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height: 124px !important; margin-top: 10px; h3.jsn-moduletitle span { .lsb-custom-login-form-wrapper .lsb-group-username{ If you suspect a more serious problem, see your doctor. width: 100%; #jsn-topbanner { They play with other lambs in the herd and follow the ewe. } background-color: #009933; text-align: center;

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I weight the water and I weigh the milk powder.

} font-weight: bold; Diarrhea is similarly prevalent with nearly 180 million cases occurring each year.

Funny too how they suddenly get it isn't it! #k2Container .jsn-article-toolbar a img { When there is a severe outbreak, 30 per cent or more of lambs may contract pneumonia and die suddenly, according to the University of Iowa Extension. .ial-window, .ial-usermenu { .jsn-joomla-30 #group45 { top: 15%; } } padding-top: 8px;

If you’re dealing with constipation, you might experience hard and dry stools, pain with bowel movements, or a feeling of fullness, even after going to the bathroom. border: 1px solid #ccc; #jsn-footer a { Today is the first day he stood and fed - tail going - fantastic. }

The Expert will know if the dog will be able to digest that. .jsn-homepage #jsn-topbanner { z-index: 99; padding: 10px; One hard, painful-to-pass stool might launch them into a fear of going to the bathroom, which may discourage them from going at all. Suckling is vigorous as the lamb stimulates the milk glands and withdraws the milk for nourishment. Take a rectal temperature of any lamb appearing to have pneumonia.

Remind kids to take breaks to go to the bathroom or set aside bathroom time in their schedule.

display: inline-block; As usual - fantastic quick advice!

However, since this is a bottle lamb, it may also be intestinal torsion. color: #222; .navbar .navbar-inner.lsb-custom-navbar-inner .nav { } } No, she's otherwise healthy - eats dry food . Glad to hear he is doing so well, keep it up little guy:). div.k2ItemsBlock ul li a.moduleItemReadMore { position: absolute; background: #fff; margin-left: 9%;

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min-height: auto; Veterinarian's Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. } width: 93%; margin-bottom: 8px; font-size: 13px; The temperature rises if the lamb runs around before you take the reading.