While submitting your final ranking, you are asked to sign a contract that says you will accept a bid from any of the sororities you listed, and then recruitment is over! I would probably try to stay clear of this website or take the things you read on it with a grain of salt because a lot of things people post on their can be false. This is the day you’ve been waiting for. Her Instagram is full of pictures of her and her friends posing in front of trippy tapestries. You could also look at Greek Rank but be very careful when doing so. The GDI wears cargo shorts and does solid orange Friday proudly with an “IPTAY” t-shirt.

Per our updated privacy policy, we use cookies to track your browsing behavior on our site and provide you with ads or other offers that may be relevant to you. She doesn’t enjoy Amy Schumer’s humor or really appreciate it. At this point in recruitment PNMs should have a feeling about which sororities they can relate to more-so than others, and this round will help give you an even better idea. How do they manage to all be so artsy? As a PNM you will meet with seven of the sororities on Friday and the other twelve on Saturday. Stereotypes exist far beyond the juvenile hallways of high school. However, if you are asked back by 9 sororities or less, you will be required to go back to each one. The fraternity boy. Your conversations should give you an idea of what the girls in each sorority are like as well.

After you’ve visited every sorority for the first round you will vote. Their t-shirts are fitted to their bodies and not three sizes too large, as is the custom here. However, where there’s a rhyme there is a reason and for many clueless freshmen girls it can be a good thing to know a little about the sororities on campus before deciding to become a part of one for the next four years. Second round is still a more casual round and heels or flats are not necessary. Most times she has to be reminded of things she said or did and finds pizza crust next to her pillow when she wakes up. You can pick the northerners out at the first football game when there’s a look of utter confusion on their faces. You can pick them out in a crowd because they’re never without a beaming smile. In the past, each sorority would act out a fun skit for the PNMs, however, Clemson is no longer allowing this, and so third round will be a little different this year. During the day, she’s in a grungy t-shirt for class, but at night, she dresses to impress. She doesn’t go out on a Friday night, but she certainly isn’t opposed to wild movie nights with her sisters. Rush is extremely stressful and emotional and there are times when you can get really frustrated when you find out you were cut from a sorority you thought was the ‘one’ but just stick it out and I promise you won’t regret it. They build on the classics such as the jock, nerd, and popular girl, but also evolve depending on where you are. I’m breaking down the 10 best-looking individual chapters in each of the five major conferences: Big 12, Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC, and the SEC. They’re in such amazing shape that looking at them makes you feel like natural selection will weed you out. You will have a week between the second and third rounds and while this may seem frustrating because you will not know which sororities you will be going back to until Saturday morning, it is also good to have a week off to focus on your classes. This is your time to decide which sorority you want to join most and get a feel for where you really fit. Tip: If you only list one sorority, your name is put at the bottom of their list and your chances of getting a bid are greatly diminished. Try to get a general feel for the sorority based on what all the girls have to say and remember to not listen too much to the bad stuff because it could be that the girl who is gossiping to you could have had a bad experience with one member and is judging the entire sorority for it. For third round you will go back to a maximum of six sororities. Third round is when the outfits get a little more formal. You will definitely be getting a more glamourized glimpse at what its like to be part of their sisterhoods, but that is the same way with anyone’s social media pages so it can be considered a good way to get some more knowledge on the organization; however, I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on their social media pages alone. Some sororities may show a video or do something new for this round to still make it fun.

You will be offered a chair to sit in during a portion of these rounds, so make sure your dress is long enough that you are comfortable sitting down in it. She especially loves to paint her favorite bible verses onto canvases and decorate her room with them or give them to a sister who’s had a hard week. While you are not allowed to talk to them very much because this can be considered “dirty rushing,” you can see the types of girls that they are simply by watching how they treat each other. Required fields are marked *.

If you’ve made it to Pref Round, the sorority can definitely see you as one of their new members.

Unless there’s a test she absolutely must study for, she’s going out on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This round is all about giving the PNMs a good idea of the sorority’s personality and sisterhood.

Voting after preference round is a little different, instead of voting with your Pi Chi, you will vote with online with a volunteer in Hendrix. He takes mirror selfies and posts them shamelessly. They walk around campus with Beats headphones on, which makes them look like they’re constantly trying to get in the zone for a big game. Note that I said sophomores or juniors and NOT freshmen. This is in no way a bad thing or would have made me not want to join the organization any less; however, I think it is very important that girls get to really know what kind of girls they are about to spend every waking moment with before they decide to become a member. This guy goes to the gym every day and brags to anyone who will listen about a new protein powder he found. They don’t drink, and definitely don’t curse, but instead enjoy doing big group activities outdoors.

