Student: Amy Mason A possible reason for arousal, anxiety and violence distraction could be that a violent incident, with the use of weapons, draws the focus of the witness’s attention away from who is causing this anxiety, which results in little or no processing of other information. Likely, Validity of Eyewitness Testimony Though the use of eyewitness testimony by juries is considered most valuable, the question of fallibility of witness statements poses various problems and issues. The reliability if an eyewitness testimony is questionable. Free resources to assist you with your university studies! recall, it also produces, There have been several cases in which eyewitness testimony led to the conviction of an innocent person. Although hypnosis might produce increased Furthermore, this essay will argue whether eyewitness testimony is ideal to use as one of the most important pieces of evidence to use or whether the application of eyewitness testimony is fallible. Although an incident has occurred, the attention of the witness is primarily upon the weapon so they are not observing the rest of the incident or the person who is posing the threat and this causes the witness to have lack of information about the incident. When the experiment was repeated a week later, the subjects who received the word ‘smashed’ were more likely to agree to the question asked “Did you see any broken glass?” even though there was no recollection of broken glass within the video. In the 1970’s, Elizabeth Loftus conducted an experiment to demonstrate how third party interference can invalidate witness accounts by introducing false facts. A However, the use of eyewitness accounts seems to create a lot of doubt in whether it is a reliable source of evidence to be used because its accuracy is questioned based on interpretation. Though the potential invalidity of eyewitness accounts is extensive, error made in witness accounts are extraneous when the observers are able to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate witnesses [15] . The inaccuracy of witness accounts is demonstrated by the various aspects that intercept with each other and substantiate hesitation for its use as evidence. The interviewing process which is conducted by the criminal justice system i.e. However, it is argued that the human mind is capable of remembering significant pieces of information that is considered vital and important. But the human memory has flaws within itself regardless of extra information that can falsify or invalidate the recollection of what occurred and why. Works Cited Missing Under hypnosis an eyewitness could produce false information whist The memories that the mind deems as important for growth and use consistently is life are episonic which represents the episode of the memory where as certain skill or piece of information; semantic which identifies what that piece of information consists of and what it is and finally procedural which processes who that information is to be used or handled. The experiment was to test the theory of the ‘serial position curve’ where it consisted of the subjects being presented with a list of 16 words in which they had to recall in order. The results of this experiment, illustrated the serial position curve in which the recollection of words and the results of the experiment were graphed and this illustrated a curve effect were the last recalled words were remembered best whereas the words in the middle of the recall were remembered poorly. The human mind can potentially hold millions of pieces of information, though not all at once, which when acquired by the brain can be reinstated and remembered. Stern and Dunning, 1994 [10]quoted that eyewitness testimony is perhaps ‘the most compelling types of evidence presented to police investigations and criminal trials’. Unfortunately, people do not make the best witnesses to a crime. When a witness views a crime in which a weapon is used as a method of violence and distraction, the weapon achieves its purpose in distracting the attention of those witnessing the crime. 10 25 2017 Eyewitness Testimony Assignment. Eyewitness Testimony is often used during crime scene investigations. Schemas are stored in long term memory.

Hence, eyewitness testimony is largely one of the reasons as to why innocent individuals are thrown in prison.

eyewitness testimony Essay...different reasons why the reliability of eyewitness testimony in the United States judicial system today is all but flawed. The use of eyewitness testimony has provided crucial evidence that can often lead to the identification and arrest of a criminal suspect or a hazardous event can be avoided. police, courtroom judges, need to be done in a careful and delicate way so that there is no decay or deterioration of information. This is considered one of the key factors in which juries do consider eyewitness testimony accounts as a vital piece of evidence. Some questions can often be made more suggestive than others and these questions the legal concept of a leading question. The “weapons focus” effect [22] perceives to be a result of the witness’s attention being predominantly directed towards the weapon, resulting in diversion of attention away from the situational aspects and the criminal suspect. My behaviors were changed by the environmental, In recent years, the use of eyewitness testimonies as evidence in court cases has been a subject in which various researchers have been interested in. It refers to an account given by people of an event they have witnessed. Eyewitness. Schemas are stored in long term memory. The use of eyewitness testimony has provided crucial evidence that can often lead to the identification and arrest of a criminal suspect or a hazardous event can be avoided. This is because one of the The malleability of eyewitness accounts demonstrates the excessive inaccuracy of it being used as a vital evidential piece in the courts and criminal justice system. The influence of an eyewitness testimony cannot be denied as research has showed that, “adding a single prosecution eyewitness to a murder trial summary increased the percentage of mock jurors’ guilty, The Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony

It was argued that eyewitness testimony is a reliable form of evidence especially with its validity in terms of the events leading up to the use of EWT; what is deemed important information is believed to be remembered more clearly. This correlates with what a witness may assume a criminal or crime scene may look like and therefore use this to describe the suspected.

To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have your work published on the website then please: Our academic writing and marking services can help you! A We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on For example, teaching a child how to read a book at a particular age is episonic, knowing what a book is, is semantic and how to read the words in a book would be procedural. So, in essence when a person is moderately aroused, the information is encoded best as opposed to extreme arousal or stress where the information is lost or encoded insufficiently. After having collated all the arguments together, it was suggested that improvements must be made in order to improve the quality of eyewitness testimony; these included the legal system and police force’s involvement in collating information as quickly as possible. Research suggests that eyewitness testimonies are actually not reliable enough to use as primary evidence in court cases.