Still, choosing between the two will depend on whether you need the ballistic drop function. If it were so inherently flawed, it would have never found the success which it still enjoys. I have the Primary Arms package (XPS2-2 with 3x Long Eye Relief Magnifier on flip mount) best deal out there and it couldn't get much better IMO. The 512 will hang over (not touch) your front rail. We go back to the newer/smaller design and go with the screw mount system on the XPS2-0 ($470).

If you have backup irons that you can move up and down…the choice doesn’t really matter that much. I recommend going with the short model for night vision so you save rail space in case you need to mount around your optic. Rating - 0%. This causes the optic to be shorter, but last significantly less time than the 512.

The lithium battery is rated to provide approximately 600 hours of life at the nominal setting in average temperatures, which means that the life can fluctuate quite a bit depending on how high or low you have the brightness set and on the temperature. This is a full sized Eotech optic and runs off of two AA batteries. i have an xps3, and have shot an ar with the 512. good move going with the xps2, the lower profile and less weight will make up for the $50, NES/MFS November Giveaway ***Chinese Surplus SKS Type 56***. The major differences between these two excellent sights are: The XPS2 is significantly shorter, which allows the shooter to mount other accessories with greater ease.

If it is a question of active duty, both of these sights have seen combat, and have earned the respect of law-enforcement officers, government agents, and military personnel. Finding a campsite at your local campground normally isn't all that difficult. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ACOG vs EOTech with Magnifier – Which Is Better? The XPS2 would be my choice for home defense. While it’s always a good idea to keep a spare battery or two with you just in case, the sight does give you a warning as the reticle begins to flash when the battery starts running low.

If you aren’t looking for night vision it’s going to be hard to beat either of these options.

Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. For being two of the most advanced optics on the market their design is actually quite simple.

Although you can’t go wrong with either one, users looking for specific features may prefer one over the other. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Following that statement, Ted challenges Barney to drink the newest scotch which their bar has to offer (Jumbo Jim’s Grape Scotch), in an attempt to prove that he is wrong. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. Thanks, I have the exps-2-0 on my service 556. Some reticles are set up so their Bullet Drop Compensator marks correspond with a set caliber such as 5.56 or .308 Win.

Unfortunately the battery lifes a bit on the low side compared to the 1000 hour 512 and Aimpoint’s 50,000 hour battery life, but the auto shutoff feature helps increase battery life. Thanks, meng. The Aimpoint PRO Patrol Optic and EOTech 512.A65 Tactical, for example, are priced similarly and are good fits for rifles.

The shorter battery configuration means you need less rail space to mount the optic. I even give you some information about what to look out for when you’re buying tactical equipment. It held zero. Both optics feature a boxy wide open sight picture that’s perfect for close quarter combat and target shooting alike. Which will win in a battle of Eotech 512 vs XPS2? Both of these sights are easy to mount and easy to use. While it might not have advanced night vision compatibility it does have the same sight picture as all the other models. The XPS2 has the standard -0 reticle, but there is also a single dot option, an XPS2-2 which features 2 dots, as well XPS2 FN and XPS2 Sage options. are there ar15 scopes that won't work on an ar10? If you want to use a magnifier with the Eotech 512 you’ll need an extended rail system on your handguard to make it all fit. Durability is where both of these holographic sights really shine.

It’s become a favorite of brush hunters and is perfectly suited for most modern rifles. Your email address will not be published. They were engineered years apart, but they still hold a lot of the same advantages for the shooter. This system excels in both close-quarters shooting as well as shooting out to 200 yards. Ah…the famous EOTech reticle.

The world of electronic sights, there really is only one EOTech, as it remains head-and-shoulders above the rest of the competition. The XPS2-2 and XPS2-300, on the other hand, use the same dot-and-circle design, except with the addition of an extra 1 MOA red dot located below the center, which makes it easier to compensate for bullet drop at longer distances. But between Trijicon vs Eotech, which will be the better choice? Your email address will not be published. These sights also have a huge amount of tolerable temperatures, being able to function properly in anything from a freezing -40 degrees Fahrenheit to an intolerably hot 150 degrees. Turning the holographic reticle on and off and adjusting the brightness are done through the two buttons located on the back of the sight. 512-0 – 65 minute of angle (MOA) ring and 1 MOA dot reticle. Here are how the two sights stack up against one another: Optical Quality . Even without irons…I prefer the QD mount version since I tend to move my optics around a lot and have gotten used to the buttons on the side. Terms of Service apply.

