THE ITEMS LISTED : THREE (3) TROMBONE MOUTHPIECES OWNED AND USED BY TROMBONIST CARL FONTANA!! Carl Fontana, a jazz trombonist whose effortless-sounding virtuosity became widely known through his tenure with the Woody Herman and Stan Kenton bands, died on Thursday in Las Vegas, where he lived. 2 years ago. In 1966 he joined Woody Herman again for a State Department tour. Carl Charles Fontana (July 18, 1928 - October 9, 2003) was an American jazz trombonist. View all Vandoren Artists.

Denis Wick recalls “I originally designed it for my old German alto trombone, which was made by Lätzsch. This mouthpiece dates back to the late 1920’s and was known as the Clarke Large and originated from Ernest Clarke, the trombonist, brother of Herbert Clarke, the most famous American cornetist of the time. © 2020 A few years later Yamaha in Japan borrowed it from me when I was on tour with the LSO and made a copy which was actually much better - they gave me the copy! share.

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Big band fans will known Fontana through his work with Woody Herman (first with the Third Herd and again in 1966 for a State Department tour) and Stan Kenton (with whom he recorded 11 albums). Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease? After graduating from Louisiana State University, he was hired by Herman for his Third Herd band; at the time, the trombone section included the brothers Urbie and Jack Green. “Could you make me fifteen – twenty?” Old Bill shook his head; “expensive,” he said. Unit 19

Amazingly, it started life as a mouthpiece for the alto trombone. It had been illegal to import foreign instruments, but the Board of Trade lifted this embargo in 1958 and I bought the Lätzsch shortly afterwards. The problem was solved! Mr. Fontana then joined bands led by Lionel Hampton and Hal McIntyre. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? He looked closely at the mouthpiece – “Uno momento!” – and vanished into the back of the shop.

What he did not know, and I had not realized, was that subtle removal of metal from that part of the mouthpiece gave it an additional brilliance, particularly in the high register.

To find out more, see our, New Album from tuba virtuoso Aaron Tindall, Byron Wallen – a new album from this original and innovative Denis Wick Artist. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing?

It is perfect instruments such as the Conn 6H, Bach 12, Yamaha YSL-891Z, King 3B and King 2B. In 1955 he was hired by Kenton, with whom he recorded 11 albums; his plangent playing on ''Fuego Cubano,'' from ''Cuban Fire!'' He was just a good guy who enjoyed life, and enjoyed going through life in a relaxed fashion.” That was Carl Fontana, a genuine person and the trombonist’s trombonist. He'd been on the road solidly for eight years up till then. After working in the big bands of Woody Herman, Lionel Hampton, and Stan Kenton, he devoted most of his career to playing music in Las Vegas. “He definitely did not have a big ego and he did not have a star trip going on. Archived. It also comes in a large-bore fitting, the 6BL, and has variants for euphonium; the 6BM and 6BY which have slightly larger bores with European and very small Japanese fittings respectively. The result is maximum sensitivity and response with clearer overtones and improved range. Leo T. Sullivan Jazz Websites | Non-Profit/Educational Jazz Websites. He grabbed the mouthpiece, put it into his lathe and with a few deft strokes, made the concave outer shape that has become so familiar. Then you’ve got the chance of 25 more models!” I thought this mildly amusing, as this had never occurred to me! Copyright © 2020 Denis Wick Products • All rights reserved. It was inspired by the Vincent Bach 6½AL. The tone quality with the very small mouthpiece supplied with the instrument was terrible! Carl Fontana has lived in Las Vegas for thirty years, originally arriving in town with altosaxist A1 Belletto's sextet in 1958. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. 100% Upvoted. Fontana had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I tried it; the result was sensational! Close. This thread is archived. BH15 4JY Jack also received an Honorable Mention in the ITA’s 2020 JJ Johnson Competition. Trombonist Carl Fontana (pictured), who created the “doodle-tonguing” technique, died October 9 in Las Vegas. In 2005, the Nascar Nationwide Series was known as the Nascar Busch Series.Mark Martin won the first Fontana race on February 26th. Any engineer can copy a thread, so I took one of the least successful of my seven (all slightly different!) John Pettinato ( aka "peppy") who worked in the Bach factory in Mt Vernon, NY and later had his own repair shop in NYC where he made the PHD mouthpieces. Company No.

Designing a mouthpiece for the alto is difficult – the tolerances are much finer than with tenor trombone mouthpieces.

“Having started the trombone revolution in London when we began using the newly available large bore Conn 8H and 88H trombones with my colleagues in the LSO, I was using a small bass trombone mouthpiece, the Vincent Bach 4G. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Carl Fontana is an international name in the jazz world, once called "the trombonist's trombonist." A bit big, isn’t it?”. This was the mouthpiece that was to become the 4AL.”.

He became known as a lyrical, technically brilliant and inventive soloist. View all Denis Wick Artists. Carl Fontana was one of the most talented and innovative trombonists of his generation. Posted by. I proffered my prototype; he looked at it suspiciously: “I thought you said it was for a trombone! in soft playing. As a teenager, he played in the jazz band led by his father, Collie Fontana. Having made certain there was nothing from any manufacturer that would do what I wanted, I began the tedious and slow process of trying to design my own. His fluid style was quite different from the bebop staccato of his great contemporaries, such as J.J. Johnson and Frank Rosolino. After several weeks of careful, painstaking working, we slightly altered the curves in the cup and finally evolved the 6BS. On September 3rd, Carl Edwards won the second race at Fontana. Mr. Fontana invented a technique he called ''doodle-tonguing,'' in which a trombonist creates legato by mouthing ''doodle doodle'' in the mouthpiece. Mr. Fontana was born in Monroe, La. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. The 10CS makes a sweet and rich sound. ; and eight grandchildren. Despite having established himself as one of the most talented and innovative trombonists of his generation, Fontana did not record an album as a leader until the 1985 release of The Great Fontana, in which he leads a quintet featuring longtime associate Al Cohn on tenor sax, Ray Drummond on bass, Richard Wyands on piano and Akira Tana on drums. Carl Fontana was one of the most talented and innovative trombonists of his generation. possible, but not inevitable. Vandoren Artists can be heard with world-class orchestras and chamber groups, in jazz clubs and theaters, on award winning recordings, or found at universities educating the next wave of promising musicians.

His fluid style was quite different from the bebop staccato of his great contemporaries, such as J.J. Johnson and Frank Rosolino.