The band currently consists of Wolf (vocals, guitar), Rickard Göransson (guitar), Johan Carlsson (keyboards) and Peter Carlsson (drums). So Chad labored on and continued to refine his songwriting skills. No lie, on the very day I quit my day job, when I had no idea what I would do next, Max called at midnight and said, 'I just listened to one of your songs. Carolina Liar is available for public concerts and events. Carolina Liar has performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen show. A career in music, it would seem, was calling.So at 22, Chad grabbed his guitar, boarded a plane for the very first time and moved to Los Angeles. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. I brought it to my third grade class for show and tell. The story may seem far-fetched, some might even say too good to be true, but somewhere between accolades and accusations is honesty, which, ironically, is what Carolina Liar is all about.Chad's musical aspirations started innocently enough.

Chad Wolf Erik Haager Jim Almgren Gandara Johan Carlsson Max Grahn Rickard Göransson . The band is best known for the songs "I'm Not Over", and "Show Me What I'm Looking For" from their 2008 major label debut album Coming to Terms, produced by Swedish producer Max Martin. You have no power over it, so you have to learn to just deal with it. Carolina Liar is a Swedish-American alternative rock band.

But the day came when he decided that it was now or never and as fate would have it, a phone call that very night would mean things were going to happen a lot faster than he ever imagined. "Show Me What I’m Looking for" will also be featured in promo spots for WEtv’s The Locator. the acquisition of Carolina Liar for international dates and newer promoters The other: disbelief. Would you like to have Carolina Liar perform at your next corporate event, party or concert? From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, "Carolina Liar Album & Song Chart History -, "Carolina Liar Album & Song Chart History - Rock Albums", "Carolina Liar Album & Song Chart History - Heatseekers Albums", "Carolina Liar Album & Song Chart History - Alternative Songs", "Carolina Liar Album & Song Chart History - Adult Pop Songs", " - Australian charts portal", " - Danish charts portal", Carolina Liar on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, About Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core, Chad Wolf - lead vocals, guitar (2007-present), Rickard Göransson - guitar (2007-present), Johan Carlsson - keyboards (2007–present).

Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Something to Die For has a similar resonance, with Chad posing a question: You know what you're living for, but what is it you'll die for? If you can write three more as good as this one, maybe we can work something out.' The rollicking California Bound contains all the wide-eyed anticipation of life as a Hollywood transplant while the albums title track took on a more personal significance. We research to make sure this is the most accurate information available. It's that combination of desperation and hope that's at the core of Carolina Liar's music, from the unapologetic All That Shit Is Gone to the soaring debut single, I'm Not Over. One involves praise for his songwriting skills, which seem to effortlessly tow the line between infectious pop music and a deeper, darker rock discourse. It was a prolific time, but not without its challenges. Find Carolina Liar bio, music, credits, awards, ... Group Members.

is available for public concerts and events. The band is best known for the songs "I'm Not Over" and "Show Me What I'm Looking For" from their 2008 major label debut album Coming to Terms, produced by Swedish producers Max Martin and Tobias Karlsson. Weeks in the studio found Chad and Max bonding over vintage guitars, A-Ha's overlooked second album and the latest from Robyn, Devendra Banhart and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. To make ends meet, he held a string of odd jobs  working as an extra on a Celine Dion video, cleaning toilets in exchange for studio time  and eventually landed an internship with renowned songwriter Diane Warren. Carolina Liar can be booked for private events and Carolina Liar can be booked for corporate events and meetings through this Carolina Liar booking page. On March 3, 2009, the single "Show Me What I'm Looking For" was featured on the iTunes Store as the Free Single of the Week. Band members Current members. 'Coming to Terms' came from thinking about losing my job, having a relationship go sour, and the anticipation of knowing that your life is going to change, he says. meetings through this Carolina Liar booking page.

In spring of 2014 an instrumental version of"Show Me What I’m Looking For" was used in an advertising campaign for Swinton Insurance. Every day when the sun came up, it was constant anxiety  something he couldn't deal with, yet here it comes every morning. But it also came from the realization that the past isn't going to change. But now that he has the platform and support, Chad is giving Carolina Liar his all. Band members include; Singer/Guitarist Chad Wolfe, Guitarist Rickard Göransson, and Jim Almgren Gandara. Upon receipt of the information included in the Consultation & Artist Info Package, Buyer agrees that ERG has fulfilled its obligations under this agreement and releases ERG from any and all liability to the maximum extent allowed by law, and will indemnify and hold harmless ERG, its directors, officers, employees, and agents, from and against any and all claims arising from this agreement and subsequent event including but not limited to all third party claims, losses, damages, suits, fees, judgments, costs and expenses (collectively referred to as 'Claims'), including attorneys' fees incurred in responding to such Claims, that the parties may suffer or incur arising out of or in connection with (a) a party’s negligence, willful misconduct, or breach of any representation, warranty, or other obligation under this Agreement, or (b) any personal injury (including death) or damage to property resulting from a party or its agents' acts or omissions and standard force majeure.