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We know this because of the color of the text. Enjoy! I'm here to discuss who he is, or rather, who he became. Then, I got teleported to one of the minigames, "Take Cake to the Children". Please comment your thoughts below and if I missed anything then you have something to comment about;), how did it show i will put you bak togethr. Where is his room? FNAF, The Aftons and Emily's shite by helpmehgod. You see, each character in fnaf 4 have their own colored text. Crying Child FnaF 4 (Beta) Created by LLED. Is he the older brother? Fnaf 1 takes place 10 years after Fnaf 4. It may be more guessing and imagination but hey, it was fun. Make sure to read the rules and we also have a discord!

At the end of fnaf 4, the crying child is seen like this: In this cutscene the crying child assumedly is on his deathbed after the bite of fnaf 4. And yeah i know that it would be really weird for a non-family member to sneak into another kid's house to scare him, but this franchise is kinda weird. So first there's the possibility of him being the phone guy we all know and love:(. This is kind of just for fun cuz I feel like it so yeah. Saving his life. So the crying child grew up and build sister location. Son of William Afton and the protagonist of Sister Location. Also, the fnaf 1 phone call played backwards, I think that that was for Michael showing night 6 7 8 was during fnaf 1. There is FNAF stuff here cuz she knows about Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and other FNAF stuff. ***IMPORTANT: Model will be found as "Interrogate"****, ok, now its model NOT cube like Fnaf world :v, Another generic crying child made in fuse. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

{Reader insert} I put all the timelines in the correct pattern i think. It could also be crying child's nightmares. Many think that this is the fredbear plushy talking but his text is a dark yellow. FNaF 4 brother model with jointed finger bones ( 3 chain ) for advanced modeling. Why do we even assume that this is the crying child's brother in the first place? This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. And crying child knows that this isn't harmful because it's just a dream. Yes I know that it's really weird that almost nothing changed in the room, but come on, if you were having those nightmares and also died in that room but got saved by your sister and got to live on, wouldn't you just run out and never come back? © Valve Corporation. To "put her back together" like his father said his sister once did to him. He became purple. It was his "Recent dream", how would this work out? Just some Oneshots that I'm gonna do. This model was created with Fuse. Then he build the sister location. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. FNaF 4's gameplay, we play as Michael AND the crying child. Well. I like this model but IDK. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. This is like my second model made. Please see the. Which isn't unreasonable. So she says that she'll put the crying child back together. Crying child x Child reader Onesho... by vgonzalez2299. Into Five Nights At Freddy's? Not Micheal. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. This is the sister talking. "it's me" as in: "Michael, it's me, it's me your little brother", this theory is about this: The "it's me" wasn't really working, it didn't confince Michael who golden Freddy really was, to there crying child gives him "Recent dreams", the dream CRYING CHILD experienced in real life, so Michael knows that it really is his little brother. The same happened to him as to Micheal. But who is he really?

giving him the experience crying child had to go through, so Michael recognizes him. Their love for Foxy is making them strongly connected. It is only visible to you. Because many people think that Micheal (also known as eggs Benedict) is the older brother, which I'm here to prove that he's not. We play as crying child in night 1-5 > real life And we play as Michael in night 6 7 8, > recent dream. This is (assumedly) the crying child's older brother that teased him and eventually shoved him inside Fredbear's mouth. These are for the Happiest Day map I've made, they are akin to how they look in the Minigame. So if you don't know who I'm talking about then I have a picture for you right here. All rights reserved. And then fnaf 3 where he's an animatronic and not a night guard. So, after other hours of work, I managed to complete the model. Of course, I took cake to the children, and the child outside died, and then, the Puppet killed me. I hope you enjoy this model. You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

It's pretty obvious at this point that 2 spirits posseses golden Freddy, crying child, and Cassidy. Crying Child. Let's answer that first, since sister location proved that the fnaf 4 place is real, on night 2 with the map, and with the ultimate custom night line: "this time, there's more then an illusion to fear", we know for a fact that it isn't a nichtmare, and indeed is happening real life > illusions. Because he works at Fredbear's family diner where all the springlock animatronics "lived".