Ethics in the News is a monthly summary of ethics and lobbying-related articles published in 2019, compiled by NCSL's Center for Ethics in Government. Sentencing Commission from 2013 to 2019, examines how we got to this point and what can be done to help reform the country's justice system.

Illinois - Lobbyists will have to disclose additional information to the public under a measure Gov.

“These are two instances of misconduct with different but common themes—KPMG professionals compromising efforts to test their performance,” Steven Peikin, co-director of the SEC’s Enforcement Division, said in a conference call with members of the media. Georgia - A bill filed by Republicans in the Georgia House this week proposes a "Journalism Ethics Board" to oversee news coverage in the state. That is really problematic. The chairmen of the House and Senate committees predicted it’ll take several more meetings to iron out legislation implementing the new constitutional language. But none of that is true. The bank would pay $10.7 million to the DOJ to resolve the case. House lawmakers voted 66-0 late Friday to move a compromise bill that gives a judge subpoena powers and allows claims to be public after 30 days if probable cause is determined.

New Mexico - Lawmakers and open government proponents raised questions Friday about transparency and possible conflicts with other investigative agencies as New Mexico legislators try to flesh out details of the long-discussed creation of a state ethics commission. First published on August 2, 2019 / 7:03 PM. View story. That way they could petition a court for relief. View story. It gets worse and worse and the longer you don't pay, the worse things get. New York - Gov.

Then, there's the things the president can do on their own. Bank executives ultimately ignored that advice until years later. In March, the European Commission hit Google with a €1.49 billion (U.S. $1.7 billion) fine—the third in three years for the internet giant—for breaching competition rules. Be in the know. Take Responsibility. JPMorgan Chase’s compliance department reportedly faced a similar issue when it recommended cutting ties with Jeffrey Epstein for being a problematic, high-risk client. MTS was the third company operating in the Uzbek telecommunications market to reach a settlement with the SEC and the Department of Justice. Incarceration is buying you some time, but the underlying issues the person might have, or the underlying cause of the crime in the first place, you're just putting off. Reach her at: In a statement, DEA Special Agent in Charge Ray Donovan said the charges “should send shockwaves throughout the pharmaceutical industry, reminding them of their role as gatekeepers.” Compliance officers should heed the warning, particularly given that the Justice Department has indicated in its budget request for 2020 that fighting the opioid crisis remains a priority. J.B. Pritzker signed into law Wednesday. North Dakota -  A Ninth Circuit panel overturned a lower court decision Wednesday in a ruling with implications for how state confidentiality provisions apply to unelected officials versus elected ones. It also suggests fines and sanctions to punish outlets that don't comply with parts of the proposed law. Even more remarkably, it's constitutionally mandated to include an equal number of Democrats and Republicans, seemingly the icing on the cake for chronic stalemates. In an attempt to bolster his image, President Donald Trump promoted his reelection by pardoning a Black man and presiding over a naturalization ceremony during the second night of the Republican National Convention. Arkansas: State lawmakers convicted of a federal crime in conjunction with their official duties would forfeit their state retirement benefits and the Arkansas Ethics Commission would have authority to increase its fines for ethics violations under a package of six ethics bills that legislative leaders signaled support for. Join Compliance Week today and get full access to our six-chapter case study detailing cruise line Carnival’s tale of compliance redemption set against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. View story. Here you can find news stories about important issues in justice reform and articles calling for positive improvements to the criminal and juvenile justice systems. At least 47 state attorneys general are now investigating whether Facebook’s dominance in the industry stifles competition and puts users at risk. Index report last Thursday. Mandatory minimums don't help public safety, all they've done is create additional racial disparities and a lot of human misery. View story. However, there is a path to undo some of the damage. The 20,000-word report includes exclusive interviews, detailed graphics, photos, videos, and more. North Dakota: Freshly formed North Dakota legislative committees began dissecting new ethics rules voters recently carved into the state constitution Jan. 30. Welcome to It was the largest fine ever handed out for violating consumers’ privacy and nearly 20 times more than the largest penalty related to data privacy or security ever imposed worldwide. This system allows an inmate to earn time off their sentencing if they participate in programming while incarcerated. But if Congress says no, that's it. They have a lot of authority, especially with clemency power.