FlyRadius is focused on increasing access to information about the aviation industry. Detailed information on the overall specifications and dimensions for the Citation M2 can be found below. Oil Capacity (usable): Tank on each engine: 3.4 quarts usable for each engine. Our team has gathered the specifications from various resources, which includes infrormation from the aircraft's type certificate (FAA) and published information from Cessna and Textron Aviation. Aircraft manuals and publications required for any reason other than historical or research purposes should be obtained from the original equipment manufacturer. [6] X-Plane 11: Read Online (Full PDFs also available in German, French, and Spanish, or a Japanese or Chinese Quick Start guide.) Manuals and User Guides for Cessna CITATION MUSTANG. Learn more and contact David here. Sea level to 30,500 feet (FL305): 263 KIAS (260 KCAS), Mmo above 30,500 feet: 0.71 Mach (0.70 Mach calibrated airspeed). Ask David, our Strategy/Research Analyst, for help. [5], Its FJ44 has a 16:1 overall pressure ratio, its wing area is 240 sq ft (22 m2) and it can cruise at Mach 0.7 (413 kn; 764 km/h). Do you have a question about an aviation topic or need help with something aviation related? Above Cessna Citation M2 Dimensions photo by Cessna. Operational Evaluation Board Report Cessna Citation 525C (CJ4) 22 Oct 2010 OSD FC Original Replaces and incorporates the OEB reports for the Cessna 525 (CJ, CJ1, CJ2, CJ1+, CJ2+, CJ3) and for the Cessna 525 (CJ4).

Here on our website, you can learn more about aircraft, airlines, travel, and aviation in general. The Williams FJ44 has a 2.58:1 bypass ratio.

Maximum Operating Altitude / Service Ceiling: 41,000 feet (FL410). 8 passengers max, with 2 pilots and 6 passengers. Modified by FlyRadius. 15 degrees (takeoff & approach): 200 KIAS (198 KCAS), 35 degrees (landing): 161 KIAS (160 KCAS). Designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize the resale value of your aircraft, our ProAdvantage programs allow you to accurately budget for your maintenance costs and save with long-term price protection. As of June 2017, 2,000 of all variants have been delivered with five million hours flown.[2]. Powered by two 1,900 lbf (8.5 kN) Williams FJ44s, the 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) aircraft has a trailing link undercarriage for smooth landings and can be flown by a single pilot. Changelog [v1.0] - 2016-07-27. Addition of the Cessna 525 M2 operational suitability data. The basic model was updated with the CJ/CJ1/M2 names, it was stretched in the CJ2/CJ2+ delivered since 2000, then further in the CJ3/CJ3+ delivered from December 2004 and finally in the CJ4 delivered since 2010. The six-seat CitationJet is a cantilever monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear and a pressurized cabin. Cessna launched the $2.4 million model 525 CitationJet at the October 1989 NBAA convention in Atlanta, estimating a demand for 1,000 aircraft over ten years. Landing Runway Length: 2,590 feet or 789 meters (Maximum Landing Weight, Sea Level and ISA from Part 25) . David and the FlyRadius team can help with your questions. revisions. Cessna Citation M2 Specifications - Maximum Weights: Cessna Citation M2 Specifications - Airfield / Airport Performance: Range: 1,300 nautical miles, 2,408 kilometers or 1,496 miles (NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm alternate, Maximum Takeoff Weight, Full Fuel, Optimal Climband Descent and Maximum Cruise Thrust at 41,000 feet) (+- 4 percent). , Tools user manuals, operating guides & specifications ADDED auto installer (FSX Cessna Citation 500-Setup.exe ) for installation into FSX, FSX:SE, P3D (all versions). Certified in the United States under 14 CFR Part 23 effective February 1, 1965, as amended by Amendments 23-1 through 23-and 23-40; except paragraphs applicable for Engines and FADECs. 60 degrees (ground flaps): Do not use while in flight. Climb Performance: 25 minutes to 41,000 feet or 12,497 meters (Maximum Takeoff Weight, Sea Level and ISA). Composite materials save weight in non-load-bearing components including fairings and the nose radome.

Flying the Cessna Caravan with Kris. Aircraft serial numbers 525-800 and up are Cessna Citation M2 jets. Flying the Cessna 208 to Aurora, Illinois; Citation XL Takeoff at FT Myers and Avoiding Thunder Storms; Citation Excel Flight to Fort Myers; Flying Two different Cessna Private Jets in Two Days, The Citation M2 and Ciation XLS; Archives. Used under the fair use provision.

Reference herein to any specific commercial products by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, is not meant to imply or suggest any endorsement by, or affiliation with that manufacturer or supplier. Launched in October 1989, its first flight was on April 29, 1991, FAA certification was awarded on October 16, 1992, first delivery happened on March 30, 1993, and by June 2017, 2,000 of all variants have been delivered. The Citation M2 is certified as the Cessna 525 or C525, which is the Cessna Citation CJ1's model name. [5], Its first flight was on April 29, 1991, FAA certification was awarded on October 16, 1992, and first delivery happened on March 30, 1993. Our team has gathered the specifications from various resources, which includes infrormation from the aircraft's type certificate (FAA) and published information from Cessna … We have 1 Cessna CITATION MUSTANG manual available for free PDF download: Operating Manual Cessna CITATION MUSTANG Operating Manual (13 pages) CITATION MUSTANG OPERATING MANUAL INTRODUCTION This chapter describes the flight controls of the Cessna Model 510 Citation Mustang. KCAS: Knots calibrated airspeed.

The Mega Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry and What Can be Done, Airlines Request Bailout - What Can Be Done, R&D Airlines - A Way for Airlines to Find New Routes, Cessna Citation M2 Specifications - Dimensions, Cessna Citation M2 Type Rating - Training, Cessna Citation M2 Avionics - Garmin G3000. Its structure is a conventional ladder with chord-wise ribs over front and rear spars, and an aft sub spar to support the landing gear. The jet uses the Citation II's forward fuselage, a new carry-through section, a new laminar flow, supercritical wing developed with NASA and Boeing, and a T-tail.