He initially gains an advantage, and is about to devirtualize her when she desperately reminds him that he is a Lyoko Warrior. The episode begins with Jeremie using the Supercomputer's Voice Synthesizer to convince Mr. Delmas he is William's father, and tells him that William has gone overseas to account for his absence from school. X.A.N.A. The most notable one is in Final Mix, when Odd offered to help him fix a mixing board that William had accidentally dropped, and in A Bad Turn, when he teamed up with Odd to defeat a materialized Krab. Black Navy Blue (in Wreck Room)Grey (in Evolution) Since his first arrival at Kadic, Ulrich was the only member in the group who had problems with William, due to both of them competing for Yumi's attention. Later in the episode, William get his revenge at Odd by taking Odd's place in a mission and ignoring Odd, who was locked in the locker room (he even asked Odd about how it feels to be trapped like an amateur).

In the reboot series, X.A.N.A.

When they go to the Supercomputer Room to shut it back down again, it is a clear sign that he earned his place in the group, once and for all. She was also the only one who defended him after the group rejected his company in Fight to the Finish, saying that he is not their enemy anymore and he was X.A.N.A.


William counterattacks Yumi more clever with an energy wave from his sword, having Yumi lose balance and fall off her Overwing. With the warriors out of the way, X.A.N.A. Interestingly, they also used the Zweihänders. In Mutiny, Laura sends William to the Cortex alone to try and insert a virus that would destroy X.A.N.A.

William's intelligence is fluctuating at best.

Aelita is quickly rescued by Odd on his Overboard, however. His sword also fires energy slashes when he swings it.

William is known to be able to move swiftly through Network easily, but XANA made him his own personal Nav Skid, the Rorkal, which does not attach to the Skidbladnir.

William first appeared as the average possessed avatar which consists of the base form with an eye of X.A.N.A.. Next, when the program has enough power of Lyoko, it merges with its host and takes on a new avatar that can vary from creature-to-creature. 's apparent demise.

In the first series, X.A.N.A. In the end, William and Ulrich decide to become friends after William saves Ulrich from falling to Digital Sea.

In Double Take, William has shown to eventually flucuate control over the towers, while calmly observing the tower turning red which he struggled to keep it that way. He claims that love can 'drive him crazy,' and jumps at any occasion to spend time with Yumi.

The real William briefly resurfaces and tries to stop X.A.N.A.

Final Round

On Earth, William is not targeted by spectres. He tries to escape by devirtualizing himself… In Mutiny, Aelita says that William is a very sensitive person and it is easy to hurt his feelings.

In Down to Earth, William is finally freed from X.A.N.A. X.A.N.A. When fully shown as X.A.N.A. Mathieu Moreau

William has tried to humiliate him in front of Yumi, insulting and provoking him, even getting into a fist-fight with him in A Bad Turn. 1.7m (5'7) (though in the process, they would lose contact with Aelita's mother). To nobody's surprise, William wants to be more than just friends, causing conflict between him and Ulrich, when both of them vie for Yumi's affections. He's the only main character (other than X.A.N.A.,) to not have a cutscene. William in Season 3, >> More images of X.A.N.A. He raises his hand and a digital sound comes from his mouth, commanding the Krabs. Height

Doppelsöldners were specific types of mercenaries who volunteer to fight, which means to take on extra risks. In the episode Echoes before the gang is about to shut down the supercomputer, William's last appearance was seen talking to Yumi, and they seemed to be on good terms, again. Hair color Jeremie creates a stable polymorphic spectre with William's basic memories, and a basic personality in order to prevent suspicion among the school. As soon as he is alone with her, William reveals that he is controlled by X.A.N.A.

However, due to his jerky attitude and need to outdo Ulrich constantly, Yumi liked him less and less, although it is still implied he has a crush on her. So far, he is the only Lyoko Warrior with two battle themes.

The next day, the Lyoko Warriors relax in the courtyard, and Jeremie and Aelita reveal that they have been using data sent to them by Franz Hopper to recreate Lyoko. Powers

He becomes convinced that William is doing anything he can to seduce Yumi, although, at this point, William's intentions were just to get to know her better. William's personality is self-centered and overconfident, but still caring.

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170 cm (5' 7") However, all but Aelita was wary of trusting him again.

He shows to be incapable of stopping her from going to the Factory in Virus.

During Season 3, William became a pot of glue, which started to annoy Yumi.

Ever since William arrived at Kadic, he is often seen together with Yumi, chatting with her, and sometimes acting romantic toward her, as first seen in Saint Valentine's Day. William generally prefers to use brute force with his abilities. XANA has made William the general of his army of monsters and has even given new powers. When William was repossessed by X.A.N.A. In the episode Aelita he claimed to have learned everything about America History, before realizing that his exam was in math. The term "X.A.N.A. For this, Odd was really mad at him, even having a thought of devirtualizing him. In Lyoko Minus One and The Secret, he fights against his entire possessed class and a construction worker who is also under X.A.N.A. He reacts, having flashbacks to when he was initiated into the group, in the way that Aelita had memories of her past. After he rejoined the team in Evolution, they become good friends.

's clutches again.

His black aura disappears and William returns to normal, thanking the others for saving him from X.A.N.A.

William falls even deeper in X.A.N.A. After being possessed by XANA his costume on Lyoko changes into an all black body suit with red outlines and has a spiked gauntlet on his left arm that is capable of deflecting Odd's laser arrows and guarding against Ulrich's sabers.

William has a pretty fine relationship with Odd. 2.0 by complimenting her hair and tries to give her love poems in Mutiny. William appears in the episode William Returns, where X.A.N.A. William takes his chance and uses his Zweihänder to destroy the core of Lyoko, the digital world is gone and with all the last remaining energy, it goes into William and with a special process, his biological and avatar code is altered, thus having his body permanently marked with X.A.N.A.. Also, in the loss of hope, the team gets a message from Franz Hopper, who is currently hiding in the internet, so they may recreate Lyoko.

Virtual information Since then, they've stayed on good terms, despite William still hoping for Yumi. He tries to escape by devirtualizing himself, but he is captured and possessed again before he has the chance.

William, X.A.N.A.

William is a secondary antagonist in Season 4. During this period, he even draws Laura's attention to the consequences her behavior would have on her being in the group. Weapon X.A.N.A. He enjoys flirting and 'casually' bragging about his dedication to her, despite it never leaving an impact.

Ulrich fights William, constantly goading him to try and remind him of their romantic rivalry and his life on Earth. Before, it had a more elegant, streamlined design with a triangle-shaped insignia on the apex of the hilt.

more than William..

However, William's playfulness can quickly divulge into harassment.

He shows to be slightly seductive towards her in X.A.N.A.