He was featured in articles in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Life and numerous other publications, and wrote a very successful memoir. The friendship of one magnificent tusker in particular, Bandoola, would be revelatory.

Unlike most company wives, Susan stayed by her husband’s side as he traversed the jungle. His name was J.H.

When she arrived at Treve’s house the next morning, he presented her with an enormous trunk. By sundown, class was dismissed and the babies reunited with their mothers, “having been stuffed with hundreds of bananas.”. In the jungles of Burma, during the days of the British Empire, Asian elephants were the animal equivalents of all-terrain vehicles. (I have also read elsewhere that Bandoola once went to town in a pineapple grove, ate 900 fruits, and contracted acute colic, but Croke does not report this further bit of indigestion.) She found it, she says, “a little anticlimactic,” but pored over the documents anyway. ISBN-13: 9781250007810 Summary When South … Bandoola would play a starring role in Williams’s World War II exploits. Join the leading website for book clubs with over 35,000 clubs and 20,000 reading guides. Published: 2014-07-15 Hardcover : 368 pages. With lines of startling beauty, haunting and evocative scenes and finely-drawn characters who dance off the page, readers can dip in and out of the novel, immersing themselves in Jacob's memories. Our 3,500 Reading Guides include Discussion Questions, Book Reviews, Author Bios, and Plot Summaries. But the British Army had a secret weapon that made all the difference in this remote front with its vast mountain ranges, dense foliage, and formidable water barriers. . He also learned from them, following their complex social rituals, distilling them into a code of behavior he would draw on in the most perilous of circumstances. His vast knowledge of roads, waterways, railways, and jungle paths made him indispensable to British forces. “Billy” Williams was fascinated by the subtlety and strength of elephants’ complex social bonds. Author interviews, book reviews and lively book commentary are found here. You may never call the lion the king of the jungle again.”—New York Post“Elephant Company is as powerful and big-hearted as the animals of its title. In a Hollywood-worthy climax, Elephant Company, cornered by the enemy, attempted a desperate escape: a risky trek over the mountainous border to India, with a bedraggled group of refugees in tow. J.H. Their probing trunks and finely calibrated sense of smell — five times more potent than a bloodhound’s — gave them almost uncanny powers of awareness.