Sold to Tom Malloy (Villa Park, CA) in 1997 or 1998. The car was rebuilt and rented to Phil Compton (Dallas, TX) for the Dallas Can-Am race in July 1984. A mystery car bought from Mark Rose (Fort Worth, TX) in 1983 by Scott Cattell (Sebastopol, CA), who started a long-term restoration. Bill Faircloth's Lola T332 at Mid-Ohio in 1996 or 1997. Also, the T332 raced by Rick Knoop for Don Weber's team has been identified as HU46, and the car run by Bob Penzer in sprints and hillcimbs in the UK has been identified as T332C HU62. Briggs raced a T332 in F5000 spec in SCCA Nationals in early 1977: at Riverside in February and at Sears Point in April, winning both races. car using parts of an unwanted T400. This process was done on the Vel's Parnelli Used with permission. John-David Briggs (Woodside, CA) raced a Lola T332 in 1975, almost certainly HU50, but at some point he acquired a second car. Rebuilt for 1979 from remains of original Prophet (based on T332C HU56) but with 'a brand new tub from England': driven by John Morton (1 race), George Follmer (2 races) and Bobby Rahal (six races, won at Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979); replaced by new "Prophet 3" for 1980 but raced by Rahal at Watkins Glen July 1980 after the newer car was damaged at Mosport. A logical identity would be 'K3', following the similar cars built up by Vel's Parnelli Jones and John Morton at around the same time. Very probably the that car that Tom Klausler raced as the Schkee DB3 in 1980, and as the Schkee DB82 in 1982. A black Lola T332 invoiced to Carl Haas in late November 1975, and likely to be the car bought by Interscope Racing for Danny Ongais to replace the car damaged by Ongais at Riverside (see T332 'K3'). Don Breidenbach at Mid-Ohio in 1977. Historic Race Car, 1963 Turner Sports Mk2, VUD 701, Ex John E Miles Autosport Championship Winner. Langson still had the LR003 and the LR004 plus the original Frissbee body from the Foster car. Converted T400.

Still with Odell in September 2013. Parkhill won the MidDiv ASR championship in 1983 and 1984 in his 'Lola T333' before the category was discontinued. Sold to Adrian Whapham (NZ) in 1994 or 1995 and raced in historics in New Zealand - Stan Redmond (Christchurch, NZ) by 2001 (still wearing the HU16 chassis plate).

Then taken out for the 1977 Australian Internationals and raced by Jones at Oran Park, but then crashed in practice R2 Surfers Paradise 13 Feb 1977 and written off. Presumably one of four T332s advertised by VPJ in Jan 1977. According to Doug Waters, the Townsend Spyder was sold, together with the remnants of another car, to Dan Craddock (San Francisco, CA) for 1980. Peter Molloy and Pat Burke acquired HU36a in 1982 to trade it for Jim Snelling's ex-Warwick Brown HU27. After he sold his first car to Stan Redmond in New Zealand in 2009, Blackmore appeared in a second T332 starting in 2011. Ed O'Brien's wife with, from left to right, Phil Richardson, Ken Smith and Barry Miller in 2009. The car was logbooked by the SCCA as "82-238" and its identifying number was given as '53', implying HU53. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. F5000 Cars For Sale Formula 5000 Members can post Ads to sell their cars in this space at no cost . The fate of the tub is known but will not be disclosed at this point. This car to Tom Spalding: Can-Am 1978 (6 races + 1 DNS); Can-Am 1979 (two races: raced by Spalding Road America 22 Jul 1979 and by Patrick Gaillard Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979). Retained by Janke since then. Owner passed away and this is for sale from his collection. The first to appear were a car with a Jack Smith tub for Rocky Moran replacing his T332 HU29; the Frissbee-ised version of the Prophet; and John Morton's Lola T333CS also fully converted. The identification of at least one of the 1976 T332Cs is tentative: Shirey's car is probably HU57. Bill Baker (Pismo Beach, CA) US 1975 (seven races; wrecked in heat at Laguna Seca 12 Oct 1975 and rebuilt on new Haas-supplied tub in time for Riverside two weeks later), US 1976 (one race only: crashed at R2 Mosport).

David Hobbs in the Hogan Racing Lola T332 at Mosport Park in early 1975. It was entered by B&T Racing at #82, with support from V.I.P. Gordon Johncock in Patrick Racing's Lola T332 HU44 at Road Atlanta in 1975. As the identification of the Lola T332s has been a massive task in itself, the notes covering the identification of each chassis have been separated out into this page. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital, but died the next day of head and neck injuries". Australia held out, their unchanged cars carrying Copyright Richard Deming 2016.

Other T332 advertisments as yet unexplained include: Les White acquired parts from the crashed HU36 in 1983 which implies he had a T332 at this time. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. John Kalagian made his debut in 1982 with a 'new' Frissbee.

John David Briggs ain his T332 at Laguna Seca in 1975 or 1976.

