I'm less concerned with end-game tags as I am with the game not telling me which tags are end-game when I tag switch. And now that run is dead. Especially Spain, for example.

and with 1.30+ it became even more sad.

Playing with normal or historical nations; Was never an end-game tag; Bharat does not exist. Basically it makes certain achievements harder to get. You spend time playing in a region, and as a reward for doing it successfully you get to form the endgame tag associated with it. Potential requirements. I mean, it does make sense.. imagine all the free claims! The command to kill the ruler of Hosokawa is:. yeah end game tags are just a dumb addition that just kills a fun mechanic of using. Timurids mission give perma claims on entire persia. The command to play as Hosokawa in EU4 is:. If you haven’t played 1.24, try and roll back with the beta branch and see. Spain is now.. Spain.

Basically most cultural tags are end-game (Spain, Italy, Great Britain), and some like Byzantium and Ottomans just can't form any nations at all (only exceptions being Rome and HRE which are "super end game tags").

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but come on guys, the devs are right we were having badwrongfun. And if you don't care about achievements, what's the issue? Endgame tags are in my opinion the worst gamechange that was ever made. And ok, I get it, breaking the game to stack the best of the best is not how things are supposed to go, so enable end-game tags in Ironman. I forgot they included Byzantium as one of those tags so I couldn’t do the fun, venice > byz > italy for byz missions but italy’s ccr, But like mughal > bharat would be op, with 85 admin efficiency. But having countries like Commonwealth and Spain be end-game is indeed a massive miscalculation on Paradox's part. I feel like it would be so much more fun if you could for example start as england and form Bharat as a challenge, or start as Aragon, then form spain diplomatically, then form italy. Was there any clarification from PDX about why endgame tags were implemented? The country tag for Hosokawa in EU4 is:. I've spent some time thinking about it and I don't really understand why there are endgame tags. Way I view it it’s basically a reward. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I don’t see the issue with having weird tag switches in SINGLE PLAYER. End-game tags [] Some countries are end game tags.These countries are not allowed to form other countries even if they otherwise meet the prerequisites. That point kind of moot since they've added a lot of admin efficiency in nations that are not endgame like Savoy, but still. Their missions give you claims on all of Russia and Poland, later you can form Commonwealth that uses Polish mission tree to get claims on Bohemia, Prussia, Hungary, Balkans and Sweden. ; has a culture in either culture group: . This is possible with the debug mode in EU4.

Rip across north africa feeding Naples & Castile, get a Latin primary culture by spreading the Sicilian House Mafia, then pickoff the Italian requirements. Or at least that’s the reasoning they gave. Thanks. Aragon > Spain > Italy was one of my favorites. Dravidian If not, play with rules you're given, like everyone else. Ott-Georgia-Byzantium, Castille-spain-italy-rome or ming-mughal exploits were getting too common and OP.

And yes you’re right you can form Bharat as England. This change was not needed, not wanted and not asked for. I don't see why it cant be added for other countries that could potentialy abuse it, Edit: they should already do It for Lithuania. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. They were implemented to prevent gamey nonsense and mission tree abuse.