This especially goes for using coyote howls. He was led to a field across the way where 3 more coyotes suddenly appeared and surrounded him. Both my dog and I took off running the 1/4 mile up the driveway toward the house. About a 1/2 mile down the road from my house, the sounds got louder and closer, and I realized that whatever it was coming toward us. For those of you who are so ready to criticize — I hope the people around you during your time of pain or grief are more kind. I didn't realize what I was missing out on, until I began using actual coyote vocals.

They are stealthy when killing, and use their vocalizations to communicate when separated. Coyotes although not classifed as an invasive species are just that. If, as I suspect, coyotes can distinguish each other by their song, it would not be analogous to the animals constantly shouting their own names; it would be more akin to our ability to recognize Marlon Brando because of the distinctive timbre and cadence of his voice. However, after hearing this, I begin noticing how many times I would call in crows when targeting coyotes in my own set-ups.

You can listen to the wide range of coyote sounds at Soundboard.

Glad you’re ok. He also turns while howling to broadcast the howl in all directions.

While XC skiing this year out in the Tug Hill Plateau area we came across two dead deer carcasses that seemingly were left out on the ice by someone in a truck. Of course thinking now after just coming in from a walk and hearing nothing after the yip, yip stopped, that I must be wrong.

This was in broad daylight, late in the afternoon. Thank you for the good article. My sister’s dog was killed this fall by an illegally placed trap on her property. It can provoke a protective response, with coyotes running in to see what is hurting the “puppy.” That response is particularly strong in the spring, when coyotes are denning, when paternal and maternal – not to mention territorial – instincts are strongest. We’ve had occasions where the coyotes have sounded off to warn us that we were crossing into their territory and we’ve just retreated without any problems. Some mistakenly believe howling indicates that a group of coyotes has made a kill.

Most of the time, he said, an aggressive male – sometimes an aggressive female – will come in to check out what it thinks is another coyote encroaching on its territory.

To me it brings out that personal satisfaction of “I called that coyote in," not some recording blasting out of a speaker.