My city ordinance states that I can have 3 adult fowl, no statues on species.

pet-saving service is funded JavaScript is disabled. Now I have a duckling, having wrongly assumed that my permit would allow her.

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Like a domestic duck, or one that might be considered a wild species? California Housing Rental Laws Concerning Pets. You need to look up the code for your city and first see if you’re allowed to own fowl. Some poultry laws are written so that any noisy bird (normally roosters) can be removed if they become a problem but are purposely worded vaguely to be able to remove any poultry regardless of species. You must log in or register to reply here. You are going to want at least two animals as they are flock animals make sure you get all female otherwise males will fight each other or breed if you have male & female... and to put it bluntly ducks can get a little rapey you normally want 1 Male: 3Female minimum so he doesn't kill a solo-female. My town lumps all fowl together and your allowed unlimited number so long as they are healthy and do not cause a nuisance for neighbors. Having a duck means hearing awful horror stories from everyone around you. Only Hawaii’s laws are more restrictive.

At we work with thousands of shelters all across the country, and not just shelters hosting dogs or cats. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. If you want more than four, then you must get an annual permit. Idk man ducks are cool, i havent done much research tho.

What kind of duck? You will be surprised to know that ducks make great pets, have no demands and are quite inexpensive to keep. With their slightly awkward waddling ways and mellow personalities, our ducks have also become “productive pets” in a way that our chickens never have. Actually, it's kind of cool giving neighbors eggs. 18.

No problems to date.

People will think that because you have a duck, you must really want to hear their story about how a duck flew into their windshield. You will have your work set out for you trying to navigate your town codes many places have minimum setback of coups and square footage you have to abide by and even gender restrictions (no roosters).

It is mandatory to have a pond or a place where the ducks can swim. Absolutely no roosters. Use the form to the right to find a duck to adopt near you. Suggestion & Comment Box Wait, not every town has a local truck-duck salesman? If you want more than four, then you must get an annual permit. Once you have found a duck adoption shelter contact them using e-mail, or phone to inquire about the pet listed on our website. Our ordinance doesn't mention anything about ducks. They aren't viewed any differently than chickens, as far as I understand.