Blood, who teaches English as a second language through an online platform, said that, if elected, her biggest priority would be providing honest and easy to understand information to people in the ward. "We do have an obligation to the city as a whole to make it safe," he said. "What is the process, and who are they connecting with? Blood said that she'd like to help facilitate stronger relationships between small businesses in the area and help get new businesses connected to a mentorship program. That's it, just how do we get there is the primary difference.". Blood wants to bring conversations about what's happening in city government to the ward level by increasing participation in Neighborhood Planning Councils and creating more opportunities for young people to get involved.

We're raising the bar.". "We have voices that go unheard.

Longman also said he wants to make sure that Battle Creek's Police Department is fully funded and that he didn't think that any changes were necessary to improve the relationship between the police and the community.

"I believe if we're building those genuine relationships, we would actually bridge that gap that seems to be broken right now when it comes to the trust with residents in our city and our elected leadership," she said. City Government Battle Creek, Iowa Hydrants will be flushed the second week of the month . The 2020 Chair is Commissioner Steve Frisbie, and the 2020 Vice Chair is Commissioner Kathy-Sue Vette. Those are the things that I think attract people who say 'Oh yeah, this is kind of a hip place, this is a cool place," he said. He said his chance to help people navigate uncertainty and chaos as a nurse during COVID-19 made him want to get involved in local government. "Let's give them a bigger scope.". Is it procedures? "Every voice has value. Calhoun County's Board of Commissioners serves seven districts. "I really want each person to feel like their destiny is in their own hands.". I am Lakeview. "I like to be as grassroots as possible. That type of communication is essential for addressing the housing situation in Battle Creek, Blood said. I'll be communicating with them, but do we need to create a whole new system?". Economic development is another area which Blood would like to see the city approach on a "microlevel" by encouraging development in other pockets of the city. OK," he said. 361 likes. Unfortunately, some of Ward 2 has high contamination in your recycling carts, and we hope this video will help you! Follow her on Twitter at @ElenaDurnbaugh. "We need to be listening and viewing the policies from the residents' perspective, and so putting ourselves in their shoes is very important.".

"Not just open them, but sustain them.". Over the last few years, Lance said the City Commission has begun to create an economic environment that people want to be a part of and he'd like to continue building that. We have to take those reflections and we have to go back and we have to look at the cause," she said. Copy and paste this code into your website.

Lance said that the city has a responsibility to help create options to solve some of the problems around housing in Battle Creek. There are no incumbents on the ballot in the race for Battle Creek's Ward 4 City Commission seat. For Lance, the answer to economic development is creating an environment that incentivizes employers and people who may want to move to Battle Creek. John Griffin, who was elected to the commission in 2017 and also served in the 1990s, is not running for reelection. "We need to actually go and speak with residents," she said. The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to the government and its citizens. Encouraging young people to be involved is important for Jamierson. We have many resources that residents don't know about, and we have people in the community that are looking for leaders that will be someone that they can trust and depend on," she said. Areas of focus include the following: "We just work together to be more about the solutions and not the problem.". Three candidates, none of whom have experience serving in public office, have stepped forward to fill the seat. "It's all fine that we have people that want to help out with community that's all fine on the surface level of things, but...bringing businesses to Battle Creek — that will keep young people in the community," she said. Contact Elena Durnbaugh at (269) 243-5938 or "We're nonpartisan.".

She'd also like to work to bring more grants into the city to support small businesses and nonprofits. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. "I think it's mostly people doing bad things causing risky behavior, and then we have a bad outcome.".

Longman said he was interested in pursuing partnerships between the city and private businesses to help maintain local trails, like those at Linear Park. "I want to grow and open the door for the kids...We're not lowering the bar. "To ensure that there is a sustainable solution before passing ordinances.". © 2020 "I don't think it's my place to step in there and tell that private individual or that business to tell them they have to take this evicted person, but I do think we can work with the nonprofits out there to create, to give them an option. "We just need to be able to pull up our small business because those are the ones that are going to make us successful," she said. "Sometimes we confuse society and government," he said. Responsible economic decisions are a priority for Lance, and that's the perspective he brings to many of his decisions on the commission. Morris, 21, was the youngest person across all Battle Creek city races and will be the youngest person serving on the new City Commission.

"If you know of a resource, please share," she said. I still think we have to do better with the money that we get.". His biggest priority is maintaining public roads and infrastructure in Battle Creek. "Whether it's...more walkable shopping, whether it's coffee shops, whether it's bars and restaurants. John Griffin, who was elected to the commission in … Jim Lance is running for reelection because he wants to build the collaborative momentum and nonpartisan nature of city leadership. "I don't think you solve the homeless problem with our hotel rooms, I think you solve our homeless problem with creating alternative housing form them because hotels are probably not the best place to stay in general for the long term.". Contact Elena Durnbaugh at (269) 243-5938 or "They say Ms. Dana, 'Why are you running for city commission?' And I say, 'For you,'" she said.

I live there, I pay taxes there, but I don't want to be someone who says, oh, I go to Lakeview.

He left the city in the 1950s for military service but moved back in the late 1990s. City of Battle Creek Mayor - Lynn Ward Gray City Commission At-Large: Kaytee Faris Carla C. Reynolds Derek Freeman Sheri Sofia Ward 1 - Kristin Blood Ward 2 - Aysia Rucker Ward 3 - Boonikka Herring Ward 4 - Kathy Szenda Wilson Ward 5 - Dana Canales-Jamierson.

This is the public Facebook page for Battle Creek City Commissioner Kaytee Faris. "I want to help to bring the dollar back here," she said. she said. The city of Battle Creek has not taken any action to reduce police department funding, other than cuts due to COVID-19, but City Manager Rebecca Fleury and Police Chief Jim Blocker have been meeting with community members, especially Black residents of Battle Creek, to focus on how to build trust and a better relationship. "We've got to keep the city running efficiently, smoothly, using taxpayer dollars to make our city function," he said.

All rights reserved. © 2020 She and her husband are also landlords in the city, and Ackley said their priority is working with families facing economic hardship. In his resignation letter to Mayor Mark Behnke, he cited private and professional reasons for leaving the commission.

The position opened when Vice Mayor Dave Walters resigned from the commission, effective Sunday. "If I was to be elected, that is my priority, to help bridge that gap.". If elected, she said she wants to use her role as commissioner to get students across the city, especially students of color, excited about Battle Creek. Kristin Blood ran for the Ward 1 seat in 2017 but narrowly lost.