The Deuce and Beebe steam. Ford thinks he’s a PR disaster waiting to happen. He’s heard Miles can be “difficult.” Shelby tries to put a deep coat of lacquer over that inconvenient truth, just as… Someone forgot to tell Shelby. CL63 CL65 AMG.

this place! … Disc or drum brakes, resurface drums or rotors, new brake pads or shoes. La voiture terminera l'épreuve en douzième position dans la catégorie GTD. Miles tests the car and tells the crew how to improve it. Miles nowhere to be found.

Prices were fair, and the value I feel I received was very good. Shelby picks up Miles as he arrives home after a late night shift at the repair shop. As Shelby and Remington walk to the paddock where the race cars are being inspected, they discuss the competition.

He challenges his company to come up with an idea how to change that fact. One of the Ford teammates had started farther back from the starting line. Enzo Ferrari and Carroll Shelby acknowledge each other’s presence. Miles figures out where he’ll downshift, brake, etc. Shelby blows him off. A dusty desert road-racing track bakes under the hot California sun. He takes him around the track at speed and scares the daylights out of him. After the war he and his family fled to the West, where he pursued his premedical training in West Berlin and his medical training at the University of Freiburg, earning his MD Degree in 1958.

He retired from active practice in 1996, but continued to be interested in the constantly changing practice of medicine. Stoic? He was a kind and gentle physician and a well-respected Cardiologist who, in addition to many other accomplishments was, was instrumental in pioneering the use of coronary artery angioplasty for treatment of coronary artery disease at the Marshfield Clinic. Peter asks Remington about what it’s like to be in a car on fire. Miles throws his trophies away (though Peter retrieves them).

He returns — excited, engaged — and gives Shelby a concise, accurate description of what’s wrong and what’s needed to improve it. Voss enquires about Miles driving one of his cars at the upcoming endurance race at Sebring, Florida. There are some excellent movie scripts available including Harriet, The Irishman, Just Mercy, Little Women, Marriage Story, Rocketman, and more. We’ll never know if his approach will work because Miles instead resolves the problem with brute force.

Ahead, at the car, the problem to which Bondurant referred is unfolding. The engine blows. He’s in the quiet, sterile environment of a doctor’s office.

Carroll Shelby: It was Dieter Voss.

Addressing the Ford team, Ferrari confirms his understanding that Ford would not only control the budget of the racing program, but also have the FINAL word over any racing operations — even over the decision to race at Le Mans or not. Dr. Kevin Buchanan will officiate.Dieter was born December 31, 1931 to Heinrich and Lisbeth (Westphal) Voss in Ostseebad Brunshaupten, a small resort destination on the Baltic Sea, in what would later become East Germany. Mutual respect. - The gas-guzzling Ford is refueled while the lighter, more efficient Ferraris keep going. Back on the track, the brakes on the GT-40 fail and the car crashes and burns. Race driver BOB BONDURANT has tipped Remington off that there’s a problem with the Shelby car. - The Ferrari gets out first, putting Miles a lap behind. Denial from Shelby. I pulled in around lunch time and Tracy had a mechanic take a look and they quickly found and replaced the license plate bulbs... for the price of the bulbs only. Cool Young Buyer Drew Rausch. They start their cars and off they go! It is precisely what it sounds like: A list of all the scenes in the script accompanied by a brief description of the events that transpire. Still on his way to the paddock, Shelby schmoozes DIETER VOSS, the owner of a powerful US-based Porsche racing team. She switches the station to a jazz channel and they dance. Shelby apologizes, but Miles punches him in the mouth. Pit Engineer - Eddie (as Jonathan La Paglia) Brad Beyer. Cette participation se soldera par une victoire[8]. Driver CARROLL SHELBY pits for fuel. The Deuce, due to his celebrity, is actually the Grand Marshal of the race.

Absolutely critical to learn the craft of screenwriting. Major kudos to Gary Myers for doing this week’s scene-by-scene breakdown.

