Besides this, the tent has four sizable mesh windows, one on each side.

The first set-up took some figuring out with two of us.

There were also a couple of nice features to write home about. Once in use, users will discover the fabric and construction is probably not going to last a lifetime of camping, much less just a few seasons, even with meticulous care. But that isn’t to say the tent wasn’t awash with so many other features…, Bottom Line : A great starting tent for family campouts. As for the instructions, they’re incredibly clear and supplemented with helpful graphics, even if they come off as redundant when considering just how easy this tent goes up. Learn more…, Home - Camp & Hike - Eureka Copper Canyon. All of the tent poles are shock-corded, meaning assembly is easy and straightforward.

Their name-brand status will always result in a bit of a pricier tent. In this case, we were amazed at how quickly, easily, and intuitively we pitched the Copper Canyon – the tent took our Top Pick award for this reason alone. It’s easy to prep the fly to pop it on if a sudden storm rolls in. We loved this tent's box shape that made it super comfortable. For this, we’re mostly testing how easy it is to set up the tent. We sometimes use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on your purchase. We sometimes use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on your purchase. The tent fabric, mostly the floor, has much to be desired of. Background image by Kun Fotografi from Pexels. Though it’s not designed for winter camping, you can have wonderful camping trips almost any other time of the year with this tent, and its durability will mean you can take it to many climates and locales. Thanks to the well thought out design of Eureka Copper Canyon 12, the set up is fast and easy. The vertical walls make it a cabin shaped tent, and allows the maximum use of the interior space. Weather ResistanceThe 1,200mm waterproof coating is on the low end for tents and will start to wet through after a day of solid rain. It’s the only tent we felt confident in rating this highly, despite not being either. The Eureka Copper Canyon 12 comes with two zippered power ports that allow you to run a power cord inside the tent and charge devices like phones, lights, tablets, and much more. In this case, we were amazed at how quickly, easily, and intuitively we pitched the Copper Canyon – … Welcome to our Eureka Copper Canyon 12 review. Click to check price –

We test for a tent’s resilience against rips and tears, as well as its pole strength and structural toughness. While the tent cost a bit more than average, it paid for itself in uncompromising quality, intuitive simplicity, and excellent internal space. Weather resistance also factors in, since that determines certain areas and times of the year when camping will be possible.

In this comprehensive review we’ll cover: If you want to learn more about a great tent that’s incredibly easy to set up, you’ll love this guide. Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Features: Build. However, what’s easy for one camper isn’t always easy for another. If rain is blowing in from the side, it can seep through the mesh and pool at the base of the window flaps and eventually drip into the tent. The Eureka Copper Canyon 12 has proved to be a good family-friendly camping tent that will easily cater to all your needs.

This makes the overall setting-up process actually quite easy to understand, and the tent can be assembled in less than 20 minutes. At 7 feet tall when fully set up, you and up to five other campers can easily move around inside. The sturdy poles will hold strong in a stiff wind and the large windows and mesh ceiling provide excellent ventilation.

This makes it … So let’s not wait anymore and start reviewing this family size camping tent.

Finally, the top of the tent is made using a mesh that will enable cross-tent airflow and even for sky gazing. Eureka!

Because the walls and top are separate pieces, it takes a specific process for one person to set it up.

Apart from providing a great 360 degrees view, the windows keep the tent ventilated when needed. This recreational camping tent allows the whole gang to hang out, stretch out and sleep well.

Established in 1895, Eureka has since come a long way. We consider it one of the higher-end camping but still pretty good value for money. All trademarks property of their respective owners, What sets this tent apart from the rest of the field, A comprehensive look at where this tent works, and where it doesn’t, Ratings in five areas – Value for Money, Ease of Setup, Durability, Livability and Versatility. The zipper aids in keeping the ports out of the rain.

However, discounting those two outliers, our Copper Canyon held up really well against the competition. Anyone who can afford this tent should seriously consider the many highlights we’ve pointed to throughout this review. In this particular case, it crosses over a price threshold we believe makes the tent difficult for the average camper to absorb. The TopNotch Top Pick always goes to a tent that excels in a particular area, regardless of how well it does in the other metrics. *Your purchase helps to support the work of Gear Institute. In this review we aim to highlight the pros, cons and any other information that we believe will be useful for you to see if this tent will be a good fit. Design: Eureka!

The windows open from the inside to easily adjust for ventilation or privacy.

However, the internal size of the tent also factors into livability: a tent with lots of room is much more comfortable and homey than one that has you and your family or friends packed inside like sardines.