The VIP “Fast Pass” + General Admission ticket gives you unlimited access to all of our attractions, as well as allowing you to skip the General Admission line once per attraction by using the “Fast Pass” lane.

They learn how to touch guests with enough force to scare them, but enough restraint to keep them safe. One look at them will send shivers down your spine. PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- A Florida woman says she was groped repeatedly inside Scream-A-Geddon's interactive haunted house in Pasco County.

Please note all tickets are $5 more at the box office. In the midway an hour later, here's what happened: Reedy and the trainee stood for a second before he spotted fresh meat.

Located in Tampa Bay, Florida, west of Orlando. The scares aren't always loud.

Zombie Paintball Assault requires an additional ticket that may be purchased online or at the facility. In Deadwoods, for example, you stumble blindly down a dark wooded path from one dilapidated, dimly lit shack to another, while members of the inbred Tate family harass you. No costumes, face paint or masks allowed. She scares people.

Thus, every jump scare is a surprise. Scream-a-geddon, on the other hand, allows more time to explore the décor and characters.

You are not allowed to take photos or videos inside of our haunted house attractions.

At Scream-a-geddon, two attractions have interactive features: Infected: Ground Zero, where zombies feed on the flesh of the living, and Blackpool Prison, the location of a prison riot. "Just like that," he said afterward to another clown nearby, a trainee at the park.

We do not offer refunds or rain checks. When does SCREAM-A-GEDDON close?

"I was really awkward," said the 19-year-old, a student at St. Leo University. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot and Monster Midway. Studio Tour Hollywood, Cruelty Review (2019, UK) Faceless Ventures x Mikey Stuart, The Mansion Review (2019, UK) Zombie Infection. All that comes after auditions, classes and lots of practice.

But she'd learned some tricks after more than a month on the job. Blackpool Prison: Themed around a prison where a riot was underway; the first haunt that we went through was without a doubt our favourite.

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All of the outdoor attractions, including Zombie Paintball Assault, are not wheelchair accessible due to uneven terrain and natural hazards. Sign up for special offers, coupons, and more from SCREAM-A-GEDDON! She has a customer-service job in Weeki Wachee.

Yes. “Two of our houses are actually interactive in which you can opt-in to experiencing the story of the house in a way or the actor will interact with you.