Free shipping for many products! In fact, we might credit Arnold Palmer – among other things, the inventor of a popular lemonade/ice tea summer drink – for bringing us the motorized golf cart in any shape or form, simply because it was the great golfer’s gift to legions of fans to introduce them to the game, thereby putting pressure on the sport to find an innovative gadget to help golfers tote their equipment around. 1 seller of electric golf carts in the world. In 1993, Club Car replaced the plastic and fiberglass bodies with Armorflex which was a thicker and more durable material.

The Carryall line, as it is called, was launched in 1985, a year after it began offering a 4-cycle gasoline engine to power its golf carts. From that point until 1993, few changes were made and only minor changes were made that year in terms of design. The headlines were now a continuous panel of lights loaded down low in front, as opposed to the recessed two-headlight system of spit headlines, like a most cars have. Clear Creek Carts is your local source to buy a new golf cart, get your used cart repair or accessorized, have your battery reconditioned and more. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Push-Pull Golf Carts. But that intention backfired, as golfers didn’t know how to pronounce the French word for carriage and many ended up saying something like “car roach,” which soon morphed into “cockroach.” As such, that name was quickly abandoned. But golf relies on a battery of woods and irons, plus tees, balls, towels, brushes, scorecards, pencils and a few miniature entrenching tools packed all into a heavy bag and hauled around a 6,000 yard course. Password: Register: Golf Cart Pics: Site Sponsors: Members List: Calendar: Mark Forums Read : Golf Carts and Parts *No Commercial Ads Thread Tools: Display Modes: 05-06-2017, 02:23 PM …

Molded plastic triangular-shaped armrests, The serial number is located on a sticker behind the accelerator pedal mounted to the frame, In 2005, the FE290 engine output increased to 9.5 horsepower (7.1 kW) and  the 351 cc FE350 went from 11 horsepower (8.2 kW) to 11.5 horsepower (8.6 kW), Molded plastic rear roof supports for water drainage, Club Car Serial Number located on a sticker inside the passenger side glove compartment or just under the passenger side glove compartment on the kick panel. Brakes, help. There are literally thousands of golf carts in my little township, and I am covering all of the types and models I encounter here. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service, products and an understanding or our customers priorities and needs. The Club Car company in particular started production in Houston, Texas in 1958 , incorporated as Landreath Machine. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. The gas-powered golf carts used the Kawasaki KF82/FZ340 Flat Head Engine @ 9 1/2 Horse Power (Counter Clockwise Turn), In 1992, the gas engine changed to a Kawasaki FE290 OHV Engine @ 9 Horse Power (Counter Clockwise Turn), In mid-1996, the engine changed to a Clockwise Turn. It was also the year in which the U.S. Open was broadcast nationally on television for the first time. In addition, the roof itself was molded differently. Sometime in the 1990s it also overtook E-Z-GO as the No. The two letters at the beginning of the serial number indicate the vehicle model. Club Car Golf Carts are now part of Ingersoll Rand Corporation.

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost? Should Some Players Be Allowed to Use Golf Carts in PGA Tournaments? You need one bat in baseball and one racquet for tennis and you don’t have to travel that far to use them.

Something went wrong. One report notes that the original name for the 1962 to 1974 model was a bit of a disaster. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved, Best Golf Cart Heaters – 8 Top Picks For My Cart, Golf Cart Enclosures – Best Choices For Cover Ups, Top 12 Best Golf Cart Speedometers – Complete Guide, B=CHASSIS ONLY ELMCO ELECTRIC (Electronic Controller), BB=CHASSIS ONLY STREET ROD ELECTRIC (Electronic Controller), BA=CHASSIS ONLY INDIO ELECTRIC (Electronic Controller), BC=CHASSIS ONLY ULTRA ELECTRIC (Electronic Controller), N=Transporter, Transsender, Carryall VI Electric (Electronic Controller), NG=Transporter, Transsender, Carryall VI Gas, PA=1PASS (Produced by SoloRider, Model 32), C=Electric Industrial Vehicle, Two Places with Cargo Bed Carryall with Plastic Box, CG=Gas Industrial Vehicle, Two Places with Cargo Bed Carryall with Plastic Box, D=Four Passenger Electric (Fairway Villager) (Electronic Controller), DG=Four Passenger Gas (also known as Fairway Villager) #1013081 IPL, R=Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller) Same as ‘S’, DS=102474001 – 48V DS POWER DRIVE SERIES LC, E=Carryall 2 Electric (Electronic Controller), EA=Carryall 2 Electric Industrial Truck (CE), FA=Carryall 1 Electric Industrial Truck (CE), S=Turf 2 Electric (Electronic Controller), H=Turf 1 Electric (Electronic Controller), J=Transporter and Carryall 6 Electric (Electronic Controller), JA=Carryall 6 Electric Industrial Truck (CE), T=Villager 4 Electric (Electronic Controller), K=Villager 6 Electric (Electronic Controller), L=All Limo Electric (prior to separation be models), LE=Limo II Electric (req by Joy Chaney, will replace LB), LH=Limo II GAS (req by Joy Chaney, will replace LG), M=Villager 8 Electric (Electronic Controller), 2B=REMAN MODEL 2 36V / REMAN GOLF 03 REGEN, 7A RESERVE GOLF CAR 48V 3 YR / RESERVE GOLF CAR IQ 3 YR / SILVER STD 48V GOLF CAR, 4B=REMAN LYNX 36V / REMAN LYNX 02 REGEN / REMAN LYNX 03 REGEN. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Of course, it is still a door-less, open cart for easy access, but one with an engine cowl out front and a below-the-body headlight placement.

It must be said that Club Car is a company that knows a good thing when they see it and the steady production without throwing too many changes at their ready public seems to have worked to their advantage. It used three pedals – an accelerator, a brake and a parking brake – but it didn’t have a steering wheel. The new buggy-style of Carryall has served the company well and may be the most ubiquitous carrier on golf courses around the country, aside from a kid in sneakers, that is. Thru our FAITH and CHARACTER, we take pride in our company and our community. caroche. In 1992, the company switched to a 9 horse power 286cc Kawasaki engine, dropping the older 341 cc side valve engine.

It was less likely to bend and could break in a collision, but it would take a good deal more force to cause harm to it. All Rights Reserved.

The plastic was top-grade, durable and flexible, allowing it to withstand most moderate dings and clunks should they occur. (VIDEO) How to Change Your Golf Cart Batteries – A Step by Step Guide, How Club Car Keeps Its Leading Edge – A Q&A with President, Mark Wagner. I have a 1970-1974 club car caroche. Oct 31, 2010 #2 Welcome to the forum. Oct 31, 2010 #1 I have a chance to pickup a carcohe cart. The name “Caroche” is French for “Carriage” but was difficult to pronounce, often referred to as “Car Roach” and was later discarded. It featured a 36-volt electric drive train (six 6-volt batteries.) The most ground-breaking change was in 1975, when the company introduced the four-wheeled buggy configuration (that would be dune buggy, not insect-buggy). The 5th and 6th digits tell me it was the 25th week of production and the trailing numbers are the serial…or 503,802th produced. Find 2020 Golf Cart Prices Here, Now is the Time to Buy a Golf Cart and Ditch the Extra Car in the Garage, Golf Cart Batteries: Your Complete Guide to Electric Golf Cart Batteries. He covered the economy for United Press International for eight years, but his true passion is the game of golf.