I’m pretty sure that the original version would not be in English. Danke noch einmal für den Tip

A couple of interesting things: Many of the Amish women asked me during the meal following church if my husband and I knew German. please dont pay that much for them.LOL.

Thanks for posting the youtube link to the song. Here is an English translation : 1. Mark said that his community uses “The Unpartische Gesangbuch”. In my experience people are always welcoming and it is a good experience. Only the Beachy Amish use official English Hymnals. Also, I’m noticing there are different versions of Das Lob Lied.


There’s no way to imagine how it would sound without actually hearing it. Please download one of our supported browsers. Hallo Michael auf dem Weiherhof einen Ausbund erwerben. It mentions some of the things that are in the old Frey article, which I re-read last night, having not looked at in probably 12 or 15 years. This is not in the Ausbund.its called theKleinie Buch or the Gingrich book it’s only used at the graveyard after a funeral.Josef von Klarrformer older order Ashland Ohio.314-6655053.

Which lyrics do you see as fact and which are fiction?

The Loblied is the second song sung in all Amish church services. The last syllable of a line is much shorter than the rest. In an Amish church district, except for the church benches, there is very little property owned jointly by all the church members, except the hymnbooks. Southern Folklore Quarterly 10:151-7.

I couldn’t find my copy (it’s packed away most likely), and couldn’t find a quick online reference to double check.

The owners were very nice, and we enjoyed our visit with them.

And there are some ausbund on ebay for $35.00-40.00 each! The hymns they created and sung were adapted from a number of sources, including the Lord’s Prayer, Old Testament Psalms, and the Sermon on the Mount, using already-existing tunes (pp. Gieb uns Genad zu diesem. I will enjoy the study!

This hymn sing is organized by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society in partnership with the Swiss Pioneer Preservation Associates. Phyllis,

This Bookstore was started by my great grandfather and is currently in its third generation, which is my parents. Anyway, they asked this visitor to start the Lob Lied so as far as Mark knew, he was off the hook. The best known hymn is Das Loblied, or “Hymn of Praise”. und hast uns Herr zusammen g′führt,

I just ran across this post while looking up some information on the Ausbund. The core songs of the Ausbund were formulated by 53 Anabaptist prisoners held in the dungeon at the castle at Passau over the years 1535-1540. This hymnal contains centuries-old songs originating with Anabaptist captives held at the Oberhaus castle prison in Passau, located in present-day southeastern Germany.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'amishamerica_com-box-3','ezslot_0',126,'0','0'])); Amishman Benuel Blank wrote The Amazing Story of the Ausbund about this remarkable songbook.

I had the pleasure of visiting The Mennonite Heritage Center this past June, and the display of the different editions of the Ausbund is absolutely beautiful.

recently I saw a songbook with the musical notes of some of the songs from The Ausbund written down.

That 2nd video is from a Sunday evening youth sing, and is traditionally the 2nd song sung there too. Uns zu ermahnen durch Dein Wort, We actually stopped there because it was listed as a quilt store, and my wife loves to quilt.