An officer candidate school (OCS) is a military school which trains civilians and enlisted personnel in order for them to gain a commission as officers in the armed forces of a country. The 12-week course is divided into three distinct phases: Phase 1, Indoctrination Candidate; Phase 2, Officer Candidate; and Phase 3, Candidate Officer. nurses, chaplains, lawyers, civil engineers, etc. The course curriculum is parallel to that of the ODS, however, special caveats have been made to tailor the training to that of the Naval Reserve and its programs. Officer Training Command trains over 1500 students/candidates each year, and is the largest officer's accession training command in the military through various training courses; Officer Candidate School (OCS), Officer Development School (ODS), Direct Commission Officer Indoctrination Course (DCOIC) and the Naval Sciences Institute (STA-21). Officer Training Command MissionThe mission at Officer Training Command is to morally, mentally, and physically develop future Leaders of Character and Competence, imbuing them with the highest ideals of Honor, Courage, and Commitment to serve as Professional Naval Officers worthy of special trust and confidence. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Officer Training Command/Officer Candidate School - Class Chief Petty Officer (NEC-8RDC)/(NEC-805A). They must complete the degree within 36 months of assignment. Navy Lt. Walter McDuffie, a nuclear programs officer at Navy Recruiting Command, explains the officer commissioning process. Applications are then submitted to specific communities, rather than to OCS directly, who then select individuals for each group. Petty Officer 3rd Class | Brandon Abdallah. Applications are then submitted to specific communities, rather than to OCS directly, who then select individuals for each group. Direct Commission Officer Indoctrination Course provided new Navy Reservist Staff Corps and Restricted Line LDOs/CWOs with indoctrination training necessary to function in their role as newly commissioned Naval Officers. All members selected for the STA-21 program will attend 8 weeks of Naval Science Institute (NSI) as an "Officer Candidate" prior to assignment at an NROTC unit for degree completion and commissioning. PRODUCED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. [2] Graduates of either the ODS or DCOIC attend this class after completing the initial post-commission training. Recruit Division Commander/Class Chief Petty Officer Job description/entitlementsSailors will be slated as Class Chief Petty Officers but are detailed as Recruit Division Commander (RDC) qualified (8RDC) NEC entitled to Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP).