And then I realized beyond the sky is the limit.”. Unsure what to do, Cafferty copied the gesture the other driver kept making. Read: It’s not callout culture. As companies and organizations of all sorts have scrambled to institute a zero-tolerance policy on racism over the past few weeks, some of them have turned out to be more interested in signaling their good intentions than punishing actual culprits. It’s accountability.

And he asks how that role can be quantified. On the company’s 25th anniversary, Representative Keith Ellison, now the attorney general of Minnesota, celebrated it in a short speech on the floor of the House of Representatives. David Shor was fired from Civis Analytics for tweeting the results of a study which found that violent protests increase turnout for Republicans and peaceful protests increase turnout for Democrats.

The loss of his job has left Cafferty shaken. For example, while I was reporting on Joe Biden’s somewhat surprising weakness with Hispanic voters, one Latino Democrat speculated to me that Black Lives Matter rhetoric might be turning off working-class Hispanics. If a lot of Americans come to feel that those who supposedly oppose racism are willing to punish the innocent to look good in the public’s eyes, they could well grow cynical about the enterprise as a whole.

That’s why they have polling and data analysis operations, and it’s why they need people to be able to speak up and discuss trade-offs.

Multiple factors led to the decision to terminate. “I was very proud of my position,” Cafferty told me. And for that to happen, people need to be able to do what Shor did — raise questions about trade-offs, backlashes, and potential pitfalls even when emotions are running high. But his new job was set to change all that. There’s a very real argument about speech in progressive spaces.

Perhaps I’m naive and loyal to a fault, but they were put in a bad position.”.

When Omar Wasow, a professor at Princeton, published a paper in the country’s most prestigious political-science journal arguing that nonviolent civil-rights protests had, in the 1960s, been more politically effective than violent ones, Shor tweeted a simple summary of it to his followers. Shor was punished for doing something that most wouldn’t even consider objectionable. My colleague Zack Beauchamp in Vox said this is a case of something that is “non-controversial even among left-wing intellectuals.”. Third, those of us who want to build a better society should defend the innocent because movements willing to sacrifice justice in the pursuit of noble goals have, again and again, built societies characterized by pervasive injustice. admitted to Priya Sridhar, a local news reporter. In the Atlantic, Yascha Mounk reported that Shor appeared to have been fired …

This take is tone deaf, removes responsibility for depressed turnout from the 68 Party and reeks of anti-blackness.

And if participants in the coalition are under pressure to never criticize anything that’s done in the name of a good cause, they will be unable to see or cope with trade-offs in a necessary way. Below is a screenshot of the two most popular replies to his tweet.

He came to Minneapolis from Palestine and started a business, Holy Land, a food and catering company that now employs nearly 200 people. This is a general issue about norms of discourse rather than a specific issue about one person’s tweets. And he didn’t say that data should dictate how people feel.

Then, in line with Wasow’s predictions, Trump’s lawlessness in the brutality against protesters in Lafayette Square near the White House created a public opinion backlash against him. But political movements can’t live on elected officials’ intuition alone.

Emmanuel Cafferty’s story is not one of a kind. First, these incidents damage the lives of innocent people without achieving any noble purpose. Shor, citing research by Princeton political scientist Omar Wasow, suggested that these incidents could prompt a political backlash that would help President Donald Trump’s bid for reelection.

For Biden, Pennsylvania looks good, but Arizona isn’t a sure thing. Trump’s relative success with Latinos right now looks like it may not matter since he’s losing the election badly overall. The company that fired Shor was predominately white. An informed public is critical right now. The punchline to all this is that concerns of people like Shor about whether a possible protest backlash could boost Trump, so far, seem to be wrong. That primarily means identifying issues it’s helpful for liberals to talk about and how it’s helpful to talk about them. Vox has live results. Shor’s job was to think about how Democrats can win elections. But when Cafferty reached another red light, the man, now holding a cellphone camera, was there again. Some participants took Shor’s side in the argument, but most did not.

Despite the apology, after a review of the incident Civis Analytics took the side of the mob and fired Shor. And that work takes resources. David Shor was fired from a position at a Democratic consulting firm after he tweeted research from Princeton professor Omar Wasow on May 28.

But he was so leery of being seen in any quarter as saying or doing anything critical of BLM that he wouldn’t say anything about it on or off the record.