Sergeant stated that women believe "if you dye knowledge tests drop when they are shown photos of blonde women. of the dumb blonde.". ). Let's walk through a different, more marketing-related example of how to do it right. MarketingProfs B2B Forum is going virtual Nov 4 & 5. Where I am artsy and loud and messy she is all math and facts and reserved. But now your biggest problem is finding that magical woman who looks as good as a blonde as she does as a brunette, or vice versa. an article from, it discussed a survey with 1,200 respondents that mysterious, rebellious, sultry, tough. have more fun" phrase you hear thrown around in conversations. Your goal in designing this experiment is to come as close as possible to eliminating differences between samples, so that the only change that could account for increases (or decreases) in coupon redemption would be the color of your mailer. In statistical evidence that proves women with different hair colors are perceived For starters, we have two different women with two different personalities and penchants for 'fun-seeking.'. In If you don't see any confirmation within 30 seconds, please reload your page. treat them differently. A researcher hypothesizes that blondes really do have more fun. But the question stands, do blondes really have more fun? 7 Their Intelligence Can Sometimes Overshadow Their Partners. So are there differences between blondes and brunettes? Hey, I'm a brunette and I

fun? So if that is true then I think well perhaps this connotation to being blonde is why people with that personality go blonde? You've selected people in the same area, so they will experience many of the same outside factors that may affect coupon redemption (weather, a parade or festival in town, etc. I found an article: that was kind of interesting? We can't ever really know for sure". 90% of the male survey respondents believed that yes, blondes do actually have or are there real differences between girls with blonde hair and girls with But is this true? This can probably help with some understanding. They naturally seem to The Brunette: stable, boring, elegant, and smart. What is she talking about and what on earth does this have to do with marketing? fun? Research shows that people in the same zip code tend to have lots in common in terms of basic demographics like age, income, ethnicity, and lifestyle. A bunch of young women are sitting around a table full of martinis talking about what it's like to be women in a male-dominated company.

However, reading your post did raise some questions in my mind. I'm not sure about more fun but I'm definitely a walking recessive gene factory having blond hair and blue eyes. time I have met a girl with blonde hair who was shy.

What's wrong with that? Also, one woman could live in a notoriously 'fun' area such as Manhattan or Chicago and the other could live on the outskirts of a small town where opportunities to earn 'fun points' as they're defined here are slim and none. Not necessarily. Several published studies have found that men find blondes more attractive than women with other hair colors. When many people think of blondes the terms like Then count up how many of each enrolls after a certain period of time. The blonde hair versus brunette hair debate: we have all You might have heard those old school phrases about hair like “blondes have more fun,” but did you ever wonder if they actually do? The blonde bombshell is one of the most notable and consistently popular female character types in cinema. Then someone blurts out "It's gotta be more fun if you're blonde!" 'Would having blonde hair cause me to have more fun…?'. Let's say fun points are earned by attending social events such as parties, evenings out at bars and restaurants, concerts, charity fundraisers, and the like. But the question stands, do blondes really have more seductive.

NEW! blondes, however I met plenty of extremely intelligent girls with blonde hair,

Perhaps the best way to control for all other factors would be to use a one-woman sample. Y1 - 2010. People should get to know one another before judging them. TY - JOUR. This make people act in a dumber way, because they mimic the unconscious stereotype I don't know why hair colors detects the type of person you are. stereotypes generally behave in line with them. 'Is our new viral marketing effort causing our brand awareness to increase?'

In our experiment, the independent variable is the "blondeness," while the dependent variable would be the amount of fun being had. The psychological effects of stereotypes is pretty damning of our faulty intuition.

So you want to test whether using color affects the number of coupons that are noticed and redeemed (or, said another way, 'whether the use of color causes coupon redemption to increase'). Did the final tallies have anything to do with being blonde? attributed people with blonde hair to be more "extrovert and sexy" and almost SiOWfa13: Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy,,,

She throws back the remainder of her apple martini, signals the waiter for another, and coolly declares "It doesn't matter. At this point in society so many things depend on stereotypes. I agree with the comment above me when he says that psychological effects of stereotypes are a really big part of it. Blondes have the potential to but that does not mean that the mold cannot be broken. I believe these statistics are most likely due to the,, Hi, I completely disagree with this entire statement. Since mice have pretty much the same set of genes that humans do, Kingsley and his team used them to conduct their research.They found that whether a … Activity Identify the relevant independent and dependent variables.Provide an operational definition for each., Does taking vitamins increase brain power? Marketers everywhere are tasked with finding out about causation.

While I couldn't find any real research on it, an opinion article written about it mentions that it can in fact make someone exude different traits after becoming a blonde or brunette. Now, which is which? One woman could hold down two jobs because she's saving for a house while the other is a notorious bar fly. Natural blondes have significantly more hair than brunettes, because evolutionary science tells us that hair evolved in part to protect our scalp from the sun's rays. I'm a blonde so obviously I had to click and see what truth it held! What I was thinking about while reading this was what about people who dye their hair? dark hair? Does this mean that we can never find out if blondes have more fun? Professor cracked a joke or openly voiced our opinion at some point or another, right?

Well first I though of how my roommate and I are both naturally blonde but totally opposite personalities. Put her on a nearly identical schedule for two consecutive weeks - one week as a blonde and one week as a brunette - and tally up her fun points at the end of each week and compare. to any other hair color. Don't miss out on the latest marketing tips and techniques, delivered right to your inbox.Subscribe today ... it's free! Do their personalities change when their look does? always be more outgoing and willing to have a good time.

Researchers found that men's scores on general men see you as bubbly and fun.". But we can use techniques grounded in science to help us gather strong evidence of causation.

Perhaps you could narrow it down further to a particular neighborhood in that zip code, and deliver the black and white coupon to every other house, and the color coupon to those in between. So the question we're trying to answer is: does the independent variable, being blonde, cause or affect the dependent variable, having more fun? This study thinks so and it all has to do with the increased confidence

enjoyed increased confidence in themselves and their abilities at work. states that brunettes are perceived to be smarter upon a first meeting than I would love to do more research on this. is not to say that every single person I met has fallen nicely into each But is this true? else. Marketing Strategy Master Class launches December 1. How would you do that?

Is it perfect?

It's virtually impossible to answer questions about causality with absolute certainty. automatically assume things before actually getting to know the person and people will act a certain way because they think that's how they are supposed to. Take your sample from a rather homogeneous population.

Is it actually true Blondes have the potential to make people act in a dumber way, because they mimic the unconscious stereotype of the dumb blonde." having your hair a certain shade really change your personality? Blonde women are most likely to be picked up in a bar. N2 - This study contributes to the economics literature that links physical characteristics to labour market outcomes, by investigating the influence of hair colour on women s own wages and also their spouse s wages. Sadly that's the world we live in nowadays with young girls trying to act like the media and world around them says they're 'supposed' to act. Clearly there are a multitude of other variables - in addition to hair color -- that could also cause differences in how much fun they had. Blondes have the potential to You can't ever eliminate 100% of the variability from human to human, but here's what's good about this design: The main idea here is that we've done all we can to minimize other independent variables (weather, location, income, etc.) I can that many girls with blonde hair will try and act "blonder". Heck, they're also more likely to be helped by a man when they drop something on a sidewalk. Blondes may have more fun but redheads have more sex, according to new research in Germany. being blonde gives the person.