As a navigator of B-24s, he was shot down during a raid and captured, spending two years as a POW in Germany. Shorly after, Carl went to Scottland yard to study crime there for a short period of time. He had one brother, Eddie Kanisky, who was single and was a bachelor, and was the son of Stanley Kanisky and Mildred (nee Wutchezky) Kanisky, who has died at aged 83 around the fall of 1983 of a unknown disease she is not mentioned and now written and killed off the show in 1983. As the 1980s began, Sweet worked steadily in such films as Below the Belt (1980) and Reds (1981), and television series like Hill Street Blues and Hart to Hart. In 1939, he attended the University of Alabama; however, he was called away from his education for a tour of duty in World War II with the US Army Air Force, serving as a navigator on B-24 Liberator bomber aircraft.

He was 64. aired 3 days later on the day of his funeral.

This marriage ended in divorce before the mid-1970s; Sweet later remarried. When Carl finds out Julie is missing the morning after her eighteenth birthday as well as Jonathan's pizza truck, he becomes furious. Sweet's remains were cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea. He was 64. He initially attended the University of Alabama in 1939, but his studies were interrupted by WWII Air Force duty. While they met at the bowling alley, Eddie showed up and he and Maxine hit it off. Articles incorporating text from Find a, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, American military personnel of World War II, World War II prisoners of war held by Germany, This is the last day and time we see the Chief in person, as he passes away shortly after this occurance. Sweet was born in New York City, New York. Shortly after, he made his Broadway debut in Rhinoceros which starred Zero Mostel.

Carl Kanisky was the Chief of police in the town of Glenlawn, CA. ... Dolph Sweet died while Gimme A Break! His first major film role was in the motion picture The Young Doctors in 1961. Ritter’s death still makes me sad especially since his son, Jason has been coming into his own as an actor since his dad passed away. Dolph Sweet.

HOLLYWOOD -- Actor Dolph Sweet, the crusty police captain and father opposite Nell Carter in the TV comedy series 'Gimme A Break,' has died of cancer at 64. (1981) in which he played (naturally) a police chief, Carl Kanisky, a widower whose household was run by the irrepressible Nell Carter.During the show's run, Dolph was stricken with cancer and would die on May 8, 1985.

For his valor he was honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross and The Purple Heart.A semi-pro football player and a boxer at one point, he received his Masters from Columbia University in 1949 at age 29. Sweet is best remembered for his role as police chief and father Carl Kanisky, who was constantly at odds with housekeeper Nell Carter on the sitcom Gimme a Break!, a role he played from 1981 until his death. Dolph Sweet died on May 8, 1985; his final appearance on Gimme a Break! Sweet died Wednesday at Tarzana Hospital, NBC-TV publicist Matt Bozek said.

Carl rarely dated much, except with the exception of Marion in 1982, Melissa in 1983, and a meter maid named Mickey in early 1984 he went to a Valentine's day dance with. In 1985, Carl objected when Katie was going to get her own apartment, then agreed and revealed to her that he loved her and would miss her, after that she moved out. Carl's prisoner was murdered and then he died from the wound in 1981, and Carl thought seriously about retiring, but decided to stay on the force as Chief of Police.

In the fall of 1982, Carl ironically got a call girl named Maxine and his brother Eddie together, when he was using Maxine as a way to catch guys who steal from women. Mr. In his personal life he married and had a son.

Donna Reed, the Academy Award-winning actress who starred in more than 40 movies and portrayed the quintessential mother and wife of middle America on …

In the late 1960s he started making a dent in soap operas with regular roles on Dark Shadows (1966), The Edge of Night (1956), Somerset (1970) and especially Another World (1964), where he remained for five seasons (1972-1977) playing (of course) Police Chief Gil McGowan, the second husband of Constance Ford's beloved Ada Davis character.Dolph received rather scant notice for his film roles despite some good scenes in such movies as Fear Is the Key (1972) and Go Tell the Spartans (1978).

Adolphus Jean Sweet was an American Comedian, credited with nearly 60 Television & Film appearances, as well as many appearances in Stage productions until he died of stomach cancer in 1985.

Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He initially attended the University of Alabama in 1939, but his studies were interrupted by WWII Air Force duty. I think that when he passed, much of the show's energy(and maybe, success) went with him. During his service, he was shot down over Romania while flying on Operation Tidal Wave, and subsequently spent two years as a POW. Actor Dolph Sweet, who starred as a crusty police captain and father opposite Nell Carter in the TV comedy series ``Gimme a Break,`` has died of cancer, it was disclosed Thursday.