I can't actually believe a human is capable of doing such evil things towards another human. Like instantly 2 days after she died I lost my job. this was in the mid 90's he said something to me in creole and as an adult my life has been terrible. My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed? Learn how your comment data is processed. I'm sick of the nightmares and the suffering. Those instructions to remove a curse are not exactly helpful. i wish someone would put a hex or curse on my brothers –one took me for 50.000 dollars –the other one beat me up and im went to jail–cuz i was on his land –anyone that see's this and can help me hex these fkr's my email is hutch1993@yahoo.com—————— I feel I've been a chew toy to watch in agony. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, curses occur when someone channels negative energy your way, and then it manifests in your life in terrible ways. We also recommend doing something every day – reading the Bible, reading inspirational quotes, counting the blessings you DO have, listening to a Christian Questions podcast, writing a thank you note to someone, reaching out to someone who is also lonely, perhaps in a hospital bed or nursing home. Monks have the third eye, ask to make offerings on your behalf to lift the curse. If so, think back and try to remember: Did these problems start right around the time when someone who disliked you died? I'm losing my mind. Yes, you can be born cursed. Is your money situation going from bad to worse, even though you’re doing everything you can to succeed? Hi, Kelly, your description is just horrific and we are very sorry you have had to endure all of these hateful things. We also recommend our 3-part series on depression and anxiety. Search out beauty and wonder in life – it is there. Discovering a “hex bag” or a curse jar is fairly solid evidence that someone cast a spell on you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I got a job, but had to quit due to pain in my hands, back and ankle. One of the strangest signs of a hex deals with the way you react to good luck charms. This was the first website i clicked on and was just about to leave as i feel "bloody stupid at 31yo and with absolutley no belief in anything supernatural" but just before i did, i glanced down on your artical and decided to read. Amazingly 4yrs have past since then and im still in the same situation?!! How dose someone find out if this could be a curse? It’s a weird phenomenon that tends to suggest someone tried to reverse your luck. I'll definetly be going to New Orleans to talk to a which to see why I can't find anybody. My husbad has Nightmares every night and that isn’t exaggerating. This curse implied that the ground outside of the garden would not have the same natural fertility as the ground in Eden. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. I hate my life with a passion and want to be off this earth.

Love spells are technically curses. I have experienced that God's word is the truth and to follow it is at it says; to build on mountain. I have never done this before, but I had a force driven to reply to Mike.

Every fear Ive had in life comes true. Write poetry or create beautiful art. I'm guessing I was at the happiest time of my life and full of life. The alarming thing about hexes is that they can seriously change how you behave, even when you try to fight them. At times, the sheer amount of odd coincidences really do point to some veracity of this belief. I mean how would you know the dead persons name in the first place? HOW TO BREAK A SPELL FROM A DEAD SPIRIT and thought about and think about suicide all the time. HOWEVER, I still strive to be a positive energy. It's been a very unfair life.

“Their resentments keep their souls earthbound, unable to move to the higher plane of existence in the afterlife. I left the best thing that happen to me for him. No matter how much you work or try, you will not be able to see an improvement if you’re cursed. Below are the most popular searches. Please let us know how you are doing going forward. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Get the latest info & news from the Paranormal Authority crew.

Oh yeah and 2 weeks ago my cat got sick took her to the humane society found out yesterday, she got adopted out. The last two years have been disgusting.

God did, however, curse the ground because of Adam. When someone says they’ll curse you, you need to take it seriously. Powerful curses will often involve night terrors, waking up with scratches, or worse, sensations of being choked in your sleep. In current situation COVID19 is the biggest curse humanity is suffering from. Having one of these in your life or family may not indicate a family curse, to have several “reoccurring” ones might. That was what the light that went through my body was about or what I was getting at. I live in a city where i know no-one, there are days and even weeks i dont utter a word to a single person. Now I build my life on God's word the best I can. I was in the occult, that gives curses as it is to eat out of satan's lies. Maybe if you can volunteer some time, you will be able to gain some strength to see you have a useful purpose and there are others who, believe it or not, can use your help and support. or cursed. What have i dine wrong to deserve all this pain and suffering. You may be hexed, especially if this trend is worsening. You can be free of the curse in three nights by doing these easy but important things. lol u do with what u have before u and u never give up or in to anything t 23 i got married to a bad man, at 23 my brother brought me to Australia.

