For mid-drive powered ebikes, the best value right now seems to be the Bulls Cross E which uses Bosch. She also says only a 1 year warranty, am guessing this is from the bike shop she purchased it from, and that the Electra warranty is separate? We went to a local Trek store that had non-motorized Townies and rode several of them. I have a Toyota Camry. Hi Court, There are just so many variables when choosing an e-bike, and you seem to be “the guy” when it comes to e-bike knowledge, so here’s my want list: My current short list (this seems to change daily): My emotional favorite is the E-lux Tahoe, it’s a beautiful bike. Your reviews are the best I’ve ever seen regardless of the product. The US limit is 750 watts or less and 20 mph or less with a throttle and both of those requirements are satisfied by the Bosch mid-drive (and other consumer ebikes). Marleen. They also sell completely built electric bikes (the bike, the battery and the motor all combined just like the Electra Townie Go!) Can this bike successfully pull a standard large dog trailer?

The stopping power of the bike is no problem at all – no worries about the braking system for sure. I would consider the Kalkhoff Tasman Classic a more active long range commuter but the Townie is similarly capable if you set it up right. As for the flat foot design, some people really like it… There are lots of cruiser style ebikes with angled seat tubes that simulate flat foot but Electra / Trek has the patent for separating the bottom bracket from the seat tube connection point. They didn’t expect to get it in until December 2016 and one came in so I was the lucky one who got it. Purchased 2016 Townie and absolutely love it. This bike was purchased through a local bike shop, Big Sky Cycling. You might need to explore Riese & Müller for NuVinci systems and they cost a lot more… and weigh a bit more as well. Easy to use and the left hand extra remote is perfect. Get special offers, exclusive product news, and event info straight to your inbox. **So why does everyone else (including Electra) indicate the motor is 250 watts?**. The newer 500 battery would have been nice but I am getting 50-55 miles of range on our 400 and with me being a heavy guy that seems great.

We feel we owe you a lot for all your help. Whenever I look at your videos or read your write-ups I know I’m going to get as detailed and smart a review as is possible anywhere. It offers great reliability, range, weight balance, and the company has guaranteed support for many years (Bosch has mentioned a 10+ year plan for each of their systems to me in the past).

Anyway, I prefer the hitch racks because you don’t have to lift the bike as high up to load them and they tend to allow for more weight. It fits into the same interface and indeed, would offer more range. has been working so well for you :). Like you say “it would have been nice to at least have one set of bottle cage bosses?” But we have a lot of storage between my rear rack bag and my wife’s added front basket. I’m just getting it ready for the fact that I might have to install a mid drive or front hub motor. I’m being very objective here, yes there will be some resistance. At 26″ in diameter they don’t lift the frame as high as more traditional 700c (28″) wheels and tires but you still get reflective sidewall stripes and Kevlar lining for safety and durability. Often imitated, never duplicated, the Townie is the bike that changed how it feels to ride a bike. I hope they enable it on future versions). Thank you in advance. The bike has about 100 miles on it and I’m wondering if it needs a tune-up. In my experience, it’s enough power and way more responsive and refined than the BBS02 but it is weaker and you don’t get a throttle… I don’t use the throttle as much now that I’m fully accustomed to riding electric bicycles. 7D Finally, an e-bike for everyone. taller seat post and longer stem. I actually never saw the Townie Go while there (although my bike dealer said they had them at the Expo) but there were so many bikes to test ride I just never saw it.