We share information about your use of our site with social media and analytics partners in accordance with our. Mollie emerges to go to the grocery and get the now ruined food Miles had bought earlier.

It’s clear that Miles’s talents lie in understanding high performance cars and not in customer service.

Another driver tests the Ford. Hans Dieter Pötsch (born 28 March 1951) is an Austrian businessman, the chairman of the executive board of Porsche SE, and chairman of the supervisory board of Volkswagen since 2015, when he succeeded Ferdinand Piëch.

As he listens through the night, he (who knows the car better than anyone) understands that the strategy they’re following will fail. Moments later, Shelby sits in his car. Shelby and Remington drive a packed Mini-Cooper though a blinding rain to visit Ford’s development. Peter recognizes the wrench Shelby holds.

They were amazingly knowledgeable about Porsches- from my 2008 to the questions I had about a 1960's 356. A Ferrari, of course. As soon as Shelby leaves, The Deuce calms Beebe. This was where on December 5, 1935 our founder, Dieter Vongehr, was born. His ace-in-the-hole is that his team is “nastier.”. Peter notes that his dad and Shelby were friends. He bangs small wooden wedges into the suspension that will raise the car so its height will meet the minimum height and pass inspection. The beginning of our story, however, takes us even further back, to the town of Tilsit in East Prussia (Now Russia). Assuming plenty of money and ignoring the ridiculously short time frame (90 days), he warns Shelby of the real problem — Ford is governed by bureaucrats, yes-men, accountants and lawyers who secretly hate someone independent like Shelby. The balance is a kind of perfection. They’re deeply in love. Miles can’t help but listen to the radio broadcast of the race at Le Mans, half a world away. Both car and driver are ablaze. He grabs a mallet and beats the heck out of the car’s trunk lid until it closes over the suitcase. ", "The only place I take my Porsche. I've had annoying tail light sensor indicator for some time and have replaced all of the bulbs... so I thought. Ferrari silently salutes Miles. It’s Iacocca, calling to let Shelby know Beebe is in charge — implying that Miles is out again. En 2017, après de nombreuses années passées en Porsche Carrera Cup Italie, l'écurie engage une Lamborghini Huracán GT3 aux 24 Heures de Daytona aux mains de Fabio Babini, Emanuele Busnelli, Emmanuel Collard et François Perrodo[2],[3].

ANDIALANDIAL was founded in 1975 by three German entrepreneurs in California – Arnold Wagner, Dieter Inzenhofer, Alwin Springer and was synonymous throughout Porsche racing in the US in the 1970s and 1980s. Overall I think it was the best experience I've had at a service shop. ", "Just took my 944 in to get a few things worked out. The Deuce has one more condition. Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Using The Deuce’s newfound appreciation of what it takes to drive a car like the GT-40, Shelby gets The Deuce to agree to Shelby’s offer to let Miles drive the upcoming Daytona race. …the escalating altercation between Miles and the official draws their attention. Before she leaves, she warns Shelby not to break Miles’s heart again. Iacocca introduces Shelby to Beebe. What do you get out from it? Wayne (Customer) Ottavio Taddei. DISASTER! Iacocca beams, feeling vindicated. It seems reciprocal. Shelby gives it to him.

For purposes of this exercise, I have a slightly different take on scene. Mollie arrives with a picnic dinner (early morning in California, but afternoon in France). I hope to see you in the RESPONSE section about this week’s script: Ford v Ferrari. Even the beaten Enzo Ferrari acknowledges Miles’s mastery. After Shelby and Miles finally wear themselves out, Shelby challenges Miles to put his pride aside and rejoin the team. The meds are working, and he can drive shorter races, right? They’ll go away. He implies Miles’s death. Now a Ferrari is just ahead. Pilot Private Plane Ward Horton.

Back in California, Peter and Mollie realize Miles didn’t win. Agnelli Wyatt Nash. - Miles pits after the first lap to get the door fixed. Shelby approaches Miles, who’s working as a mechanic in a cheap garage.