Experience the joy of having a chinchilla... Montclair California Pets ... We're looking for a stud of the same breed for our Chinchilla Persian cat in Northern California. The adoption fee is $85.00 per chinchilla. Excluding a cage, other costs necessary to provide a quality home will include: 15" exercise wheel ($120); Oxbow Chinchilla Deluxe pellets, ($5 per month); hay:($10 month); rose hips, $10 (for 600- we give 1 per day); dust, ($6/month); wood chew sticks, ($15 for 2-4 months); wire carrier, ($35). While young teenagers may initially purchase most chinchillas, the result is rarely favorable for the chin.

Sign in. **It needs to be understood that the family will be responsible and will provide a forever home for the chinchilla.

Please contact advertiser for full details and further information. Chinchillas are social animals who naturally live in herds of up to 100 animals and who enjoy burrowing, climbing, and playing. by lduncan - Viewed as commodities, the chinchillas were denied veterinary care, even for emergencies. They are all very small. Chinchillas naturally live in herds of up to 100 animals, but most of the chinchillas at Valley View were confined alone and kept isolated. We do not ship or deliver animals. They are all very small. Available Chinchillas

Please be patient with replies because we are a small group of volunteers.

White, Standard, Beige, Sapphire, Violet and Ebony.

After learning that a chinchilla breeder was planning on electrocuting hundreds of animals if she couldn’t sell her business, PETA—with the help of patron Sam Simon—stepped in to save every single animal.

It is our goal to place every fostered chinchilla into a loving and educated home.

I'm Beatrice & I have awesomely soft gray fur.'

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Our goal is to help pet chinchilla owners avoid the tragedy of dumping, kill shelters, and th e dangers of “Free to Good Home.”. Sep 28, 2019, Found 20 "Chinchillas" Pets and Animals ads from California, US. by kelsluvs -

(8,766.2 km) She is very floppy when held, with a hilarious dramatic streak when she is told not to do something (think head thrown ba... Hi there, my name is Dodger! Beautiful CFA Chinchilla Silver Persian Kitten Available to go forever home in November! We have 50+ chinchillas in need of forever homes. If no answer, please leave name, phone number and e-mail.

I have an abundance of energy, I love to play with my toys, and I am an avid climber. The facility masqueraded as a breeder of “pets,” despite slaughtering, skinning, and selling the pelts of any chinchillas who supposedly did not “work out” as companions, even going as far as to hide its involvement in the fur industry from the public. If no answer, please leave name, phone number and e-mail. WARNING.....!!!!!!!!!!

Also, with a great amount of help from the chin community, we found forever and foster homes for the 70+ rescued Arlington (US Global Exotics) Chinchillas in Feb 2010 (see website Rescue page and see Facebook Photo Album"Arlington Chinchilla Rescue"). The entire amount of the adoption fee is put into the rescue's funds and used towards the care of the chinchillas. I was born.

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$100 each. All of the chinchillas we rescue have a permanent home here until we can find them a compatible forever home. Disclaimer: Chins are exotic animals and they have special needs that must be met (air conditioning, pure water, diet). We are small group of volunteers located in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find alerts you have subscribed for in your account. He has been raised with love and from parents that have excellent personalities. by levadaland - - This website is operated by Azandt Media Ltd, UK company number 11728390. (8,807.1 km)

You have entered email address in incorrect format or you did not entered email address. Looking, Wilber  "Wilbur got her name because she was the smallest of the litter, but has since earned it.

Newly listed Lower price first Higher price first. He will come with a vet passport with all vaccination, veterinary certification of perfect health... Considerations Before Adopting -

Her shelter name, Béatrice, comes from the Latin Beatrix, which means 'she who makes happy'.

Along with the chinchilla, we provide a house, wood tunnel, hay bin, hammock, cuddle buddy, chill pad(s), water bottle, food bowl, and toys - everything that is theirs. Copyright © 2003-2020 and California Chinchillas.

t is our goal to place every fostered chinchilla into a loving and educated home. by levadaland -

Our chinchillas are available from foster homes in the New Orleans area. I was born. Jul 22, 2020, We are expecting kittens from Umi and Solomon in July 2020.

E-Mail with **If your teenager wants a chinchilla, it needs to be a family decision. We are located in the metro New Orleans area. The rescued chinchillas have been transported to the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, where they will finally have the opportunity to experience companionship and be given veterinary care, proper shelter, and room to run, climb, play, and burrow.

0 0. A female chinchilla explores her new temporary home. - Call for availability. Their diets are adjusted to ensure optimum nutrition and their emotional needs are assessed. They're all VERY friendly and playful and healthy. By signing my name, I pledge to buy only cruelty-free clothing and to avoid fur. We will have more chins to list in the next few weeks.

Don't let my very small size fool you, I have a big personality!

If you are in Southern California, please check our list of rescues for contacts nearer you. Find Zen, Chinchilla For Adoption In Fountain Valley, California on pet search engine Get-Pet Com or rehome your pet for free. If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, please do your research. We sell what we use.

We provide a healthy, loving home for unwanted and neglected chinchillas with permanent housing in our rescue and through adoptions. It reflects your commitment to the chinchilla as well as to the rescue by keeping open communication and our availability and support to you for the life time of the chinchilla. All decked out, Maya is a fun loving spunky girl who is always up, 'Hey, down here!

I am very curious and inq... Will was born here at the shelter, along with his 5 siblings, and is now 7 weeks old.

This list of volunteers allows you to find someone near you who is familiar with chinnies to possibly take in rescues or provide you with a chinchilla … Sponsored by: YOUR LOGO.

Below are only a few of the chinchillas currently in need of new homes.

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And this darling most definitely make you happy!

After learning about the cruel chinchilla breeding and fur industry, I want to help end cruelty to animals by pledging to go fur-free.

Please, be careful when you are buying kitten online. Humane Society Of Valdosta/lowndes County Inc.

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Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Chinchilla. These are the products we use and all proceeds go to the rescue. Used for breeding but very tame. Our chinchillas have been placed in the New Orleans - Baton Rouge - Lafayette area as well as in Lubbock, DFW, Greater Houston, Little Rock, OK City, Monroe, Memphis, Jackson, Hattiesburg, Birmingham, Mobile, Atlanta, Buffalo (NY) and the Florida panhandle. Chinchilla adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Chinchilla a second chance and caring environment. Chinchillas are active animals who love to climb, burrow, and play.

Rehome a pet Add. by kisschinnies - We offer good prices, guaranteed satisfaction and Priority Mail shipping. with all questions answered, must be received.

To make an appointment to visit the chinchillas available for adoption or to get more information about any of our chinchillas, call (805) CHINS-88. 10-15 minutes from...

Folsom, California [United States] -

Another factor is that while undeniably cute, chinchillas are not cuddly. ), always contact them FIRST if you need to give up your pet, some pet breeders even include this stipulation in their adoption contracts. It is not something their friends can play with, nor can it be taken to school or even outside without substantial risks.