setTimeout(function(){ Maps often look best when framed, so if yours doesn't come with one, consider having a custom frame made for your piece. Shelves? The center of the entire display should be at eye level. The wall space over your sofa can be an intimidating space because it’s so expansive, but we actually like to think of it as an opportunity! Or if you like the farmhouse or the shiplap look, this wood plank kit gives you the look and feel of wood with self-adhesive versus having to nail or screw anything to your walls! 10 Ways to Fill the Blank Space Over Your Sofa 1. Hi! //console.log(window.location.pathname); This would be a great way to showcase children’s art in a family room or playroom! Small but significant, this space often ends up looking a bit drab. This is one of the points interior designers love to hammer home – pull your furniture away from the wall and your life will be complete.

There are several skirted sofas in this post. Your email address will not be published. This has a few benefits — it’s a bit like putting on a dress in that you only need one piece and you’re done. Unfortunately we no longer carry that artwork, but we do have other bird art options on our site. The oldest trick in the book. Earlier this week I was able to j, architect drafting patents art collection, dramatic black and white of the Eiffel Tower, The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper (& Why Wallpaper Is One of the Deadly Sins), How to Clean & Restore Old Wood with One Product, obviously not with a sofa, but I just love this full-wall board and batten design, wallpaper focal wall, shelves with interest pieces, framed wall art – via villa tretton, bookshelves boxing in the sofa (anchoring it), large art, wall lamps – via design crisis. In other words, what would make a statement? makes choosingthe right color easier (or harder .

The piece, whatever it may be, should generally be about two-thirds the width of the sofa (unless you're opting for something purposely over-scale). Anything goes, but do spend time to get it right. Wall colors can look drastically different on the wall in your home versus the swatch so always, ALWAYS test them first! Blooming Wall’s shop has a beautiful selection of patterns and colors like this flowering trees and birds wallpaper! Me too! :) I'm sure your home will end up looking great! The empty space above a sofa is a prime spot in the house for a great piece of art. Perhaps the most obvious idea, a console table is a great option to cover your sofa’s behind. Besides, it’s a good idea to use the space behind the bed practically. That said, you can certainly hang a series of small mirrors together over a sofa to create a gallery feel. I actually pinned some of it. Two small chairs with a patterned side table create the perfect place to get away from the main living room activities, but also keep you close (great for parents who want to enjoy a little “me time” without straying too far). Try something very large in size, vibrant in color, or graphically appealing in design. However, no one really spares a thought about the small but significant space behind it. One of the questions our Design Solutions’ team gets all the time is, “How do I fill the blank space on my wall?” Sometimes it’s the top of a stair landing, sometimes it’s the wall of a bedroom, and many, many times, it’s the wall space over the sofa! Get creative and use items usually found at flea markets and craigslist, such as old windows, shutters, doors, china plates, wooden paddles, skiis…you name it!