Picking the best Chess Rush build is crucial if you want to win games and finish in the top 3 places in order to rank up during ranked games.

If you are getting a lot of druid at the starting of the game, you can use them as tanks because of druid unique perk. From these events, you can also get gold vouchers which are used to participate in the casual matches.

Smashes the ground to deal 450/600/750 true damage to enemies within 2 grids. 4. So we suggest you save as many coins as you can during the early game so that in later stages you can easily upgrade and re-roll heroes. Hero Name : Totemface | Class : Sorcerer| Power : Body Swap. Also Deal true damage equal to 5-7-9 percent of their max health every second. Wokong is known for his Whirlwind. Beating late game comps also require some RNG from using Human passive. Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel Game Review | Worth to Play? But In every player’s mind, One question always rises that Is Upgrade Each Heroes or Use Each hero in Game in Best or No? You need to buy heroes with the gold provided to you each round.

Fires a magic orb infused with natural energy. Chess Rush : Beginner Guide, Tips and Win Match, Chess Rush : All About Gurru | How To Use Gurru. Hero Name : The Dark Mage | Class : Sorcerer | Power : Nightmare Blast. 3. For example, let assume a 1 coin hero can only have a limit of 45, so all 8 players can only buy that hero till the limit is reached. We are not providing a tier list for the heroes, as in auto chess games tier list of heroes doesn’t matter that much. Chess Rush is the best strategy battler for mobile. General Puffer Fires jets of water a 2 random enemies and dealing 150/225/300 damage and reducing target’s armor by 75/150/225 for 20 sec. Hero Name : Steel Fist| Class : Engineer| Power : Lava Blast, Fires a lava blast at a random enemy within 2 grids every 0.7s for 5s, dealing 150/225/300 magic damage and stunning the target for 0.75s, Hero Name : Ground Smasher | Class : Hunter | Power : Judgment. Below I am providing some the combo of classes that you form during gameplay. The rewards are mostly EXP, gold coins and activity points. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE.

Pros : Can compete with Riders if you position correctly. Sprays venom on a random enemy, dealing 450/750/1050 magic damage every second and reducing the target's attack speed by 40/60/80 for 5s. I Became A Dog 2 All In Game Hints Without Spoiler To Enjoy The Game, Cyber Hunter: Extreme Parkour Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy. After taking lethal damage, charges towards the nearest enemy and deals 400/600/800 magic damage to all targets within I grid, stunning them for 0.5s. Are All Heroes are Powerful or No? If you love rider then Templar Knight is very useful to you. From there you can change to the positions of your heroes. Note: Jelly is the most OP hero in this game that can turn into any hero. There are so many heroes are in Chess Rush. If your team comprises of heavy physical damage heroes but don’t have much attack speed, try the goblin class with only 4 heroes, all your allies with gain a huge attack speed. You can use these gold to buy boards and commander from the shop located at the top left corner of the screen. Combine the favorite aspects of Chess Rush and the holidays and submit your own special creation.

Gains 10 attack damage for every unit killed in battle Dragon Jelly Stacks up to 6/8/10 times.

Summons a flower spirit with 150/210/270 attack damage and 1500/2100/2700 HP. The flying dagger from each attack will bounce between enemies within 4 grids up to 3/5/7 times after it hits an enemy. ], Do not go for 4 warlocks. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. Bangar has ability to attract attention of enemies within one grid and force them to attack him. Must position your well, requires more game knowledge. Hero Name : Marshlord| Class : Warlock| Power : Incubate. You can also re-roll the heroes by spending 2 gold. As auto chess is the new trend nowadays after the mobile release of the custom game mod of Dota 2. We are not providing a tier list for the heroes, as in auto chess games tier list of heroes doesn’t matter that much. I want you to add heroes mana cost and some pics are missing. 3.4k.

Hero Name : Starhorn| Class : Sorcerer| Power : Meditation. You can check about each hero and their class by tapping on the book icon at the bottom left corner of the game screen. Chess Rush : All About Gurru | How To Use Gurru, Mobile Legends Adventure : Reroll Guide & Reroll Heroes Tier. Really aim to get Dragoon and Templar since the 2/6 rider bonus was just buffed, but they’re not required. There are many team compositions out there and picking the strongest ones might be hard, especially for beginners. Grants the ally with lowest health a shield that absorbs up to 300/450/600 damage. The frogling is immune to enemy abilities and has 250/400/450 attack damage and 400/700/1000 HP. These heroes are help to get victory in game. You can upgrade your commander by tapping on the blue crystal at the bottom left corner of the game screen. Auto Chess is an online multiplayer chess game that can be played between eight players. Participating in these matches require some fee and you can win a huge amount of gold. To upgrade a hero to level 3, you need to have 9 similar heroes, so only 5 players can upgrade that hero to level 3. With extra 10+ crystals, you can easily upgrade your commander and buy more heroes and upgrade them.

American Dad! We hope well, This Tier list of Chess Rush Definelrty helps you to get a better understanding of heroes and power of them. Pros : Can compete with Riders if you position correctly. If you have played auto chess games in the past, you won’t have any problem in quickly adapting to Chess Rush. Each blades deals 210/330/450 physical damage to enemies on it's path.