The MSRP on the XPS2 is usually higher than the Eotech 512 (see full specs). The XPS2 is therefore incompatible with this unit, and if the LBC is something you could see yourself being interested in – get the 512. But if you don’t plan on moving around your optic, that last point doesn’t matter that much.

Whether or not that means anything to you will depend on your rail length. The 518 night vision model with buttons on the side and a laser battery cap seems like a winner to me. Apr 11, 2014 #1/12 Any of you guys owned both of these at any point in time?

I get why these things are so expensive but ughh… I feel like if I got one of these I wouldn't spend for a regular scope.

Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. I soaked up as much information as I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my workshop. I wanted to make sure I have enough rail before ordering the sight package. However, compared to the two batteries used in the 512, the XPS2’s one lithium battery can’t match up. As well, the company more recently released the XPS2-300 Blackout model designed for zeroing in both super and subsonic rounds, making it difficult for some hunters to decide which one is best. Overall, it really depends on what is most important to you, the increased battery life of the EOTech 512 or the smaller size of the XPS2. They are meant for use with a 1-inch weaver rail or.

2. Still, if you’re looking for a truly outstanding electronic sight, few, if any can compare to EOTech. EOTech XPS2 Review: XPS2-0 vs 2-1 vs 2-2​, Selecting the Best Skinning Knife For Hunting, Stay Comfortable with the Best Turkey Vest, What’s the Best M4 Scope? Gg&g accucam for the eotech 511-512 etc $20. While it may not have night-vision capabilities like the XPS3 line, it is effectively the same in every other regard. There’s two options…standard with a screw or a QD (quick-disconnect) mount. Considering the usefulness of the additional 65 MOA circle, for my money, the XPS2-0 and 2-2 are definitely the better option. With unlimited eye relief and a parallax free design you can quickly acquire the target for fast and accurate shot placement. The addition of a magnifier extends your effective range out to 500 yards without much difficulty.

They’re located on the side of the E model and on the rear of the XPS. Your email address will not be published. The LBC series is only compatible with HWS models 512/552/518/558. A Prismatic Optic might be a better choice for those like me. These two sights are similar in a lot of ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the military or just a civilian a Eotech Holographic sight will pair well with your rifle.

4 Bodyguard 380 Ankle Holsters For All Day Comfort. EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight; Price: $519.00; Price as of 11/02/2020 01:53 PST (more info about ad) The XPS2 and EXPS2 are both compact Eotech optics. Both of these sights are rugged, battle-tested, and clear. Due to its military-grade construction, the XPS2 is built to withstand any amount of recoil without moving a fraction of an inch. The base option for both is the larger circle and mini dot.

Rating - 0%. I love it for its speed with its large 68 MOA circle and a precise 1 MOA center dot.

Outside of magnifiers, there is still plenty of room for iron sights and other accessories. If you aren’t looking for night vision it’s going to be hard to beat either of these options. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. Now, this isn’t a bad thing since the optic itself is both the little brother in age and in size. TRIJICON VS. EOTECH Comparison 2020 TRIJICON EOTECH; Magnification: 1 x: 1 x: Objective Lens Diameter: 0.98 in: When we compare the XPS2 to other EOTech sights, it falls right about in the middle of the price range. (ANSWERED), Fenix vs Surefire – Which Is Better? However, compared to many other electronic sights, the EOTech XPS2 and other holographic sights are generally quite a bit more expensive than the others (again with the exception of Aimpoint).

The classic 512 HWS. With a 600 hour battery life for the XPS2 and 1000 hours for the 512 they aren’t even close to matching similarly priced red dots. However, it does offer the same size viewing port as a full-sized Eotech optic.

You have plenty of reticle options with the XPS2. If you have astigmatism even a simple red dot while starburst on you. Dennis Holmes here. The company has been producing holographic weapon sights since the mid-90s, and the XPS series was introduced around 2010. It’s official designation is the model number and then a dash zero (-0)…example is EXPS2-0. It’s the same basic design that’s been around for years and offers much of the same functionality.