Reheat as necessary. I don’t remove those large stickers…it takes too much time and the end result is usually not very attractive…I use a wallpaper print I like and cut out an area to cover the label… spray glue it on…then spray, or brush over it with a waterproof outdoor clear acrylic…

I used 10 5-gallon pots to neatly stack all the branches I pruned off my fruit trees, which are now stored neatly in the shed. (Dog walking pays off!) YEARS ago I – um, I mean, a “friend” – used to pick up the 3-day shipping boxes, turn them inside out, tape them back, and use them for regular shipping! I know that is silly the will not give away anything where i live either. March 2012 Gardening books hold kind of a special place in my heart. Copyright © 2020 One Hundred Dollars a Month - Disclosure Policy - Design by Sharon Hujik. For drop trays I use the plastic tops from Safeway’s bakery items. We have four large round and four oval stock tanks that we got off Craig’s list, Yesterday my oldest daughter brought us a pickup load of composted horse manured and After a couple of weeks of looking. Also, NEVER pay for boxes! Protein tubs are self-fed block supplements packaged in plastic tubs that deliver supplemental nutrition to animals that require additional protein in their diet. If cattle are overconsuming, move mineral sources further away from these areas.

Well, not perfectly level, but good enough. Any feed store should have them. Behind the mall is where they keep their dumpsters/trash, and it’s a box wonderland. Home depot does not have to return anything that is not sold or damaged as greeenhouses realize plants are alive and things do happen.

I’ve spotted chipped planting pots (the expensive decorative type) at my local Home Depot store. Good info thanks for sharing like you I refuse to pay for something like a plastic pot, just silly if you ask me. It doesn’t burn the plants like other fresh manure does. I wouldn’t be the gardener I am today {or maybe not a gardener at all} if it weren’t for a few gardening books I picked up years ago. Nestable bins and totes can sit inside each other when they are not in use, which greatly saves space when transporting and storing empty containers. Also, there is a strip mall near my house where several big retailers have outlet stores. the worst that can happen is they say “no” , As my Rabbi says, ” ask for EVERYTHING, EXPECT NOTHING ” & usually when i ask , i DO GET, but am NOT disappointed if i dont !!!!the. I followed him out, all but one plant were nubs. The big ring of cinnamon rolls is awesome for the “larger” pots, plus you get cinnamon rolls. CADDELL MOUNTAIN RANCH RAISING TEXAS LONGHORN CATTLE IN WEST VIRGINIA. As far as open bags of soil, fertilizer, mulch etc, we give a % of based on the amount gone.

Fat and baking soda. So in stealth like fashion I quickly scooped up all the buckets I could carry {I didn’t want to leave the pots unattended to look for a cart} and headed over to the cashier stand.

A stackable bin is not able to nest inside the bin beneath it, even if the latter is empty.

Do you know the mailing places, shipping supply places, etc. Write me here [ if its OK with Mavis….???] I live in the Lowerf Hudson Valley also and would love to pick up some pots from you. Phooey. So within 2 years you have 24 of the things lying around. We (hubby and I) just had a conversation about thta yesterday. Most people with cattle are happy to get rid of them. Highly effective and non-toxic.

Please email me @ theYear=now.getYear(); I keep my eyes open at Target, Fred Meyer, etc.

I loaded up about 60 in my Toyota and brought them home. July 2018

June 2014 If you have empty pots you can leave them in the alley. Now they keep them inside the gate and when I went in and asked they let me pick up what I could find out there , but at the tune of $2.50 and $3.00 bucks a piece. But 2-3 days later I found someone giving away a bunch. ….use some salt and some dishwashing liquid and water…scrub, rinse real good and. September 2020 Pretty cheap at local nurseries or even Home Depot. We are your top resource for bulk bottle supplies, where you can buy all containers and bottles wholesale. My gardening group, Decatur Is Growing Gardeners, (DIGG), was given permission to take what we could carry away before it was trashed. Our Lowes and Walmart still have a recycle area of pots and flats. Awesome freebies Mavis! The same time that most folks are setting out their Annuals, Veggies or Trees & Bushes is when to look.I have gotten sooooo many that way! September 2018 I checked once and left empty handed. It will let water through but the weeds dont come through. Previously just wrote a comment on free buckets. I doubt if our Home Depot would give anything away..I’ve asked for the black nursery pots and the nursery that supplies the plants for our HD told me they didn’t give those away, they clean them up and reuse them. You can also try WD40.

If u live on the west coast and near a frys food store or u live towards the east krogers go to the floral dept… they have plenty of really nice black buckets.

Looking for a good gardening book? 2,000 bricks..the possibilities are just running through my head!