Ringmaster: Dumbo! "She Freak Quotes."

Timothy Q. Dumbo! You know, psychology. ", (As the tiger parents meet their cubs for the first time, a bundle lands in the giraffe pen. Where will you breathe?

", Prissy: "After all, who cares about her precious little Jumbo? Can you take me there? Hey, be careful. [ Inside the tent, the Villagers cheer as the camera zooms in on T.W.

Look at his ears. Timothy Q. ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/Dumbo?oldid=142757. Good. Hold your breath. Where do they pause, punch it up, or suddenly soften? Matriarch: That windbag! Ya know, Dumbo, we gotta get an idea. Don't look now, but I think we're up in a tree.

What's the good news?

Kid 1: Hey, guys, lookit!

Oh, my dears, can you bear it? "Well, little fella, let's get goin'.

Similarly, your message has to be heard above the thousands of distractions of phones, apps, internet, media of all kinds, and the cacophony of the streets. Come and get it. Mouse: See? Oh-ho-ho. Why, they're perfect wings. Timothy Q. ", (As the elephants put up the tent poles, Dumbo drags a pole to help out, but he stumbles over on his bottom. My, my.

Why? Matriarch: Oh, the shame of it. Why, uh, you're terrific. My goal? Golly.

Mouse: What's the matter with his ears? (He makes it to one of the train cars.) I’ve continued to use what I learned as a sideshow talker in the work that I do today as a street magician, physical comedian, and even as a business owner.

And on top of that, they made him a clown! Appreciate the circus full on.

Timothy Q. You're not really afraid of little me, are ya? Your body and mind react to your smile, and this works towards your persuasiveness. Circus Barker: The ticket vendor is currently located near the . Big Circus Sideshow, founded by the late great showman Jim “JZ” Zajicek, had over 40 attractions under a red and yellow 100-foot circus tent. Use fluorescent highlighters for emotions and feelings. The mother sinks into the water, while her son splashes in. Circus Barker 5: The greatest collection in the entire world.

Sideshow talkers are masters of cadence. Leading his brethren, the storks swoop down above winter quarters and drop their bundles. Circle/highlight any and all adverbs. A colorful string of words is like the colorful string of bright, blinking lights all around the carnival lot — they don’t work if they are not turned on.

We'd like to ask you a few questions to help improve AudioJungle. Chorus: Look out, look out Pink elephants on parade, They're here and there Pink elephants everywhere, They're walking around the bed on their head, I can stand the sight of worms and look at microscopic germs, But Technicolor pachyderms is really too much for me, What a sight Chase 'em away, chase 'em away. That's very true. I guess it's just another one of their-- Look! The mother bear scoops him up in her arms and licks him with passion. Mother's love might cover a multitude of sins. Or: Straight from heaven up above, here is a baby for you to love."

Look. Oh, Mrs.

Come on. Circus Barker 5: The greatest collection in the entire world. Come on. ), "Hear him puffin' comin' round the hill, Casey's here to thrill every Jack and Jill! ), Matriarch: "Ah, this is a proud, proud day. Laugh at him.

Always gossipin'. You oughta be proud. I memorized all the carnival talkers’ speeches and got as much training as I could find, and still my spiel often fell flat. Oh. I ask ya, why? Dumbo. Well, you gotta use a lot of'chology.

Mrs. Jumbo. Hone your script down to the essentials. Let's go tell the boss. He never had an idea in his life. Perfect for carnival, circus or amusement park background sound. Circus Barker 3: Hurry to the big sideshow. Why didn't I think of this before? Ya see? The camera pulls back to see a mountain tunnel, where Casey comes out. Coming to a city near you! Dumbo! The bundle opens, revealing a baby hippo, who is now sleeping casually next to his mother. She climbs, climbs, climbs and then jumps onto a balloon made of cotton candy.

Barker, who is holding a microphone in his right hand as his two Stunt Bears ride their unicycles around him in a counter-clockwise circle. (He hands her a receipt reading, "Received: One Elephant".) Use cadence along with dynamic range to draw the audience’s attention to where you want it to be. Well, hear him talk. You have an entire dynamic range to work with: go with varying levels of loudness, “flash” it on and off, and yes, occasionally, turn it up to full blast. Dumbo the Great! Over here.

Why, your mother's gonna be so proud of ya. Deliver with dynamic range. Mouse: Gab, gab, gab.

He flies through a cloud and appears out through it, as he rests on another cloud to rest.


Use cadence for impact. Circus Barker: The nearest lodestone is in . Every single word should build to the close, or the main point. If there is an emotion that you want the listener to associate with your talk, you have to live it and breathe it into their subconscious. Matriarch: Quiet up there. Have you ever channel hopped and found yourself spending mindless minutes watching a commercial for ShamWow? He uses his ear as a shield from the rain. Here. Now blow a great big one.

Ringmaster: Pyramid of ponderous, pulsating, pulchritudinous pachyderms! Take a trunk full. Come on. Heave! She takes you to school on how to vocalize a boring script. Mouse: Ohh! Boo!

Because they don’t bark; they talk— eloquently, thank you. Prissy: Gaining a little weight, aren't you, honey?

Use in a single end product, free or commercial. That's why you go under the big top.

You can fly.

Timothy Q.

Timothy Q. Circus Barker 5: The greatest collection in the entire world. Dumbo! If they laugh when he jumps 20 feet, they'll laugh twice as hard if he jumps 40 feet. ), "Every time his funny little whistle sounds,", (Casey blows his whistle with two short toots. Well, tell me. Barker's circus tent, night.].