Am I cursed? Could it possibly be a curse or a hex? MAYBE ITS NOT TIME … BE PATIENCE Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hopefully you have been able to listen to this podcast – My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed? I dont know if there are really curses or if people can really place a curse on someone. 18months or so later i broke up with my long term girlfriend which dealt me another blow,4 months after this the job i enjoyed and worked nearly 8yrs decided to pack up and relocate. It must be very exhausting to look back and see all you have endured. – Christian Questions, Your email address will not be published. Do I Have Other Gods and Idols in My Life? Suggestion: Instead of fighting for yourself, accept your pain and suffering. If I am cursed then life here is short, when I leave this body I'll rip to shreds any "spirit" that gave me a hard time here on earth i suppose, but who really has a clue what to do and what to make of any of this.

!..take it easy friend . If you notice this symptom, it may be a sign that you have a hex put on you. lost my house, tons of bad stuff in the mean time. An my baby's father always has such good luck a good job random money (checks in the mail) good health. !….continued below….. part 2 continued…. When you’re cursed, you tend to perceive everything a little differently than everyone else. nothing, except, I think you must of forgot to ask "God to take care of it. " [contact-form-7 id="2517" title="Submit"]. I have lived in a vortex watching her die knowing soon I will be homeless. (Part I). Please. Blessings might be hidden, but they are findable. You remind us of the book of Job and all of his sufferings, and yet so many lessons and good came from them. whilst having sex on an altar, i think i am cursed because my life is a living hell, i have been attatcked, hopeless and sick within 2 years…now i am having skin problems, i am loosing my hair and getting big acnes around all of my body, before around 7 years ago i was alright happy and i used to lead normal life, but now i seriously cant cope i have thought about suicide so many times, i dont have family or friends i am so alone no boyfriend nothing i dont have anything no job either no money…..i just dont understand how life can be so bad, i.

I believe my curse was inherited through bloodline and that the target was actually my mother.

We have recommended several podcasts in this post, but we hope that in conjunction with the biblical strategies we lay out, you will be able to dig deep in prayer and get assistance within your local community. My final fear is living on the streets. I’m at a sober living waiting for SSI. With a curse, the tiredness often happens right when you need to be your most focused. I am going to try what this Dr.Riess says. Glory be to GOD.

best of luck to you's I am hoping . The only curse recorded was again upon the ground and not upon Cain himself. – Christian Questions. Whatever this is, I will always beieve that GOD is still in Control. Looks like you do too. I may not be the best person but if I can be that friend I would be happy to talk. So, what’s the point of all this? What kind of cruel person were you? But, there’s a difference that should be pointed out between a haunting and a curse. We are praying for you to find a path forward. in fact your article may aswell be bloody written by me!!. Mental disorders are so, so difficult and impossible to understand unless you are the person going through the trauma. Thank you for writing. When every thing start to go wrong, is almost imposible to make any friends, get a good job and oportunities, and general bad luck, is when one feels cursed. Though this can (and usually does) have a medical reason, a lack of energy can also be a sign of a curse in the works. I have screamed in my heart please God let me be like them. in fact your article may aswell be bloody written by me! my genes have led to my never ending sadness, dissapointment, and failure. I have no idea what made me do it. Psalm 107:7: I lie awake, I have become like a lonely bird on a housetop. He punished them, but there was no curse upon them. Try to organize the emotion and vent in a positive way. Now I'm out of school and I'm still trying to find a boyfriend. I swear your problems practically mirror mine!! What struck me was the way you described yourself as "indecisive in life". It helped me a lot. Unlike other people, the paranormal activity cursed individuals experience is almost never positive, and always is terror-inducing. There are a few differences, mainly personnal and the fact you have a bachelors degree (over here they are called GCSE's/qualifications etc ) but joking aside i really feel for you mate!! I t sucks.

Curses, on the other hand, get worse. cont…pt4.

We are hoping you have someone you can lean on for help – a family member, friend, local clergy, community center – so that you can begin to get some “wins” and see your experiences as making you stronger and wiser. I have noticed that the more of a B***ch and a**hole my family is the better off they are.