The car is in livery from when it raced in Australia at some point but this (see picture, right) does not match the white livery used by Schuppan in 1976 nor even the orange-and-black livery of Jon Davison's ex-Theodore HU34 when it was last seen. Used with permission. Dr Korn recalls that the car was later destroyed in an accident by Keke Rosberg in Canada, presumably his crash at Mosport Park in 1979. Langson then rebuilt the car as the Langson LR002 and ultimately LR003 for Can-Am 1986 (3 races) and CAT 1987 (2 races). After HU43 was crashed, Hogan Racing (Earth City, MO) continued in 1974 with just the one T332, David Hobbs' HU30, and when Rutherford returned to race for the team at Ontario and Laguna Seca, he drove the older T330 HU12. Appeared as the #31 Race Power Lola T332 with T333CS bodywork for Payvis at three races in 1980, and six races in 1981. Then the whole Frisselle team was sold to Galles Racing for 1982, to be raced by their FSV graduate Al Unser Jr. Copyright Terry Capps 2014. Raced at Mid-Ohio June 2014. So far, 31 have been located. He ran it at the F5000 reunion at Pueblo, Colorado on 6 May 2001. from Carl Haas' records has allowed all the T332s that ran in After the success of Brad Frisselle's Lola T332-based Frissbee winning at Laguna Seca at the end of the 1980 season, two all-new Frissbees were built on newly fabricated monocoques for 1981. Copyright Richard Deming 2016. The Frissbee raced by John Macaluso in the 1987 CAT series is now known to have been built using the ex-Bobby Brown, ex-Bruce McInnes Lola T333CS, using Frissbee bodywork left from the T333CS that Rod Cusumano crashed at St Louis in 1985. Subsequently sold by Danzi to Hal Whipple (Carmichael, CA), who had also owned Caplan's earlier McLaren M8D. Clements had his first race in the red-and-white #30 Lola T332 at Sandown Park in November 2008, and was then a regular in the F5000 Tasman Revival from 2008/09 to 2017/18. Raced by Bartlett in the Australian Gold Star from August 1974 onwards. Bob Meyer in his Frissbee at Sears Point in 1984. Then unused until sold in 2013 to Max Wakefield (London).

Mario Andretti in his Lola T332 at Road Atlanta in 1975. Haines (St Louis, MO) later sold the car to Les Loushin (Humble, TX). Meyer was back again for selected Can-Am races in 1984, with his car further modified, still with Frissbee-style bodywork but now with the tapered sides first seen on the Frissbee GR3 in 1982. "HU32" then raced by Tomy Drissi (Hollywood, CA) up to 1998 and then stored until sold to Marc Rauchfuss (Simi Valley, CA) in Jan 2004.

It Great Canadian racer great career! Sold by Stan Siegel to John Obialero (Littleton, CO) 1994, and retained ever since. According to Doug Waters, this Frissbee was built up by the Phil Conte CGI team from spares using a Lola T333 chassis, and was assembled at the start of 1982 to be used as a backup to John Morton's regular Frissbee. Used with permission. To Bob Gerber (Westport, CT) 2000 but unused and stored in John Brundage's garage. Other car owners and race shops wishing to sell their F5000 cars, buy F5000 cars, or sell/buy related parts are welcome to submit information to be published on this web page for a fee to Seb Coppola. The complete car was sold to Gordy Oftedahl (Minneapolis, MN) but the fate of the repaired tub is unknown. That is now known to be the ex-Randolph Townsend Spyder, built on Lola T332 HU48. Tom Erwin saw this car on its debut at Watkins Glen in 1978 but noted that it had no chassis number. Before the restoration was complete, he sold the car to Todd Reiners (Sacramento, CA) in 2000, and the pair completed it together. The battered tub from HU56, together with other parts including the Boraxo body and the chassis plate, were sold by Caplan to Rick McLean (Oceanside, CA), who bought up many crashed tubs and other bits during this period. He never saw the package and sold it all to Tony Mistretta who, according to Don, took it to Marc Bahner "to have a second tub built so they could have one as a 5000 car and one in single seat Can Am". Langson recalls Foster telling him that he bought the car from John Morton, and that the bumps in the bodywork evident on pictures of Foster and Langson in this car, were to accommodate Morton's large feet. Seatbelt, fire..... LolaT642e Formula Ford built in 1983 as an update to the successful 640 FF of 1982.

As Lola only supplied a monocoque, this might be seen as an unnumbered car. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. Used with permission. Many years later, in January 1994, "HU32" was advertised by George Valerio (Sacramento, CA) as "one owner, logbook, original, complete". Content © 2020, Car And Classic Ltd. All Rights Reserved, 1966 Lola Mk3b = Race Car with Chevy V-8 FISA/FIA book 220k €, 1970 Lola T200 Historic Formula Ford 1600, 1972 LOLA T300 - Eppie Weitzes on-the-button. Interscope's new car would have to be the Black HU60 on the same basis. The car was still on display in the museum in August 2015, with a board saying that it had won the first Long Beach GP. Rebuilt with a new monocoque by Miller and Richardson for the 2012/13 series. The car was converted to Lola T332 specification by John Crawford's Motorsport Solutions NZ Ltd (Christchurch, NZ). Copyright Johan Woerheide 2003. Tom Erwin's notebooks give a number of snapshots of the Hogan team over the next few seasons and no car numbered HU43 is noted either as a race car or a spare car over that time. However, some parts of the tub may have been reusable and the chassis plate also survived. Brad Frisselle's original Frissbee returned to competition at Laguna Seca a week later but it was actually an all-new car with a monocoque fabricated by Joey Cavaglieri. Haas Racing for Brian Redman US 1976 as spare car at Pocono 1976. The owner would consider a classic car or muscle car as a trade. Five years later, "Chassis 37" was advertised in Victory Lane Dec 1996 from a Los Angeles, CA area code as "fully sorted" and "race ready" after a "total 1995 restoration". adverts suggest he did. Riley, the famed US race car designer behind everything from AJ Foyt's Coyote 21.10.2020 Race Cars .

Copyright Don Markle 2007. This car is race ready with current FIA papers valid until 31.12.2025.

Kitchiner chassis number K3A as driven by Gordon Spice in the first 11 rounds of the 1970 European F5000 championship.

Sold to Steve Foster (San Antonio, TX), and raced in Can-Am in 1984 (2 races: Sears Point 30 Sep and Green Valley 28 Oct).