Also added an instruction splash screen for users not sure what to do. If you cannot find the app stealing the gamepad (and preventing it launching before DS4Windows app) then alternative solution is to use HidGuardian device driver tool. If scan code doesn't work with the game, then DS4Windows simply can't emulate for that game. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. What is "Hide DS4 Controller" option in DS4Windows application and why some games require that mode?

But also like to note in case the developers are interest as I do not wanna bog up this ticket is I done some tests on my own to kinda pinpoint why the hidguard helper is not working right, that I am willing to share and help work out if developers are interested :). Learn More. If there are existing connections to the controller then it is too late for DS4Windows tool to acquire exclusive access, so the original HID device remains visible. If your PC starts automatically various applications on system boot then try to arrange the start order of those applications which may hold a connection to DS4 controller. Somehow people around the world are facing problem to activate Exclusive Mode. to your account.

Added support for New DS4 Controller (thanks andersfischernielsen) With profiles, it makes it easier to quickly swap through various settings for your controller.

I ended up making a couple of changes to the HidGuardHelper app that should make it to the next DS4Windows release.

Applications would see and receive re-mapped button presses, touchpad events and gyro events from the virtual x360 controller device only. where the actual device does not show up in controllers.It been working thus far as a safety net.If >anyone is curious this is what I use

For the few times I decide to actively use HidGuardian, I end up using a custom version as vanilla doesn't quite do what I want. An issue where DS4Windows now runs in Shared Mode despite Running as Administrator, which usually engaged HidGuardian in order to gain exclusive control.

I have made it a policy a long time ago that I am mainly concerned if it works for myself; this is still largely a scratch your own itch project. 12/29/2019 01:51:21: Searching for controllers... Also, have you verified that HidGuardHelper.exe is running while DS4Windows is running? It has another feature which automatically detects what game you are launching and then it will set profile according to that.

12/29/2019 01:51:21: Using Shared Mode I feel like I might be missing something but this issue has only arisen since the version 2.0 update. GameBar.exe may hold a open connection to the original DualShock4 controller. Added option for White DS4Windows Icon in the notification tray (While not merged from, thanks to tehmantra) Select an action window: this window now highlights what said control is currently set to. Exclusive mode doesn't work when a gamepad is re-connected after a disconnection or DS4Windows doesn't recognize DS4 gamepad at all. 12/29/2019 01:51:40: Using Shared Mode.

At first this may seem perfectly OK and there should not be any problems because you should be able to choose which controller is used in an application. Learn more. When setting a key for a button, check the scan code box. Learn more, DS4windows no longer reliably entering exclusive mode. Next, type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open up Device Manager. DS4Windows is the perfect Emulator tool which helps to use DualShock 4 which is a Play Station 4 controller on your computer. HidGuardian is the surest way to get exclusive mode with DS4Windows, as long as the driver is installed and the AffectedDevices registry key properly configured. The custom HidGuardian will only intercept CreateFile requests. It is only the source code.

This would be a higher priority issue if I regularly used HidGuardian. I have not tested the other tools in a while but looking at the source code for HidGuardHelper shows that it actually nukes all the currently defined whitelist keys before creating its own; there are very likely to be conflicts when using other tools.

Some users have reported that having both DS4Windows and JoyToKey apps running may lead to problems when a gamepad is disconnected. Elevation is still required even if using these unless you have UAC disabled. DS4Windows application outputs re-mapped buttons, touchpad and gyro functionalities through a virtual x360 (V1.7.6+ nowadays supports also virtual DS4 controller) controller device. This native Windows feature may interfere with exclusive mode. HidGuardian is likely doing its job. In this case the controller is plugged in via usb, no issue in bt mode Sometimes I can 'trick' it into working - by switching off exclusive mode, toggling stop then start an enabling exclusive mode working (not reliable). HidGuardian is the surest way to get exclusive mode with DS4Windows, as long as the driver is installed and the AffectedDevices registry key properly configured. General 2. DS4Windows app itself doesn't know what HidGuardian driver does so from the app perspective the gamepad connection is opened in "Shared mode" even when HidGuardian does the trick behind the scene (it AffectedDevices and Whitelisted HidG sysreg entries are properly setup).

Input lag is much more prominent while HidCerberus is running even when a device is not blocked by HidGuardian. For example, the disconnect/re-connect or "those apps stealing a connection" are not a problem for HidGuardian driver.

Other problems that I do not encounter will require a pull request to fix. Here is a log export, can't get it to run in exclusive mode for the life of me: 12/29/2019 01:51:20: DS4Windows version 2.0.1 You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Make sure DS4Windows tool is the first application using DS4 controller if "Hide DS4 Controller" (exclusive) mode is used. It is developed by the Jasy2King and it is the only tool which works perfectly fine. Microsoft Edge Going to Settings --> Accounts --> Sync your Settings then turn sync off.

12/29/2019 01:51:40: Connection to ViGEmBus established