After taking out half of her health, an even harsher aura of freezing surrounds her, and she kicks up a fog, making it harder to see her. Gives Stone ability. The music is absolutely classic, definitely one of the best tracks in the series. In the end, the Waddle Dee must face the Boogeyman. Sectonias attacks in her first phase are quick and sharp, making for an amazing fight. The second phase with the flowers is slower but more dangerous, as they cover a wide range and can do multiple attacks at once. Kirby must watch out for weird animatronics, startling noises, and a guardian that clowns around on the job. The Boogeyman scolds Kirby, declaring that the Creepy Realm will fall into chaos without him. For the next phase, his shoes inflate, and now he'll spring up to try and stomp down on Kirby, and try to deliver powerful kicks. Sure enough, Levid confirms the Boogeyman's accusations. Batamon are notable for bearing a great, uncanny resemblance to Kirby and are very secret enemies. Bad souls are already buried deep into it, but the worst of them is put as deep into the realm as possible. He shook the leaves and those spiked enemies fell out splattered with blood. He serves as a boss of Volcano Valley and penultimate boss of the game. Levid states she couldn't repel the force, so she needs someone else to enter and stop the Boogeyman. But every time he's the final boss, I feel like they're just being lazy. So I got bored, and then realized: not many people have ranked the Kirby final bosses. Magolor (Kirby's Return to Dream Land) - What can I say. Zero, alternatively spelled as 0, is the creator of Dark Matter and one of the overarching antagonists of the Kirby franchise. Recently, a terrible being called the Boogeyman has invaded the realm, is consuming souls, and is converting them into spooky ghosts to assault the mortal realm. After all, it was certainly challenging enough. And it even has 2 harder forms. It sends out bats to attack, will fly about in an attempt to bump into Kirby, and turning into a mass of bats. That said, this leads to a fight that isn't very original. A Reaper is at each point, channeling magic into it, while Levid is levitating above the surface. Levid seems confused and scared while Zero glares at her. A duo of a tanuki (Pon) and a kitsune (Con), he keeps sticking his head out to look around, different Galboros mini-bosses appearing in the sequels. She is so blue one could feel her cold, she has long black hair, and a tongue that extends all the way down to her ghost tail. Though your probably talking about fawfuls. Levid states that the Boogeyman is currently holding onto the Necronomicon, and is using its power to make the Reapers do as he wished. A fully-grown Mini Deepsee that attacks by firing missiles and inhabits the back of a blue crab-like creature.

Another creepy face he makes is when his eyes turn huge and connected.

I remember watching that video. 6. Kirby rushes over, and discovers the star not to be a star, but to be a sprite with devilish wings and horns.

It attacks by lashing out its bandages, kicking up wind tornadoes, and pouncing upon Kirby. It's just nothing. ; Among regular bosses, Heavy Lobster proved popular enough to appear in the anime as the final monster before Nightmare, get his own theme in Ultra, and appear as a boss in the Kirby Brawlball subgame in Kirby Mass Attack. 12.

After successfully sucking it out, Kirby spits her soul at the body with enough force to shatter it, leaving behind the Necronomicon. And don't get me started on her true arena form. 14. Soon, the seal to the Creepy Realm is open, and, after fighting a Reaper, Waddle Dee traverses the goat and enters the Creepy Realm. After defeating it, it is forced to retreat, allowing Kirby access to the Creepy Realm. The field is very standard, a flat plane with him floating over it. Gameplay for this game calls back to the likes of Amazing Mirror with the ability to travel throughout a sprawling world in order to reach certain goals. WHY IS HE SO CREEPY!?

Levid is then thrust into the crack, which seals up behind her. 18. Frequently throughout his journey in the Creepy Realm, he learns of a book called the Necronomicon, which houses a great power that is accessible only to spirit kind. A giant, mechanical Clanksprout that hangs from the ceiling. After taking out a third of his health, his arms deflate like they were balloons. TRUE FACT: void soul has watched over Kirby for thousands of years, gaining more and more info of Kirby, this is why he knows (almost) all of Kirby's faces. Creepypasta Staff Training Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Wham Bam Jewel would later have the look of the original Wham Bam Rock, but with modifications. Another version of the robot also appears in Planet Mecheye in Milky Way Wishes. Bright (Master Hand and Crazy Hand, though I'm kind of unsure with this one.). Bigger, tougher foes than run-of-the-mill enemies or even mid-bosses encountered in levels, bosses are among the primary obstacles confronting Kirby in his many adventures. As I defeated Whispy, he fell over and his roots tore out of the ground with blood to follow. A greedy pig granted dark powers by Necrodeus and transformed into a monstrous boar inhabiting the volcano.

Magolor is the best boss in Kirby history and probably will remain that way for all of time. Dark Nebula. But, since it has more lore, and the Galacta Knight fights are just better in general, it's ranked higher than King D-Mind.

I just love this so much. Drawcia (Kirby Canvas Curse) - I don't know what the general consensus on this fight is, but personally I love it! A giant, miniboss version of the newly-introduced Water Galbo. After destroying each scroll in each Kingdom, the crack to the Creepy Realm spreads open, ghastly images seeming to pour out from the opening.