A few small fixes aside, only the template for the output lines has … Only accounts have BOT or Premium active subscription are able to use it, Here is a list of strongest attack dragon. Below are the different breeding combinations for Dragon Story generation 1 dragons. Remember the tool only help a litte bit, don't use it to much if you don't want to make game get boring... We have fixed server issues. Just a simple tool I wrote based on wiki's algorithm. Wonderful news Dragon Story players, we’ve made it even easier to know what you are getting – for the most part – up to the Quetzal Dragon in Dragon Story. Sometime there are errors message show up.

In case you want to show the calculation result as soon as select 2 parent dragons without click Calculate button, turn on Auto Calculate button Note: If your dragon doesn't have natural eyes (ex: Radidon) just choose normal since you can't even tell. You don't HAVE to use the exact total, but it's (in my unprofessional opinion) preeeetty accurate. If you have any price suggestions or update ideas please let me know! New Page: Top Dragons Breeding of all users on the world in 7 days, Reopen Fun Mode. Generation 1 Dragon Story Breeding Dragons.

Just a simple tool I wrote based on wiki's algorithm.

Note: If your dragon doesn't have natural eyes (ex: Radidon) just choose normal since you can't even tell. See what dragons the possible eggs are when breeding two dragons together! If you need help, please submit a request to support.storm8.com.

https://dragon-story.wikia.com/wiki/Breeding_Calculator, You can log into the forums with your Storm8 ID and password.

This is the Item Sorter. Just like the Auction Calculator, separate the items by column. Dragon Story Breeding Calculator This is a link i get asked about loads and i was told i could post it here. Here's a customized Battle Arena Tool. So I noticed that a lot of people overprice their dragons in leisure, so I made this sheets calculator to help you calculate your dragon's pricing! Since some fem dragons are more popular than the males and vice versa, it's a bit complicated. I didn't create it nor am i taking credit for it but i think it'll be very helpful to some You just put both Dragons you used in it then tells you all of the possibilities you can get. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. There are many accounts can not login to game (including new accounts never using tool), Developed by ditlep.com. If you're only trading 1 for 1, then just look at the top row.

Make a copy! We deleted all old tokens. Breeding Calculator Level 4 to 9 Level 10 to 14 Level 15 to 19 Level 20+ No Sanctuary No Sanctuary 2 Sanctuary 1 Sanctuary 2 Sanctuary 3 Sanctuary 4 Sanctuary 5 Sanctuary 6 Sanctuary 7 Sanctuary 8 Please note that you can get a breeding result of common and rare breeds. Please check at BOT tab. I use that link too!!! I honestly prefer angel myself. For multiple, just subtract the extras from the total. Please take a look it and make your new dragons collection Top strongest dragon. Not able to access the breeding calculator input slots (for 2 days now).

News: DC server is going wrong now.

diamond dragon Rarity: Ultra rare breeding combination: island dragon & firestorm Dragon breeding time: 2 days confirmed that the breeding combination above, works according to the website (gameteep.net) That's really all you need to know for that. Also, the base amounts are <500 and 1 Pot.

You can also check out if a trade is fair by the cost of coins! Below you will find a list of eggs and important information about the dragon.

New Page: Food Calculator from this you can calculate how many food to feed a dragon from any level. Also, don't fill in each item area on the column and do the other four in your offer area for your other items. i thought it was sun oof-. I honestly find pitch and pures to be lower in demand than other pures as they're more common. Some accounts can not click Get Information button on Chrome browser. Build your dragon! Resolved issue some accounts could not get list of Breeding Building. I don't know fair the prices are ;w; I'm working on the gender stuff. Hey! The Dragon Who Couldn’t Puff A tiny house dragon can’t puff fire and desperately wants to. Also, I believe pure golds would also be considered a "main colour" as they're fairly common as well, those would usually have the Angel element.

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Dragon City tool. In this exclusive Dragon Story chart you will see their income rate and evolution/breeding time and more! Also, for stats, choose the best one (so if your dragon is, let's say, 2/4 okay and 2/4 great, choose 2/4 great) Here is a complete row of information: Resolved issue My Dragons tab could not load properly. Oh! Read the best free children’s stories and kids books about dragons, including classic fairy tales and chapter books about dragons, here at Storyberries! That very useful!!! To get more accurate results, please select the Level of Parent dragons and Breeding Building. Updated: 2020 Nov 01 — Opal left, Topaz returns. Also, for stats, choose the best one (so if your dragon is, let's say, 2/4 okay and 2/4 great, choose 2/4 great).