That, two, three, four! And just when I started back at the gym, they decide to move five miles away! And….and…..and,…and….. (She now gets on hands and knees and starts re-assembling the eggs0, (She goes to tuck in the eggs, sits up looking at them fondly), ------------------------------------------------------------, --------------------------------------------------------------. That’s the new boss…..didn’t she had a crazy aunt locked up and I made some silly joke…. The Clown who can't stand people laughing at him just got fired from Wrigley Brothers/ Farnum and Hailey Circus, the 2nd Greatest Show on Earth.His name is Bosco.Bosco: Finally! And the mailman is new and he misplaced the letter from my old friend who is about to get married – next week!

(We hear the strains of the circus song as she leaves.

Le thème : Avec cette machine à sous, l’éditeur Omega Gaming nous propose de passer la journée dans un cirque fantastique afin d’assister à des numéros à couper le souffle.Circus Ringmaster propose un environnement graphique soigné. One monologue a day - started Feb. 13, 2014 - now more than 1670 monologues! Le joueur peut compter sur un wild qui a la faculté de se substituer à tous les autres symboles hormis le scatter représentant des ballons de baudruche. First nine, and will only play on the computer...... Second egg...., six,...... loves to talk....and talk.....and talk! A ringmaster introduces the various acts in a circus show and guides the audience through the experience, directing their attention to the various areas of the circus arena and helping to link the acts together while equipment is brought into and removed from the circus ring.

Note: A few words about 'free' -  all these monologues are protected under copyright law and are free to read, free to perform and video as long as no money is charged. Today we have many amazing acts for you to see. She        smiles and walks around them.). Ringmasters have become an integral part of the many circus shows and sometimes will be involved in elements of some of the acts performances.

It is traditionally the ringmaster's job to use hyperbole whenever possible while introducing the acts to enhance the expectations of the audience. En effet, sur le fond de l’écran, nous avons la chance de retrouver un décor remarquable notamment composé de chapiteaux bariolés, de ballons multicolores et de quelques étoiles dorées. A Clown's Monologue The crowd's applause was nauseating. A ringmaster or ringmistress, or sometimes a ringleader, is a significant performer in many circuses.

Focused on exotic acts, extreme and theatrical displays, with tricks performed by animals of the wild. Declarations of the "biggest", "most dangerous", "amazing", "spectacular" and similar expressions are common. It was the ringmaster's loud voice that was necessary to cut through the noise, get the audiences attention and announce the next act. En effet, chaque fois que les 5 rouleaux sont en train de tourner, nous pouvons écouter un orgue de barbarie jouer quelques notes. Never the end of juggling! Ringmaster: “Ladiesandgentlemen,lastbut not least,the laughsaboundforchildren ofall ages, the stars of our circus—it’stimetosendinthe clowns!” bridge It’samazing,astounding, surprising Thrillinganddaring,Ican’tstopstaring Never have I seen anything so scary Yet wonderful and marvelous, stop It’sthegreatestshowunderthebigtop chorus The following collection of circus slogans are from old and new acts that are timeless in nature. Talk about miracles! Learn More → Jesters have a reputation for being juggling, tumbling fools.

(She is now running around trying to catch the eggs, to no avail). And then they would complain about how hard it is to juggle all this stuff, and how if you miss a few, and they break, it can make an omelet......but the reality is.....juggling, (She steps back and her face twinges as things hit the ground). First the oldest, he's nine, and will not do homework first....only play on the computer...... Second egg....the middle child, six,......a girl who loves to talk....and talk.....and talk! Circus Ringmaster est une machine à sous vidéo développée par l’entreprise Omega Gaming. How to Write a Monologue in 10 Easy Lessons (Well, maybe not so easy). Monologue Mania Day #869 Free at Last (30 second ... Monologue Mania Day #868 Fault Lines (30 second v... Monologue Mania Day #867 The Right Person (30 seco... Monologue Mania Day #866 Let Me Finish! The circus is coming! [1] A female circus leader is known as a ringmistress, and often wears a black skirt or leggings with knee-high black boots, and either the same style topcoat and tails as a ringmaster or a red blouse.[2].

Notre avis : Grâce à son thème festif et à une prise en main parfaite, Circus Ringmaster est une machine à sous idéale pour bien débuter.