Assuming you’re going to inject methanol, you’ll need a good kit of about $500-$750. There are specific and easy to use E85 test kits available. My personal opinion is that the correct answer depends on the engine and build you have, who the customer really is, and how much budget can be put into the vehicle.

It also beat 93 octane plus meth injection (we’ll call that 93+MI) by 2 horsepower—and as you know I’m going to point out, that’s in the margin of error; which means it’s not enough to call a true winner. While mixing 85 percent 108-octane ethanol with 15 percent 93 octane would yield something in the 102 octane range, the fact is that most manufacturers mix it with 84 octane or lower. 93+MI results are the solid lines, and dashes are VP Racing’s C85. Due to the higher ethanol content, E85 has a greater resistance to detonation than regular gasoline and will also have a cooling effect on your engine.

To help with that, here’s some more data. FORD, FORD MUSTANG, MUSTANG GT, SVT COBRA, MACH 1 MUSTANG, SHELBY GT 500, COBRA R, BULLITT MUSTANG, SN95, S197, V6 MUSTANG, FOX BODY MUSTANG, AND 5.0 MUSTANG ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Details. Freight shipments going to a residential address will require a $75 residential handling fee. Again, we’re left with one inescapable conclusion—E85 and meth injection are both amazing options and both are better than pump gas alone.

That yields a final fuel rating of between 96 and 98 octane. We knew the cries of the meth injection junkies would be coming in fast and furious upon reading these results; how we needed a race fuel version of E85 to beat meth injection and lowly pump gas… How it wasn’t really pump E85 that won.

This means that the concentration of ethanol was actually only 40-percent, and gasoline made up the remaining 60-percent. © 2017 Power Automedia. This basic truth of the automotive age has all but turned every chemical engineer at every fuel company in the world into a sort of petroleum Pizarro, always searching for that mythical City of Gold. THROUGHOUT OUR WEBSITE AND MUSTANG CATALOG THESE TERMS ARE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY.

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VP Racing’s C85 also preferred 23 degrees of spark advance, while “E85” preferred 22-23. In relation to that, we always recommend you finish tuning the vehicle on pump gas first before going and switching to an ethanol-based fuel. Bob enjoys road-racing and drag racing. Aside from cooling the incoming air charge, E85 will reduce hotspots in the combustion chamber that can trigger preignition with regular gas. If your wideband reads in AFR, then you will see the same AFR you are used to working with during gasoline based tuning, unless it has an option to change it to know what fuel it is working with, and you have changed it to know it’s working with ethanol. A gallon of diesel runs about 129,500 BTU, and pure ethanol measures out to about 76,100 BTU. The power output of pump fuel plus meth injection against E85 showed virtually the same result?

Remember this – to be the winning racer doesn’t necessarily mean you have the newest and best stuff.

Truck freight and oversize charges still apply unless otherwise notes and can only be shipped to the lower 48 States.Same Day Shipping (on most parts) if you order by 5PM EST on a business day. Someone running lower compression ratios on a naturally aspirated engine would see some small benefits with E85, but not enough to justify the added fuel consumption. Tuning for wide open throttle is simple, once you get the correct Flex Fuel tuning set up with a good Ethanol content sensor. While mixing 85 percent 108-octane ethanol with 15 percent 93 octane would yield something in the 102 octane range, the fact is that most manufacturers mix it with 84 octane or lower. Here are the results for the pump E85 versus 93 octane pump gas: Pump E85 was a killer fuel after tuning, as it made a solid 618 rear-wheel horsepower on our Mustang Dynamometer, soundly defeating our baseline fuel of pump 93 octane gasoline at 574 rear-wheel horsepower. In the chart above, we can look at the results from 93 and BOOSTane (4.2-percent) to VP Racing’s C16 (5.4-percent) and see a trend. So, we ran two more tests—and the surprises kept on coming. If you do not already have an upgraded fuel pump or a boost-a-pump on your car, one will need to be installed.

AmericanMuscle also offers Free Freight Handling to locations with loading docks in the Continental 48 States. From our perspective, this makes it even more important that your tuner perform a good flex-fuel tune so the ECM can recognize the ethanol content as the fuel flows into the engine from the tank. Brett McClelland, one of our instructors at The Tuning School, noted that E85 is most popular among the students they teach. 2003-2020 ), Quality and concentration can vary from pump to pump (E85 may not always be 85-percent Ethanol), Quality and concentration can vary from season to season (winter blend is different than summer), Tuning make take more time and cost, but most can be automated to adjust for changes in fuel quality. Much like methanol injection, the alcohol present in E85 is great for cooling down your incoming air/fuel charge. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from EngineLabs, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE!

