After holding a private funeral for the fallen Boy Wonder, Bruce vows to avenge his son's death.

He was the optimum man... You and your detective will yield the ultimate child. Morrison, Grant. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "Batman Family members" category. Although Damian eventually kills Nobody in front of Bruce, they are able to work through the incident by beginning to actively understand and respect one another as father and son. Damian Wayne is een personage uit het DC Universum. [66][67] Damian's absence has also been causing a conflict between his father and his acting instructor, Carrie Kelley, who is determined to find out what has happened to him, leading her to realize that the Waynes are harboring a secret. With Batman facing two choices of whether to resurrect Damian or his parents, he chooses his son, granting Damian's true resurrection. Behind cover, the two briefly reminisce about their time together as Batman and Robin before resuming the defense. The boys finally managed to put aside their differences and worked together in order to save their fathers from an apparent threat in the Batcave, but this later turns out to be a ruse. Since then however in issues of the Morrison penned Batman Incorporated, the drugging is reaffirmed and is once again part of Damian's origin.[36]. [79] With help from the Justice League, Batman discovers that Damian's new powers do not last, and he eventually relies on his natural abilities once more. The new Dark Knight desires justice for his parents along with trying to stop his grandfather while having to battle his father's murderous double. This process would, of course, kill Damian. Damian attempts to kill KGBeast, but only succeeds in cutting off his left arm before the Titans intervene and stop him. Help arrives in the form of the original Batman. You can help the DC Database by adding reliable sources in order to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. Ra's captures the two and tells Batman that he will use one of them for his own body. -Tim Drake "He insisted he would tell you the results himself when the time was right." Damian leaves his mother and Tim to an unknown fate, while he goes off to be with his father. In Batman-related issues of the New 52 taking place after Batman issue #14 (the Joker's return to comics), Damian was portrayed as being very interested in fighting his father's arch-foe. [61] However, despite Bruce's attempts to build a relationship with his son, Damian remains distant from his father, which Alfred worries about. Its final issue, #20 (Oct.–Nov. They were both targeted by a super-villain named Nobody. Ze liet hem achter onder Batmans hoede om zo diens werk te saboteren. Despite their differences, they played ball with Titus and began to enjoy spending more time together as father and son. However, their absences from their respective homes did not go unnoticed as they encountered both Lois Lane and Alfred Pennyworth while trying to sneak into Jon's home.[26]. At this, Tim realizes that Damian is indeed Bruce's son, and exclaims "The son of Satan is my brother?"[38]. "I remember being drugged senseless and refusing to cooperate in some depraved eugenics experiment" -Batman to Talia al Ghul. Batman offers a third alternative: "Fountain of Essence" which contains the qualities of a Lazarus Pit. Victor Zsasz defeats Robin and rescues Black Mask while Dick takes down Firefly. [25] Thanks to the arrival of Lex Luthor and aid from Reggie's super-powered sister Sara, Kid Amazo was taken down. Eventually, when Damian finally met his father, Batman, Damian defected and joined his father's cause. Near the end of the comic book. He was eventually recruited by Rip Hunter to try to stop a madman named Gog from altering his history. First Appearance

End of the comic. Damian is also a capable businessman despite his young age, being involved with Wayne Enterprises and its board members.

Damian Wayne is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. In the climax, the Court manipulates Damian into joining them so they can use him to recruit Agent 37. [91] Together, they form the Super Sons. Damian defiantly replies that he hopes to be a worthy one. When Alfred reprimands him, Damian retorts with a backhanded threat. These included The Superman Family (1974–82), Super-Team Family (1975–1978) and Tarzan Family (1975–76). Alfred Pennyworth got him a cat to take care of, who he also named Alfred. In Batman Annual: Head of the Demon werd onthuld dat Damians grootvader, Ra's al Ghul, Damian wilde gebruiken als gastlichaam om terug te keren naar de Aarde. Brotherhood of the Bat features a future in which Ra's al Ghul discovers the Batcave following Bruce Wayne's death, and outfits the League of Assassins in variant Batman costumes based on Wayne's rejected designs. [93] Despite the book's cancellation, the characters have subsequently appeared as a team in other series.[94]. The ensuing melee was abruptly averted when Jon used his Freeze Breath to separate the two sides and allow him to explain the situation to his father. He tries to teach Damian the same values his parents have instilled within him as he finally assumes his role as a father. O'Neil, Dennis. 415 Appearances of Damian Wayne (Prime Earth), 262 Images featuring Damian Wayne (Prime Earth), 59 Quotations by or about Damian Wayne (Prime Earth), Character Gallery: Damian Wayne (Prime Earth),, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function.