Gears Pop Review : Is Microsoft need little improvement in Game? Try out different formation in the match and then choose the most suitable one. This will improve your chess board and you will be able to win more and more games. Always aim to upgrade a hero to 3 stars as early as possible. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Hero Name : Void Doom | Class : Warlock | Power : Void Meteor. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The different game modes are: Classic Mode- It is the default mode of any auto chess game in which you will start the game with 100 HP. State of Survival Guide : Tips, Guide, Weapons, Heroes, Tom and jerry chase Out Globally: Check out an overview of game - OP Mobile Gamer.

Hero Name : Gurru | Class : Jelly| Power : I am Gurru, Hero Name : Hog Rider| Class : Hunter | Power : Charge. Ultimately want to run Misfortune or Void: Doom as they have strongest comps in the game. Casts a shadow pulse that deals 300/450/600 magic damage to enemies within 3 grids and heals allies (including herself) for 300/450/600. The difficult part is to learn about all the heroes and their class/ roles. Make sure to always have 1-2 tanks at the front, no matter whichever class you are playing. There are various different game modes available which are classic, turbo mode, and you can even make custom lobby to play with your friends. A hero will be available in the shop for only a certain number.

But Without any basic information of heroes, You could not win the battle.So here are List of All Heroes available in Chess Rush game. Marsh Lord summons a frogling whose attacks reduce the target's attack speed by 30%. | Knighthood Review. if you start the game with either of the 2 star warlocks. Best Low MB Games For Android Mobile | Updated List 2020, Is knighthood support Reroll?

| Knighthood Review. If your opponent has a lot of assassins, you need to place a tank at the bottom of the board, as assassins jump to your backline to kill your mage and DPS heroes quicklyeval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'wannabegamerz_com-banner-1','ezslot_1',118,'0','0'])); You should play warlock if you all your allies need to have lifesteal, extra lifesteal will turn into a shield that absorbs damage. stunned for 3s and take 400/550/700 magic damage. What about the tier? There are so many combos and heroes are available in Chess Rush Game. But after get level 2, it give work amazing. Hero Name : Wukong | Class : Warrior | Power : Whirlwind.

Create your elite formation from a roster of 50+ heroes and compete against 7 other players to become the king of the board! Apocalypse Soon Game Review : Worth to Download? Creates a field with a maximum radius of 3/4/5 grids that shrinks upon reaching the maximum size The field deals damage to enemies once while expanding and once while shrinking. To select a game mode tap on the icon beside the play button at the bottom right corner of the game screen. Gears Pop Review : Is Microsoft need little improvement in Game? Icetusk deal 300/350/400 percent physical damage to ebnmey within only one grid. Hero Name : Frost Lotus| Class : Sorcerer | Power : Frozen Storm. Upgrading commander adds an extra slot for your heroes in the board. Fires paralyzing venom at a random enemy. Hero Name : Famine| Class : Hunter | Power : Soul Siphon. 3/6 Sorcerers work pretty well for this comp but aren’t needed at all. Turbo Mode- You start the game with 60HP, you get double EXP and mana crystals after each round. In this post of Chess Rush, we will show you how to play auto chess games, tips, strategy to win matches, how to play these games on pc, hero tier list and much more.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'wannabegamerz_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_18',117,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'wannabegamerz_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_19',117,'0','1'])); Auto Chess games are quite simple if you understand to basics of the game. Hero Name : King Of The Sea | Class : Hunter | Power : Fury of Deep Sea. Void Doom is amazing warlock. Demons should always be played with punisher. If no hero is suitable to equip that item, you can manually select a hero and then tap on the tresaure box and select equip the item. Apocalypse Soon Game Review : Worth to Download? We are going to give some insight upon all the classes to form better synergy and dominate your enemies. Hero Name : Werewolf| Class : Warrior | Power : Transformation. The orb move forward for 7 grids and deals 300/400/500 magic damage to enemies in its path as well as recovers allies's health by 150/200/250. Creates a storm at the feet of a random enemy, dealing 250/425/600 magic damage per second to all enemies within 4 grids and slowing them by 40% for 3s. Rule 2. Rule 3.

Created Jun 21, 2019. r/ChessRush Rules. Hero Name : Firefur| Class : Hunter| Power : Whirling Blades. There you can select various lineup and formation that suits your gameplay style.

The highest interest for crystals is 5 in this game and for that, you need to save 50 mana crystals through which you buy heroes. You can also select a hero manually and drag them to change their placement. 2. Fires jets of water at 2 random enemies, dealing 150/225/300 magic damage and reducing the targets' armor by 75/150/225 for 20s. Once the maximum limit reaches for a hero, you won’t be able to buy more. Every player will have his own character in the game which has health points and gold. Transforms into a wolf, increasing maximum health by 20%/30% /40% Also summons I wolf spirit with 300/400/550 attack damage and 2000/3000/4500 health to fight enemies.