Twenty-six episodes were produced and it was brought over to the US in 1987 to Nickelodeon after significant editing, like removing all scenes with mucus coming out of the trolls’ noses (I’m serious). Other sequels, both in serial and movie form, were The Gnomes' Great Adventure (1987), The Great Adventure of the Gnomes (1995), The Gnomes in the Snow (1999) and The Fantastic Adventures of the Gnomes (2000). David has to saw through the antlers to break them apart. Then Swift caught wind of some sweet, sweet female fox booty, and he completely forgot about his lifelong buddy David. The music and the acting are actually quite good and it is definitely a very daring and strong ending. I only remember parts of a few different episodes. If you watched Nickelodeon back in the day, you might remember "The World of David the Gnome." Other than the humans who cause either unintentional or intentional destruction to nature and harm to animals, the show's other antagonists are three trolls who run into David and the gnomes now and then, their names are Stinky, Brute, and Drool. I guess that’s the rainbow magic happening in the intro. […] like David the Gnome, is another one of those 80′s cartoons that arguably was best known for its incredible theme […]. If you’re like me then The World of David the Gnome — more generally called just David The Gnome — was a crucial part of your balanced TV diet as a child. David the Gnome aired weekdays on Nickelodeon's[3] fledgling Nick Junior block from 1988 to 1995. ( Log Out /  Create a free website or blog at I feel like it’s okay going into this here because the statute of limitations on spoilers for this show is way, way past its expiration. Oct 25, 2012 2,244 3,719 885 33 Daytona Beach, FL. Lisa, David's wife from the original series, also appears in the show. I never saw the ending of the show and now I have. It's probably the oldest now that I think back on it. I was born in 86, and David the Gnome was my favorite animated show as a toddler. Thankfully it didn’t end right there, instead showing us that Swift the fox was able to find a lady love to pursue after his loving owner turned to bark. What I never knew was that this was originally a Spanish animated series, but kids never thought about things like that. Many of those shows have had wonderful endings. The World of David the Gnome, originally titled David, el Gnomo (also known as David, the Gnome), is a Spanish animated television series based on the children's book The Secret Book of Gnomes, by the Dutch author Wil Huygen and illustrator Rien Poortvliet. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Some of those are pretty cool. David the Gnome had a hilariously sad ending. David calls a gnome friend, and they set up a rope pulley to save the baby. In the UK, Video Collection International Ltd released one VHS tape of The World of David the Gnome (Cat. They turn into trees though which indicates life after death, but a Swift still lost his best friend and has to deal with those emotions. The trolls in the movie are fucking hilarious. David the Gnome ran for twenty-six episodes, each approximately 24 minutes in length. Naw baws I’m still here. Please read the sidebar below for our rules.

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The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 9? I remember catching random episodes and just being so excited for his adventures, especially with his fox Swift (who was my favorite character). He’s also riding all over the place with his fox friend Swift, cracking wise on all these ugly trolls. Here’s a excerpt directly from the Wikipedia page about the gnomes themselves: “Gnomes such as the main characters live in pairs in comfortable caves or holes under trees (in their case in the company of a pair of mice and a cricket). It's like Dumbledore's phoenix. According to their habitat, different types of gnomes are distinguished: the ones of the forest, the ones of the garden, the ones of the farm, the ones of the house, the ones of the dunes, those of Siberia, and nomadic "gypsy" gnomes (commonly looked down upon by other gnomes). I mean, hell; Wolverine has teamed up with everybody else already. Their main enemies are the trolls, malevolent and clumsy creatures who always make trouble for the other inhabitants of the forest, as well as gnome poachers. don't tease us like this. David’s was red because he was the big gnome on campus, I think. Twenty-six episodes were produced. I want to show this series to my daughter but I don't know if she's ready for this feeltrip. Heavy as hell, yes.

For all I know each part was the whole episode; that really wouldn’t surprise me. The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 4, The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 3, The Great Vegetarian Experiment II, Day 2. Did you know this show actually had an ending? American cartoons were so polarized with good guys and bad guys, wasn't the case with those. Don't they basically die and turn into trees? David the Gnome did, however, and it was pretty dark! I had looked this up a while ago, but I made the mistake of watching this just now on YouTube to refresh my memory in a clip tastefully labelled “David the Gnome Kicks the Bucket” so now I’m sad again. they basically go up a mountain to commit suicide by turning into trees, lol. You must log in or register to reply here. Better lessons to learn I think. Most episodes are available on DVD in Germany and the Netherlands. For you who don't know it was the OG cartoon that later started the collected works of David the Gnome. But that’s okay, I know David lives on, in every wish and dream and happy home and Travelocity commercial. David is essentially the gnome Charles Xavier. Their diet is mostly vegetarian. I couldn't even fully comprehend what just happened, but I knew it was terrible. They visited their homies that they spent time with throughout the show, and I thought it was a pretty badass episode. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. A true classic. Gnomes work in various ways to repair the damage inevitably caused by humans. He and his wife go off to die together while Swift watches. The show was also made in collaboration with the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). But, still, it’s touching. The ending credits kind of show this too, but I think there was more detail about it in the actual episode. JavaScript is disabled. That was an emotional ordeal. Truly a more demanding change of pace from his usual routing of glass blowing and mind control, or whatever. Change ), Bear Facts 6 – Gummy Bears | Shocking Truths. I think I may be looking through the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia with this one though, as I watched an episode about five years ago or so and it was terribly boring. I knew exactly where America was headed when this cartoon became popular.

There was a long discourse on how their hats were made, and how each color held some kind of great significance. I just took a nap. Then they said goodbye to Swift. After the success of the initial series, the same producers created a spin-off called Wisdom of the Gnomes (1987). LINK The ending of the series, sad but thought provoking. Now I want to see some kind of crossover where the X-men team up with David the Gnome to fight the trolls, who are being aided by Mr. Sinister or something. The complete series was released on DVD in the US in 2012, by Oasis DVDs. | Tags: cartoons, childrens show, dark cartoons, david the gnome, mind control, NaBloPoMo, nick jr. The ending credits kind of show this too, but I think there was more detail about it in the actual episode. Press J to jump to the feed. I feel like many childrens shows didn’t, so they could potentially keep the kids thinking it was just a repeating cycle of adventures to keep up the merchandising.

The English language dub The World of David the Gnome was produced by Canadian studio CINAR, in association with Miramax Films. Eventually Swift takes the hint and leaves, and the gnomes head off into some clearing.