I think it’s all in people’s heads when they say the 152 is so much smaller than the 172. So, “big” difference? Pictures of great freighter aircraft, Government Aircraft GO GET YOUR LICENSE AND GO FLYING! In my experience, it's a lot easier to find a 172 for rental than a 150/152. report . I also did my private in a 152 in controlled airpace and if i had to give you an opinion I would tell you to finish your training on the 152 and then you can get a check out on the 172 that same day. Is it okay to ask a DPE for references (previous checkride students)? It is more forgiving and a bit easier to fly than the 172 because of weight and speed.

Pro has an impressive fleet of 20 modern aircraft from the Cessna 152 to Cessna 172, G1000 equipped Cirrus SR-20 to IFR certified Duchess twin, plus two RedBird Full Motion IFR Simulators. the 182 was even more advanced and even more powerful. I am 220lbs and wide shoulders . Professional Pilot Ground School (Online Live Session), Professional Pilot Ground School (Afternoon Session), Professional Pilot Ground School (Saturday Sessions). However, they are a very simple and easy aeroplane to fly, they are also a very forgiving aircraft, and if you feel comfortable in it, I would definitely recommend starting in the 152, you will also save money in them, even if its only 20 bucks an hour after 35hours of flying that add up to about 700 bucks.

Learning to fly...again, and in a 172. But as said before you need to check it out for your needs. Hope this helps, im is the same situation now . You be the judge. So Im assuming youll land up doing 1/3rd in a 152 & rest in a 172 if the 172 is what you ultimately want to site your flight test in. It's all a pilot can do to get them to spin in the first place - they have a tendency to enter into a spiral.

Plus I'm not so crammed in with my instructor and my knees don't almost touch the instrument panel either. (I’m only 5’6″ and it seems pretty snug…), C-152: seat is bolted to the floor. They are easier to handle for a private student. C-152: The instrument panel holds 2 rows of instruments. Our sincere thanks to pilots such as yourself who support AskACFI while helping themselves by using the awesome, Jet Descending and Ascending procedure using Autopilot, Accelerating in Ground Effect after Takeoff, Fixed wing simulator for Helicopter Instrument Rating. I still regularly hire a 152 just because they're so much fun. Other than the upgraded avionic and size difference, are there any other major differences? * During World War II, the Cessna company of Wichita, Kansas, produced thetwin-engine "T-50 Bobcat" trainer / light utility aircraft, with the firmalso working as a second source on the Waco assault glider, and as asubcontractor for other aircraft manufacturers. And yes dead right, there is no substitute to just going out there & flying more. I like and fly both, and I can tell you without any hesitation that a C172 has more elbow room (and head room and luggage room and instrument panel room and…) than a C152.

The 172 will usually be light with just you and your instructor, and it has a huge wing. Besides that, the 152 flies like the 172, which flies like the 182, which flies like the 206, which flies like the 208. level 2

Handles well, and the fact that there's an aerobatic version speaks volumes. Hey thats great thanks for letting me know that this was helpful. It is much more comfortable and the added weight and size make it easier to fly. Together with an exceptional safety record, the C-152 offers an excellent training environment. Please do share your thoughts too. Actually, I flew a C-152 all summer long in the Salt Lake City area, which is definitely a "high density altitude" venue (4497' MSL, field elevation, if you must know). I fly a friends 152 for fun and although it sips gas, it takes a while to get to your destination with a headwind. I think a 152 is a better aircraft to learn on. Once you get your private and fly a 182, you will not want to fly the 172 anymore. 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0.

How dare you speak that way about the 206! The C152 has fuel on/off, while you can select a specific tank in a C172 (or both or off). So you will have two nav and com radios in a C172 while nearly every C152 I've flown just had one com/nav radio. Yes that's valid point. If you’re looking to purchase a used 2006 Cessna 172 Skyhawk SP you will be investing around $199,500. the 152, is one of the original models.