After all this testing, it was clear there would be two fuels left slugging it out for the victory. L’indice d’octane élevé du Superéthanol E85(104) permet d’augmenter l’avance à l’allumage. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

There are all sorts of units of measure to quantify energy content; you can measure it in British Thermal Units, joules or even calories, just like you do food. AmericanMuscle is proud to offer FREE SHIPPING on any order over $49! Check out the results below. Just drop it in the tank, tune it and roll. That's not a particularly difficult task, especially if you install larger fuel injectors with an additional 50 percent capacity to handle ethanol. We ship via UPS Ground and/or USPS to all locations in the Continental 48 States. Let’s take a moment to let the internet burn to the ground. We had suspected this could happen, with too much octane creating such a slow burn that we simply couldn’t make the power we hoped for. E85 also has a cleansing effect on fuel systems that have been running regular gasoline, so it would be a good idea to replace your inline fuel filter before the first tank of E85, and again after another couple tanks. Free Shipping On Orders Over $49. DODGE, DODGE CHALLENGER, DAYTONA 392, DAYTONA R/T, DODGE CHARGER, SRT 392, SRT8, R/T, RALLYE REDLINE, SCAT PACK, SRT HELLCAT, SRT DEMON, T/A, PENTASTAR, AND HEMI ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES (FCA). Depending on who you ask, your answers will vary – but we have a few of those reasons from our conversation with Freddy Turza, Technical Manager at VP Racing. SEMA 2020: Is This The Ultimate LS Crate Engine From Chevrolet? The roller coaster had two more twists before we were able to close out this series and call a real winner. They fight for each last horsepower and came out virtually identical in all our testing, and when combined together, they worked even better. When you understand that a decent camshaft upgrade on an LS/LT Engine will also net 5- to 10-percent gains (30-60 rwhp gains) over a stock camshaft, you can see how important it is to choose and tune the correct fuel for your application!

There is one more way to look at these results. But if you have the injector capacity, computer programming and boost potential to run E85, then you're already getting terrible gas mileage and you might as well use pure ethanol.

With pump E85 now sharing the winner’s crown with 93+MI in a tie for the victory of the entire test series, we thought maybe VP Racing’s C85 could be a clear victor. Ethanol (E85) and methanol injection were the two clear winners leading up to this pivotal point in the article series. What if we tested VP Racing’s C85 plus meth injection? Outre l’incompatibilité probable de leur circuit d’alimentation avec l’alcool, leur carburateur et leur allumage doivent être spécifiquement adaptés.

That’s the end result??? An alternative is to have both a 93 octane tune for travel, and an E85 tune for local or race use.

Ethanol has an octane rating of about 108.6, which is only 0.10 octane lower than the methanol once commonly used in racing circles.

The water will mix with the ethanol and separate from the gasoline. Testing and tuning of the ethanol-based fuels was as difficult as doing the meth injection tuning. ROUSH IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ROUSH ENTERPRISES, INC. AMERICANMUSCLE HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY, ROUSH ENTERPRISES, FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES OR SALEEN.

SEMA 2020: Holley’s New Gen III Hemi High Ram Intake, SEMA 2020: Fluidampr’s New Pro Pulling, Cummins, And 2JZ Dampers, Video: High Horsepower, Low Reward — A 2JZ Engine’s Weakest Link, A Guide To Ford V8 Engine Block Casting Numbers, 1952-1996, A Contemporary Take On A Classic — The SOHC Coventry Climax Engine, Fueled To Perform: Dyno Testing VP Racing Fuels’ Products, Next-Gen Boost: Testing Whipple’s Gen-5 Cobra Jet Supercharger, Boosted Coyote Part 5: Adding Fuel To The Fire With DeatschWerks, Pump E85 from a local station (40-percent as tested from the pump), VP Racing’s C85 (40-percent for consistent testing and fuel system limitations as well), VP Racing C85 plus meth injection (40-percent for consistent testing and fuel system limitations), Made the highest power of all testing we performed, including the best race fuels, Ongoing costs of operation are very low compared to race fuels, Average cost per gallon comparable to pump gas, Well supported and commonly used in the aftermarket performance industry, Up front costs to set up your vehicle to run it can be high (injectors, fuel pump, lines, etc. Here are the results for the pump E85 versus 93 octane pump gas: Pump E85 was a killer fuel after tuning, as it made a solid 618 rear-wheel horsepower on our Mustang Dynamometer , soundly defeating our baseline fuel of pump 93 octane gasoline at 574 rear-wheel horsepower. By reducing hot spots in the combustion chamber and cooling the intake charge, E85 is a great way to keep your Mustang running longer with high horsepower numbers. This term means that due to the extreme rich mixture required of E85 to produce power, a byproduct is extra compression from the space taken up by the fuel in the combustion chamber.

Testing in this final round were the following fuels and injections: Just to be clear: we were limited to 40-percent ethanol testing for two reasons.

I can only imagine the flame wars brewing in the interwebs! Understanding why E85 makes better power than pump gas is important. Since it is not readily available across the whole country, it is better suited for people that remain local, otherwise you might find yourself stranded with no fuel. E85 is a great tool for forced induction Mustangs. An alternative is to have both a 93 octane tune for travel, and an E85 tune for local or race use. Sometimes the winner is the one with the most time testing and experience to really dial in their combo, making the most power possible from the build, right down to knowing the best possible fuel.