A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. Overall I liked the Netflix show Car Masters: Rust to Riches. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. They seem fake and staged. It’s definitely worth watching a couple of episodes. She is one of the main workers or appears to be. The presence of Constance on Car Masters: Rust to Riches stirred up some controversy. This Chevy fleetside is then traded for a rare 1939 Zephyr. I don’t know. He along with Tony is one of the main mechanics for Mark. Is this a real shop and crew? It's no surprise that someone who has worked as hard as she has to get where she is today isn't afraid to ask for exactly what she wants. But a little elbow grease and a lot of ingenuity go a long way. Mark builds unusual creations that are both automotive and non-automotive related. Then go all the way back to the beginning and start again.’. When she was asked how she lets a guy know that she's interested in them, her answer was simple: "I'm pretty upfront. He plays the Idiodic bruit of the show. While discussing her career, Viall asked Nunes, "Do you find yourself to be a trailblazer?" From small to large, from easy to difficult, from ordinary to bizarre. This is not a complaint. After years of building Props for Movie Studios as well as Movie and Television Cars, Mark decided that he wanted to use his “God Given Talent”, so he started Gotham Garage. The crew must have considerable mechanical abilities and experience in order to crank out masterpiece after masterpiece. I do like the dynamic and his negotiation skills but I can’t help the feeling of it being so fake and staged. Part of the allure of the show is in trying to figure out what is fabricated. She's aiming for a modern rebuild that will keep the car running optimally, without losing the spirit of its original design. In the show, it’s said his dad had a body shop and he uses to work there. Mike is a hard character to gauge. As Gotham Garage launches a second location, the crew's challenges expand as well. For anyone unfamiliar with this trap it’s when a show suck’s you in hard. While in the garage, she lets her work speak for itself — and after seeing her tackle a few of the wrecks the crew have brought in to work on, it's clear that she's earned the title of engine specialist for a good reason. Related: Who Is Shawn Pilot? However, I have my doubts that she is a car builder employed at Gotham garage. Car Masters: Rust to Riches. Constance Nunes is an American model and Reality TV personality of Portuguese descent. "I do like Fords, I like my little Mustang.". Her print work includes clients such as Wrangler, Jockey, and Jlux Label. "My dad was a drag car racer, and our whole family is into building.". I really don’t mind one bit. She is definitely the eye candy of the show. The goal for Gotham Garage is to make money by trading up or selling customized cars, but how much of the documentary is fabricated like some of the custom car parts they make? He appears to be very creative and knowledgeable all while playing a dumb caveman character. And of course, there is the lovely model/mechanic that is just about every guy's fantasy. I slept for a couple hours then searched for something to watch on Netflix. We have to imagine that asking a professional car builder to name their favorite type of vehicle to work on is as tough a question as asking a baker to pick their favorite type of bread. Her glamour model shots might seem at odds with her down-and-dirty auto shop vocation, but Nunes clearly relishes breaking down the barriers and getting rid of old stereotypes.

That’s when it all started, that’s when Mark realized what his calling was. Low and behold I found a show that I typically wouldn’t find interesting. Archived.

What's so crazy about the show Car Masters: Rust To Riches is how easily decisions are made.

One of my favorite cars of the season was the smart car they turned into a mini monster truck for a vineyard. If he is the real deal then Id say I really like his design ideas. It's clear when watching Car Masters: Rust to Riches that Nunes has no trouble commanding respect from her male coworkers. But car repair was never just a hobby for Nunes. Part of the allure of the show is in trying to figure out what is fabricated. Known for her outspoken personality, rough around the edges demeanor, and get things done attitude, clients find her a refreshingly honest changeup in the world of fashion modeling.