Whee! Then cut it down. All right. Instrumental music like that of Carl Stalling can provide insight into how to vocally punch-up your talk. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

"And the mighty thunder crash!" Always be closing! Boy, are they in for a surprise. Uh, don't go away feelin' like that. Now, let me see. The world's mightiest midget mastodon! She simmers on the kettle of a popcorn popper, getting hotter and hotter, and then unexpectedly explodes! Seven jungle giants each one weighing not--. The magic feather! You sweep the cobwebs out of the dusty corners of your mind and you may even get an unexpected creative spark — or simply lift your spirit as you elevate and hone your words. Aw, don't pay no attention to them scarecrows. Which ones need to dance, which ones to crawl? Mm-mm. Rank your talking points and use only the top few. "Where are we here? Your pyramid of elephants are standing in the ring waitin' for a climax.

Even with all this material, I watched from my elevated ticket booth perch as people walked past… and kept walking. The bannerline and the pitch stick. Heave! Got the magic feather? These include many “ly” words, such as really, very, extremely, completely, and absolutely. Mouse: I know how ya feel, Dumbo, but you gotta pull yourself together. I think I can.

Timothy Q. Eat it. Let us take the solemn vow. This has gone far enough! Hone your script down to the essentials. Givin' him the cold shoulder.

Mouse: He jumps from a springboard to a platform. Location where a show stays during its off season, that is, the quarters in the winter. Remember, you've come of a proud race.

Choose adjectives judicially. He walks off the cloud with the bundle and swoops down to the circus train, where he lands on the caboose. ), (The next morning, the circus is packing up to get on the road, as Casey Jr., a 2-4-0 steam tender engine, hauling a yellow coach (carrying the clowns and other circus performers), a flatcar with a calliope organ and a various circus wagon, another flatcar (carrying two other various circus wagons), an orange stock car (carrying the elephants), a blue stock car (carrying animals like monkeys, horses, zebras, and camels), another flatcar (carrying the tent and its supports), a light blue stock car (carrying the giraffes [whose heads are clearly sticking through the roof]), one more flatcar (carrying two more wagons), a pink stock car (carrying predators like hyenas, apes, bears, lions, and tigers), a light green stock (carrying animals like ostriches, seals, hippos and kangaroos), a green coach (carrying the circus workmen), and a red caboose numbered 2 (carrying the ringmaster), blows his whistle as a last-minute warning. Circus Barker 6: And the greatest comedies … Matriarch: After all, one mustn't forget one is a lady. I blow the whistle.

no warm, soft, caressin' trunk to snuzzle into.

), Casey Jr.: "I think I can. Well, but we's all fixin' to help you. Maybe, he's got his eye on you!

The big banner-lined sideshows of yore are fading away, but skilled talkers can still be found on TV infomercials. When you get to the top, take a trip down our massive slide, and dive into the ball pit below! Timothy Q. Wise Words from the Carnival Barker! Oh! "Sign here, please."

You boys is okay. "Which one of you ladies is expecting? Step aside, brother. The more you find and use your emotive vocabulary, the easier it becomes. The world's only flyin' elephant! Circus Barker Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes Confucius Quotes John F. Kennedy Quotes John Lennon Quotes Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Marilyn Monroe Quotes We're gonna hit the big boss for a raise! Mouse: But I wonder how we ever got up in that tree, anyway.

What you are doing here is learning to emphasize words: stretch them out, squeeze them into imaginary musical containers. They'll have more respect for us clowns now. Effortless design and video. You might want to find The Carl Stalling Project: Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons, 1936–1958; the music here is very emotive. The wild animals in the boardroom can yank away the attention of your coworkers. Price is in US dollars. Oh, "what a act" is right. The talker’s pitch evolved to elevate his talk over these other sales tools: the blinking lights, circus flags, etc. Why buy with Envato. Circus Barker 6: And the greatest comedies are featured and assembled for your entertainment. As the laughter dies down, Dumbo snuggles up in his mother's lap, and Mrs. Jumbo wraps his ears around Dumbo and then rocks him to sleep. Timothy Q. His disgrace is our own shame. Timothy Q. Writer credit formerly "Klaus Nordling".

Come on.

Fifteen minutes! Your inspiration.

Now, look.

So, look out for Mr. Stork, and let me tell you, friend: Don't try to get away; he'll find you in the end, he'll spot you out in China, or he'll fly to County Cork. Timothy Q. ), (At last, the baling ring raises the tent canvas into place. "Ah, watch it there." I've got it!

Uh-huh. Other!

Perfect for carnival, circus or amusement park background sound.

Look at the script of your words and pretend to assign a musical phrase to each one.

Ya know, your ma ain't crazy.

Aw, gee, Dumbo. ), Giddy: "Oh, he is a darling little baby.

What inspiration can you find for your own pitch?

Get your flyin' speed! What's fryin', boy? Matriarch: Don't forget that we elephants have always walked with dignity. Good.

Ringmaster: Hey, you! Dumbo. Click-click-clack-clacking rollercoasters climbing and falling with screaming riders. A simple tactic is to actually practice singing your talk, perhaps to the current song on the radio. ), (Mrs. Jumbo sees a pin suspending the door to the elephants' corral and removes, slamming the door on them to get them to shut up. Boy, I can't get over the way we rolled 'em in the aisles. It'll make you dizzy.