Sharon attended public school in New Haven county. How may I be of assistance?… No, I don’t speak Spanish.”. The message is sometimes written on the floor or on the bathroom mirror rather than on the wall. She doesn’t know what the words say, but she knows the crown of thorns on the purple shirt represent Jesus, and she figures she needs all the help he can give her, so she puts on that one. This is Batido Yoquierro Juarez.”. Foot runs into the room on Laurel’s heels. “You don’t have to let him go, Leigh. Fernandez? “Hi Mr. Ebberson, hi Katniss,” she gives the happy dog a rub. Everyone else needing the same relief that Michaela does, within moments they are all laughing, though they don’t know why. Foot?” Floralee shouts as soon as she’s in the door. While they worry about and pray for Cecilia, deep down, they all expect her to recover, and after recovering, to move permanently to their little town. Says she’s not fluent, but she can probably help.”, After a second he turns to Michaela. Rather than providing the information I requested, she suggested the beginning of the story and the end of the story, leaving me to fill it out in-between. She giggles like a little girl, but with her tenor voice, it sounds strange. Leigh walks in holding the baby. The antique silver skeleton key that she had in her change purse. Then the next thing she knew, the doctor was delivering her baby. What if I got his name mixed up. He clearly doesn’t want to have anything to do with an 18 year old girl whose baby looks like it could come shooting out of her any second. The dog licks it, and she manages to go back to sleep, listening to her dog's heavy breathing to calm her. Right now I’d say she has about a 50/50 chance.”, Dr. Filbert speaks up, “The baby is in perfect health though. There is no congregating on the lawn in front of the church to talk.

It is after three o’clock in the afternoon before the people begin to leave the church.

Other story variations feature a nearsighted old woman rather than a young girl. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. She expressed her wishes for Batido as well.”, Milton gives a sigh of relief. “Where am I? My wife, Shannon took a different approach. Time for church!”.

The girl is beautiful, but Cecilia is surprised when she speaks, because her voice sounds like a man’s. They spend a little over an hour together, and then a notary is summoned from the hospital business office. “It went to Cecelia’s great-grandmother’s hope chest. A young girl is home alone for the first time with only her dog for company. Holding Baby Boy cradled in her left arm, she shifts in her chair so he can touch his mother’s hand. Hearing her laugh always makes people around her laugh. She uses the last three English words she knows. The next day she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower. He nods vigorously, and allows a little bit of a smile to show.

“Of course. “A Latin woman exploded in our car and then Dr. If you accept the responsibility, Batido will be your adopted son.”, Leigh turns to look at Milton. No one even thinks to ask Michaela what the envelope is for.

You’re going to need it for that baby!”. When he gets there, Old Clyde Ebberson is standing outside with Laeta Bacquaterre. This girl is burning up!”, Andrea calls for the ambulance, and once she’s hung up, she looks at Floralee and asks, “Who is that?”, “I have no idea.

She fishes out the money. Then she smiles and nods. I love that you named her Katniss. ( Log Out /  She sheds tears of sadness, worrying for Cecilia, and tears of joy as she holds the baby, with his shock of black hair and scrunchy newborn face. They lie on their backs and look up at the fluffy white clouds, and tell each other what they see, Batido’s pudgy hands still fiddling with the silver key. We’ll take care of that.”, “Leigh,” Michaela says, “Did she say why she named him Batido?”, Leigh shakes her head sadly remembering Cecilia’s last words. They play pat-a-cake, and they sing.

“Dog Lick Public Library… Well hello Milton.

Milton looks to Mr. Ebberson for a translation. “This girl is having a baby, and she’s having it RIGHT NOW!”. “Gracias,” she says. Saint Bernards seem like the kind of dogs people in Dog Lick would like. She woke up for a moment, and I asked her if she had decided what she would name her baby.

“I’m doing just fine for an old feller,” he says, tipping his bowler in a gentlemanly fashion. She follows. Leigh Carmack is sitting by Cecilia’s bed, holding Baby Boy in her arms. Not toy poodles though. Title: Dog Lick.

She said, ‘Batido.

She turns back to Michaela. She was laying in a ditch on Highway 260.”, Old Clyde Ebberson turns to his frantic dog and shouts, “Katniss! She sleeps with one arm dangling under the bed where her dog can lick it occaisionally, and vows to check the dripping in the morning. Using twenty percent of the English she does know. If the baby hadn’t been due anyway she would likely have miscarried. This time Laeta screams even louder, “Mama! Jumping into the ditch, where a very young and very pregnant Latina girl is (Floralee is exceptionally relieved to discover), breathing; but she does seem to be unconscious. She goes to bed, taking her dog to her room with her and letting it sleep under her bed. Cecilia, knowing only ten words of English, doesn’t know what the woman asked her, but figures a smile and a nod are probably the right response. Michaela Ryan has only lived in Dog Lick for a few months, and she has had her share of trials in life. One of the shirts is from the 1999 Paving Day Parade. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. “I think I can. “No. And stay with that sweet baby and keep him strong. She remembers feeling terribly hot and dizzy.