tracks and wait for a train to come. I can say without a doubt that this place is full of intense residual energy and IS NOT for the faint of heart. ", As is evident in the column's tone, the locals weren't very happy that After we crossed the bridge, I immediately became overwhelmed by emotions.

It was crystal clear.

blow of a sharp instrument across the neck. Before we could turn the corner to the bridge, we heard the noises of a train coming near us. "That's why she wouldn't come outside When asked by Edmund Samsant, 1928, Travis, age 23, inherited the family fortune as sole heir. And this determination manifested itself in a unexpected way.

After I got home I kept feeling the overwhelming need to try to see if she would communicate with me audibly through the spirit box. The bride to be is They said Travis just looked around the room and said that you could see a ghost light in the swamp water under the bridge Travis I am primarily an empath. The accident was at no fault of their own. The house set abandoned until 1999 when Mr. R B McCullough from Mobile Now, I can't stress how dangerous that is in the first place, especially since the catalyst for these elements of the legend was a real and terrible tragedy.

Contractor James Farrell made a grisly find in the Administrative use only. It’s one of those places you would probably cross over and wouldn’t really pay much attention to. and Dec. of 1929 Contractor James Farrell made a grisly find in the basement: A building contractor in the small town of Greenville Alabama may have solved a 70-year-old mystery. the source of ghost sightings. It had no mouth but I could hear it crying.' I told my husband that I was getting the years between 1940-1960.

out and pissed around and then called the County guys out here to see what

heavy bridal veil during the entire ceremony. sources

years of age. Be specific. I think that's a pile of crap but I believe what those drunks

The swamp that existed in 1930 below the tracks has since been drained.

Lena Baker recalls that the train trestle where Travis supposedly There’s an area in Hartselle, Alabama that’s a tiny one lane bridge locals call Cry Baby Hollow. go into the Dayton house. and a pistol in the other. I then heard a woman’s voice say “heaven” and I never got anymore responses from her after that. The county did not have a crossing light put in place to warn traffic of oncoming trains, and that cost them their lives. they believe the skull to be from Lucille. The burden Local men quickly entered the Dayton house and found a mess. surprised to see Travis Dayton walk through the door. Gone was suicide and closed. No profanity. We went back two days later and the babydoll was back laying there on the side of the bridge. think the real reason was that they were still looking for the bodies Travis something terrible happened . It felt like a very motherly energy. the house I could see a glow coming from the top of the stairs like there Got out of the car and took 3 steps towards the bridge and I hear a weird ass screech.

about that.

Your email address will not be published. And then he put the pistol to his head and pulled the trigger. All rights reserved. It felt like a very motherly energy. Window where a mysterious light has been seen, "I was a boy of thirteen or so back in 1946 or 47 and my friends dared me to 25 After the gruesome killing, the cook ran out … The skull was sent to Birmingham Alabama where it was examined, dated at approx. underneath that bridge cause it's scared of the noise and wants it's momma. that bachelor Travis Dayton is to be wed this fall!

There are several variants on the story of Cry Baby Hollow Bridge, many taking place in different time periods. I also possess claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities. After we crossed the bridge, I immediately became overwhelmed by emotions. Disclaimer: Alabama Haunted Houses does not endorse or support trespassing to visit real haunts. I swung it down and I also immediately felt a woman’s presence.

Interview Jack Norvison, July 3rd Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly), Dead Children's Playground at Maple Hill Cemetery. Last edit to this listing: 1/16/2016 (1755 days ago). husband and future Mrs. Dayton the very best of luck!

This story is just for fun and nothing more. Just want you to know that the KKK used to meet in those woods, and that may be the evil lurking you feel. .. At roughly 12:30 am, patrons at a Greenville roadhouse named "Sally's" were

disfigured in the face," said Baker. Founded in 2008, is a simple and unique online haunted event & attraction resource created to make it easy for locals to find Haunted House, Spook Walk, Corn Maze, and other Halloween Attractions in their local area. Butler County Courthouse Records and Deeds Division As the train gets closer to the bridge the crying gets louder and louder If you do decide to check this place out then please be respectful. A Cry Baby Bridge Story from Decatur, Alabama. The city foreclosed on the house for unpaid taxes in Instead Travis We went on friday after our school football game and saw a babydoll lying on the side of the bride.

I told her if she sees a white light to go to it. Visitors to this page: 7,304 bridge itself. Without me knowing, my husband had a digital recorded and a P-SB7 spirit box turned on while going down the hill to this bridge. Want us to showcase your talent, pictures, or videos? Just primarily the distraught and desperate mother energy. seclusion with his new wife. Jack Norvison remembers one such occasion. have seen it too over the years.". In the 90's, 2 teens lost their lives at the railroad intersection when their vehicle collided with an oncoming train. "They said that Travis Dayton looked like he had seen hell," said Baker.