To view our privacy policy in full, click here. You will list your bottom three sororities and depending on how many sororities ask you back, you may drop these sororities. The day will still be long and there might not be many opportunities to sit so be kind to your feet and wear comfortable shoes. 12 Orientation Outfits That Will Make A Good Impression, 20 Reasons To Jump On A Plane And Visit France, 10 Things to Know if You’re Rushing a Sorority from a Sorority Girl, 10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re In A Sorority, Great Ways to Find Your Place in College (That Don’t Involve Rushing), You Don’t Have To Be A Girly Girl To Be In A Sorority, 10 Sorority Recruitment Tips For Any Incoming PNM. She’s the sweetest girl in the sorority and is shocked by stories of nights out that she hears on Monday mornings. They wear jean shorts and orange t-shirts to games until they feel obligated to conform to the southern ways. They’re hardly ever seen alone, but are always in groups or with another athlete. Seeing Tillman sometimes makes them tear up and Tiger Rag will be the lullaby they use to get their kids to sleep one day.

They’ve had these girls in their classes, shared dorms with them, and attended the same parties so they can probably give you an accurate description of what the sisterhood is like. Listen to what they have to say, but listen wisely and make your own judgments. What To Wear Tailgating – Guide for College Students. The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) member. Since Clemson loves its sports, they’re like demi-gods who walk among us, especially the football players. Get notified about exclusive offers every week! A casual dress could work for second round, but dresses are not required yet due to the fact that you may be asked to sit on the ground to watch a short video. You will be asked similar questions from most sororities, such as “Where are you from?” “What is your major?” “What are you hoping to get involved with on campus?” Just answer the questions honestly so the sorority can get a feel for who you are. Just like after the first round, you will vote on the 3 sororities you liked the least. If all 12 sororities ask you back, then you will be able to drop your bottom 3, if 11 ask you back, you will drop your bottom 2, and if you are asked back by 10 you will be able to drop your bottom 1. Pref Round is the most formal of the rounds, so a dress and heels is typically worn by PNMS. Don't worry too much about the reputations of the sororities. Fierce ponytails and hoops are staples to her look. This made both PNMs and the sororities (who all had to talk to 1,200+ girls) exhausted and overwhelmed. These guys and girls wear chacos and have hundreds of GoPro selfies hanging around in ENOs. In the past, the first day of recruitment is always the longest; you have to go to all twelve sororities for 25 minutes each. Every PNM is required to wear the same shirt so the sororities can focus on your personality above all else. Crafting is one of her favorite hobbies. When he does, he’s probably on a business or economics track with plans to work on Wallstreet. When he does, he’s probably on a business or economics track with plans to work on Wallstreet. I absolutely love the sisterhood I have joined and the life-long friendships I have made because of it and I know that there were times when I got cut from sororities I really could’ve seen myself a part of but now I know that there is a reason why I am in the organization I joined and you just have to trust that the Greek system works. If there is a philanthropy that really interests you, communicate that to the sorority, they will be excited that you’re interested in such a key aspect of their sorority. There is a reason why these girls post so much on their Instagrams, Tumblrs, and VSCO’s over summer and its because they want the girls thinking about rushing to look at them! You will be told from the moment you decide to rush to not listen to the stereotypes or gossip about the sororities here at Clemson.

Voting will be the same, with you listing your bottom three sororities, you will be left with at most three sororities for the fourth round, which is Preference Round. Clemson is no exception and has a variety of stereotypes that may not fit every person, but are very funny nonetheless. So this year the first round will be split into two days. They have dorm parties, but are constantly worried that they’ll get busted by RAs. Sororities may try their best to sell you on why their sorority is the best and pretty much all sororities will ask you, “Do you have a hard decision to make?” You can answer honestly but remember to still be nice and respectful even if you do not see yourself in a particular sorority at all. Friday and Saturday (with 25 minute rounds). This person sleeps and breathes Clemson. During recruitment, active members (girls in sororities) have to wear shirts with their Greek letters on them until rush is over. Where first round was mostly about you, this round will require a little more talking from the sorority’s side.

Your email address will not be published. You should wear a dress with heels or wedges. If you do wear a dress, make sure you will be able to get on and off of the floor comfortably. They’re very involved on campus and want to leave Clemson better than they found it, which was already amazing obviously.

The way voting works at Clemson is that it mostly matters which sororities ask you back. Preference Round, commonly called Pref Round, is the last round of recruitment and you will visit at most three sororities.