out of a curve on the track, or just having a nice cruise around town. Create a free website or blog at We have additional information about this on our blog, We build the factory luxury FFR 818’s using historically renowned, industry leading frames and chassis’ designed by Factory Five Racing.

In addition to the drivetrain, all of the steering, cooling and braking systems are retained from the Impreza donor vehicle.

As you can see on the left, there is some extra gel coat from the manufacturing process. Please don't hesistate to contact us!

FormaCars paint and interior work is second to none - people will melt with envy when you drive by. Get the best sports car content 8 times a year. The kit includes a mounting bracket for the wiper motor and wiper transmission mechanism (left), a fiberglass cowl, and a new molding for the hood (right). Therefore, the aftermarket CV joints don’t fit the FFR supplied shafts. The first step was to remove the body panels from the frame and store the panels and parts for assembly. We offer upgraded performance shocks, Wilwood brakes, and affordable, high-performance wheel options.

You can see the opening for the headlights, and if your look closely, the cooling vent cutouts on the hood itself. Factory Five Racing does not build completed or partially completed vehicles. The main problems are (i) body shut lines and (ii) problems with the edges of the factory panels.

Now the front output splines drive the rear wheels. The main problems are (i) body shut lines and (ii) problems with the edges of the factory panels. That is 2-5 years your garage will be filled with tools and parts. If course, the Mazda part didn’t fit perfectly, but with a a little measuring and cutting, it looks good. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The process of evaluating whether or not this project is right for you is an important one and there are several places you can go to get accurate, truthful, and current answers to your questions.

*Pick-ups are free. I was able to get some inside front CV joints that fit the FFR shafts, but the rear outside joints seemed rusted to the point that I don’t want to use them. I thought this was a good upgrade and I believe legal in Maryland. On the right are the (i) Factory Five identification tag and next to the VIN assigned by the state. = Included | ○ = Optional | - Not Available, 100% Full Customization 17"x7.5" Front | 18"x8.5" Rear, Matte Gunmetal Wheels

Thank you for understanding. The body shape began in a variety of ways, from CAD files and renderings to scans of existing shapes, and the final 818 body shape came from a full digital file, integrated with the chassis, and output to CNC-milled production tooling. The CV joints and boots story is a long and complicated one, so this post was written by the man himself, Mike the Master Mechanic…. If you want to look up compatibility with other models use Producing 345 ft. lbs of torque at the rear wheels burning out, smoking tires, getting in and out of curves quickly, and being one of the fastest vehicles on the street will prove easy with this setup. In the 818 manual, they recommend using AutoZone 10705 axles with the FFR supplied 80237 axles.

*Note means will work with 93-07 Impreza all others are not confirmed to go past 2002. The Factory Five 818 removable hard top includes the following parts/assemblies: - Composite hard top with molded inner liner and air duct to engine bay - Composite rear hatch with molded liner, hinged with glass with gas struts - Front windshield glass - Side window glass for power window mechanism - Rear quarter window glass - Rear hatch glass “Factory Five’s newest offering is a credible alternative to the There is a slight gap that I think can be improves with some sanding. My favorite of these are engine cover hinges that allow the large panel just behind the seats to swing upward for easy access to the engine. Subscribe to Grassroots Motorsports now. Click here for brake pedal modification service . Windshield Mounted Mirror, Electronically Follow our Factory Five 818 build from a mess of mixed parts on the garage floor to burning rubber laps around the track. If you really just want to enjoy the car, hire FormaCars to build it for you.

The seating position is low, and there is a good amount of leg room. Aug 9, 2013 update to the Factory Five 818 project car FFR 818 Donor Parts. You can look up part numbers by car type, and see the comparability section to see what models all use the same part#. 818 Shirts & Apparel Fun Stuff Shirts & Apparel Instructions Exploded Part Diagrams #12066 - 1987-1998 Standard Width Front Lower Control Arm #16237 - 2015 13" IRS Brakes #16765 - 2015 11.65" IRS Brakes Shipping & Returns Blog