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Mind-expanding ambient and techno from the Detroit visionary. And awesome. At least one valid email address is required. He does specialize in easy listening after all.

The 11th edition fo MUTEK.ES goes down March 4th to 8th.

What did Denny do differently to Baxter's song that the audience liked?

The genre ended up being a mixture of jazz sounds, some pop, lounge music, and different "folkloric rhythms" from around the world.

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It's ironic when musicians are accused of being racist.

View the full artist profile. This seems a bit condemning to what should really be judged on a record-to-record basis.

0. They didn't just stick to Tiki, pseudo-Pacific sounds. His debut album (recorded in Waikiki, by the way) Exotica was a huge success that propelled him to the first place in the Billboard charts and gave this new genre a proper name. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

BTW, he also has a song called "Sophisticated Savage." The name is said to have come from Martin…

The beloved selector passed away yesterday from cancer. Of course, this was seen by the record company that gave us exotica as a great opportunity, and in 1952 ,what is considered by many as the first exotica album was released. These songs are, of course, just the top of the iceberg, but in the wake of the death of George Floyd, they’re all essential listens. Believe it or not, that made a big difference because it made people feel like they were in the middle of the jungle in a faraway, exotic land.

By 1956, Baxter started composing the soundtracks to numerous films across every genre: “Pharaoh’s Curse” (1957), an Egyptian-themed horror film; “The Invisible Boy” (1957), a space-set science fiction film; “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold” (1958), a Western. The Barcelona festival has also announced the final additions to its lineup. In other words, it’s all make-believe cultural representation.Â.

And … Perhaps the problems one could take away from Exotica comes from the misconception that Africa and the ‘Oriental East’ belong alongside the likes of the Moon and the bottom of the Ocean—to be fair all were about as equally distant from the average listener of Exotica. It’s like the resort I was talking about before, or the tons of people who go to Hawaii for that Tiki vibe, while drinking their piña colada in a luau at sunset.

His earliest album, “Music Out of the Moon” (1947) was a soft-jazz record underlying a spacey theremin (incidentally, it was among the music Neil Armstrong brought and played during the Moon landing of 1969). This is a genre that was basically created in the studio out of a huge marketing concept of merging some of the most popular music trends and current interests in society. Black artists have played a vital role in shaping American music for hundreds of years — be it jazz, gospel, blues, hip-hop or the invention of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a fake, unauthentic fantasy created for a very specific audience who wanted to see and experience something different.

Judging by his massive and diverse catalogue, Baxter wasn’t just ‘cashing in’ on a trend, but rather showed genuine interest in creating emotive and picturesque music.

You can read the full article here … Press J to jump to the feed. As a slight remedy, some choose to limit the genre of Exotica to only include real-world locations, however fictionalized.


Throughout, Hutnyk provides a searing critique of a world that sells exotica as race relations and visibility as redress. Here are our favourite releases from the past month. Here Are 12 of Our Favorites.

Returning to the questionable terminology in Exotica song and album titles, perhaps this reflects more poorly on society in the 50s and 60s as a whole rather than the individuals; perhaps Baxter is simply giving his musical interpretation of the romanticized versions of Africa and other oft-dreamt about places, as opposed to the real place.