I have four (4) children: DAVID WOODLEY PACKARD, NANCY PACKARD BURNETT, SUSAN PACKARD ORR and JULIE PACKARD STEPHENS. The document, however, is an argument against the Compaq merger. In 1958, Packard was selected as a member of Sports Illustrated magazine's Silver Anniversary All-America team. 2. David Woodley Packard, Ph.D. is a former professor and noted philanthropist; he is the son of Hewlett-Packard co-founder David Packard. By the end of the day, if they reach a consensus quickly, or sometime in the weeks ahead if they do not, they will reveal whether they support or oppose the deal. There is time, because the shareholder vote will not come until late February at the earliest, the company says, awaiting antitrust reviews in the United States and Europe. Ms. Fiorina's reputation is pinned to the Compaq deal, which she has championed as a bold step to reinvigorate Hewlett-Packard and to make it more competitive in difficult times. The logic of the merger rests on a view of the computer industry as going into a turbulent period of consolidation, as companies struggle for advantage amid the worst slump in the history of Silicon Valley.

Packard and Hewlett made personal donations of more than $300 million to Stanford University. It would also add momentum to Mr. Hewlett's campaign. Until February, Ms. Orr was a member of the Hewlett-Packard board, and she served on a board committee that was crucial in hiring Ms. Fiorina in 1999. During their three years as varsity players, the "Vow Boys" never lost to USC. Far removed from the Depression-era commercial ambitions of their fathers, they made their choices about their education and career paths mainly in the 1960's and early 1970's. But he will make his own decision, and he says the prospect weighs on him as he works the fields and greenhouses of his business, the Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery in Moss Landing, Calif. Hewlett-Packard may be a big global corporation, but for all the family members, the decision will be both personal and local. He has made significant contribution to the study of the language and the sign … Packard is survived by four children: David Woodley Packard, Nancy Ann Packard Burnett, Susan Packard Orr and Julie Elizabeth Stephens. Through it, the family made extensive donations to community organizations in support of education, health care, conservation and the arts. Second: I am a widower. David Woodley Packard, for example, left the Packard Foundation in 1999, after it gave his own Packard Humanities Institute a grant of $1.6 billion.

First: I revoke all wills and codicils that I have previously made.

There is a well-established pattern of independent-mindedness among the heirs. Ms. Orr, 55, is chief executive of a small software company, the Technology Resources Assistance Center, which makes specialized management programs for nonprofit groups.

Robert Stephens, who is married to Julie E. Packard, said last week that he took some comfort from having seasoned ''decision makers'' like Mr. Platt, Mr. Morton and Ms. Orr on the board. If Mr. Hewlett prevails and the deal collapses, Ms. Fiorina is likely to be looking for another job, analysts say. The beneficiaries, it adds, are likely to be rivals like Dell Computer, I.B.M. Mr. Hewlett's adviser, Friedman Fleischer, did not visit Hewlett-Packard's management, preferring to work from public records. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. His advisers say their assignment was to analyze the deal rather than to deliver an advocacy brief against it. "I've worried about this for so long, but it was so easy, thank you so much." Walter Hewlett, joined by his two sisters, Eleanor Hewlett Gimon and Mary Hewlett Jaffee, had already said that they would fight the deal. The unlikely face-off pits Mr. Hewlett, 57, a consulting professor of music at Stanford University and a genial intellectual with advanced degrees in music, engineering and operations research, against Ms. Fiorina, 47, a forceful, charismatic outsider brought in by the board to shake things up at Hewlett-Packard -- a model company in many ways, but one that had become inbred and sluggish.