Simply bring him the meat and he’ll join the city. Win and they'll join. Wait a day and talk to Rina again and you'll have to fight UlforceVeedramon. When he joins he sets up a warehouse that you can use to store and withdraw items. He asks you to find a battery for his microphone. There is another when you leave the cabin, on the deck of MOD Ship 3.0, one inside the Captain’s Cabin and one on the MOD Ship 3.0 map. Speak with him and he joins the city. She'll ask you to take care of a Growlmon in Vast Plateau.

He'll ask you to take down RustTyrannomon.

Bring Dianamon's letter back to Minervamon and she'll give you a green gift box. Orgemon can be found right next to the bridge in the Wasteland.

If you fall in one you'll be sent back to the entrance.

Unlocked once you have access to Ohguino Wastelands. Simply progress through to Chapter 2 and then get Get Gargomon & GrapLeomon To Join The City. You can find him in the Server Cemetery in the Desert. Just talk to her after Birdramon joins, and she'll join as well.

They will both have digivolved to Greymon (blue) and Garurumon (black). You can find him on the Old Cableway map. Gives you chip items when you reach certain tamer levels. I have not tested all of these myself. Beat ToyAgumon in the fight and they will return to their original spot. Return to MagnaGarurumon and this time he will give you 20 distinct items to deliver back to KaiserGreymon, so make sure you have at least 20 open item slots. Recruiting digimon is a huge part of story progression in this game, but I realized there was no comprehensive FAQ out there with all the requirements for recruiting digimon, so I created this FAQ to help other fans of this great game. Gives bits depending on the number of dimensions you visit in one day. Take the warp just past the previous fight, near the toilet, to be warped near the Pink Stone House entrance. They appear next in Faulty Ex Machina West Coast. You’ll need to take him down. Win and they'll join. Once you get WereGarurumon, Hercules Kabuterimon will go to the advanced item shop and sell chips that can permanently increase your Digimon’s stats. Head to the location marked by the player icon in the image above. Pick it up and give it to Antylamon to get him to join your city.

If he’s not there make sure you’ve already recruited Kuwagamon and return to the city, then come back to the Power Plant. This will lower the bridge near Rapidmon and you can cross it to get his Cellphone, its on the floor right across the bridge. Updated LadyDevimon in Infinite Cauldron section. You need to select the option “I guess” when he asks you to find it, so you get the Digimail. She asks you to find something that helps her sleep.

Bony Drive just outside the Celeb Red Room (to the right of the door on the side of the building). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Raises your digimons' digifriend and bond, but like the gym it will take 1 in-game hour and raise fatigue. Check the toilet in Absolute Zero Frost Cathedral and give the password PlatinumSukamon told you. You'll have to talk to ShineGreymon in Infinite Cauldron Layer 01 to get his request, and then you'll need to follow him down through Infinite Cauldron. Updated order in Infinite Cauldron section.

Thank you so much to the creators of the following recruitment guides, whose information was extremely helpful in supplementing my own experiences with the game in creating this guide.