Laughing at the attempts to cook over the takeout you order.

Originally posted by brrrakovsky. He’s such a sweetheart, has a heart of gold and is fucking BEAUTIFUL. Tumblr. Proposal/wedding Dougie Hamilton please? hockey imagines In fact I believe that the ancient process of making polo shirts is to lovingly hand-tailor each shirt to his body. washyourdamnhands reblogged this from gustavlindstrom. Where is this interview you speak of?!

Or that second thought, just sitting at the kitchen counter watching him cook for you as you talk about the day. Okay so this is all so soft and sweet and fucking hot all in one. The source of this problem is 27pt. All posts. December 10, 2019: THE OTHER SIDE | Hurricanes Pre-Game 6 months ago | 73. Y’all, do we need to have a moment because now I’m all . I mean, I automatically stan any finns on a team, so this is looking good. And why can I picture him being into that?! I think I may have been sleeping on Dougie. He finishes soon after you and then spoons you from behind while he is still in you. 2/3, Between the pressure on your neck and his thrusting you’re orgasm is building but not quickly enough. It’s really a beautiful art form, it just sucks that they don’t fit anybody else, Elias Pettersson is going to age like a fine Henrik Lundqvist. You moan out spurring him on. Johnny Hockey himself will be tearing it up in a Flames jersey yet again this year. His big hands trail down your leg as he slides into you before his fingers find your clit. Serendipitous (A literal novel involving childhood loves and slow burn!!!! vs. senators 2/8/14 vs. coyotes 3/13/14 vs. hurricanes 3/15/14 vs. sabres 4/12/14 vs. red wings 4/20/14 vs. blackhawks 12/11/14 next game: none... yet. They cute together. 1. And Dougie. How RUDE of him. . This is something the Flames lack. It is therefore with great sadness that I announce that you are living the last moments of tumbex, it was a great adventure, and a big thank you to all those who have followed me during all this time! 15pt.

He sits up laser focused on you. He stops you hauling you up and under him. Loves his gramma. cause i’d read the SHIT out it your writing. Define your way to browse content : Grid style, List style. OKAY HOLD UP. Very rarely do I have soft thoughts BUT I once watched an interview with Dougie and his brother and apparently Dougie likes to watch cooking shows/cook and I really like the idea of watching one together and then trying to make a dish from it only for it to go awry and ordering in. , Listen, HE attacked ME. His moans fill the air and the throbbing you feel between your legs is overwhelming. wallpapers • dougie hamilton + minimalism Requested by anon Credits of the wallpapers’ elements and style go to their respective owners. The both of you moan at what your feeling and he begins to slowly thrust pulling back until he is almost out of you before plunging back in. , A day like that with Dougie sounds absolutely heavenly. The Calgary Flames have had an interesting off-season to say the least. You turn away from him and unhook your bra and drop it next to you. Christmas Delights (WHO DOESN’T LOVE A CUTE CHRISTMAS THING??) Unfollow. He whispers sweet words to you as he covers your body with his. Define the grid ratio. Full of frustration because they shouldn’t have lost. tumbex . 62pt. Sticky. dougie hamilton imagine Text. But if enough people enjoy this, I’m sure I could be easily convinced to make another one sdjnsd. ¾ (sorry), Dougie watches as his cum dribbles out of you before he licks it off and unties you with a smirk. , I just got over my Dougie feels and you are trying to suck me back in which that gif set. Gabriel Landeskog is made out of the same fabric as the vinyl seats of my rental truck. how could u tell me that i was wrong! “Do you want to feel me inside you?” 4/5 I MISCOUNTED OMG IM SO SORRY, All you can do is nod as he kisses his way to your breasts and takes a nipple in his mouth. :) Sure thing anon!

So I’m just going to link it on this post and maybe it’ll see the light of day. Gabriel Landeskog is made out of the same fabric as the vinyl seats of my rental truck. Sebastian Aho. Watch some of his interviews on YouTube.

Dougie is goofy as fuck, every day you don't know what to expect but it's always fun. The tension in you builds and you moan out how close you are. “You take me so well baby girl.” He sets a brutal pace, hitting so deep inside you. Columns. You are offline, do you want to try reload the page ? Most popular Most recent.