With an initial 100,000 dollar pledge to the Pediatric Behavioral Health Unit in September 2018, Adam and Caitlin officially kicked off the Thielen Foundation. I am excited to have this as well as my main blog because it's a good way to check in with me. He usually is either playing or has practice...so getting together with family can be difficult. Playerswiki - Celebrity Biography, news and gossip, Caitlin Thielen and her husband in their wedding day. we went to the game.

Every year, the two organizations partner to provide Christmas gifts to help struggling families celebrate the holiday. “These kids ask him all kinds of things, and sometimes it’s really goofy stuff.

Specifically, the hospital’s Pediatric Behavioral Health Unit, which supports patients under the age of 18 struggling with depression, substance use disorder, as well as other behavioral and mental health conditions. Adam loves to see Asher before each game and get his good luck kiss! Additionally, Caitlin regularly attends Adam's game to cheer him up. Caitlin is married to football superstar, Adam Thielen. If he can get through a game healthy, let along through a whole season, it is a WIN in my book. I had the opportunity to go to the Schwan's Tailgate Truck Tower yesterday at Super Bowl LIVE. Asher did better then I expected throughout the game. In both age groups the kids started off a little shy but as we got to talking they really started opening up and asking some great questions. Asher hasn't flown since last Spring so I was a little nervous flying with him this time around because he's a lot more active.

I was so nervous at the end of the game like I'm sure most of you were. This year has been incredible not only for Adam but for the whole Vikings team. I know I didn't have food poising because I had shared stuff with my friends throughout the day. Zach played here with the Vikings for his first few years in the NFL so we became close with them! I was praying so hard in those last 5 minutes!

http://salvationarmynorth.org/2017/12/vikings-wr-adam-thielen-blesses-five-families/. This year (with the Vikings help) we received 5 families from the Salvation Army to buy gifts for. Nine days later, the Foundation hosted a 12-hour radiothon—a day full of impact stories, awareness, and raising money to assist organizations serving the community during COVID-19. Yes, it was spendy but Adam got paid pretty good for his signing that day..lucky us! We did a lot of walking in only a couple of hours ( my butt and legs were already soooo sore from the hike the day before). If you are a health nut you can even split them between a couple people or your family like we did. Even though it's hard for me to watch him take the hits he does every game and yes, sometimes selfishly I wish he was done playing football for this year so he can rest. My parents are also coming along so it will be nice to have the help. With a focus on youth development, the Foundation aims to create programs that serve, educate, and inspire individuals so they are equipped and empowered to reach their full potential in life.

Furthermore, she shares a massive net worth over $10 million with her husband, Adam. It's super easy to order online or through their mobile app. We discussed social media bullying, ways to deal with anxiety and depression (i.e. We went to Sandals St Lucia for our honeymoon about 3 years ago and just loved the Sandals experience. Whether you are a stay at home mom, working mom, or just have a busy lifestyle Let’s Dish makes it easy to have yummy/healthy dinners! We went through and “threw” away ( just hid them for when Hudson’s older) his pull ups and told him it’s time to be a big boy now and time to wear big boy underwear. It was snowy/rainy Friday night and Saturday but luckily sunny and 40 for the game on Sunday (and our seats were in the sun so it felt way warmer). Serving, educating, and inspiring those in need to achieve their full potential. I hope you all have a great week, and SKOL!! We got a suggestion to go see these little Bears that sing Christmas songs every hour. So we have a lot of traveling coming up but it's all good things. God is everywhere..he can be with the team as well as the girl battling cancer. We ordered pizza and just hung out at the hotel that night...especially having a tired baby and not the greatest weather to go walk around in. It’s nice to go in store ahead of time and make a bunch of freezer meals that are ready to go.

We went to the Smithsonian museum which was really cool. Caitlin Thielen is a stunning wife of famous NFL player Adam Thielen. Additionally, Adam currently plays for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL). “Those kids were over the moon having Adam Thielen and Caitlin walk in their doors and offer all those resources. The main goal of this is to share a little about whats going on with our family each week, share some advice, and other fun things! This past weekend Adam and I went to Virginia to visit my brother and SIL in Roanoke, VA. The Brooklyn Center program is a pilot that the Foundation hopes to replicate at several other schools in the coming years. Her husband, Adam plays as a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League (NFL).Moreover, he started his playing career at Minnesota State University, Mankato and signed with Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2013. We went to this great breakfast spot, called Amelie's French Bakery, which was super cute and had good food.

As per her racial background, she holds an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group. Those kids will be changed by that forever, whether they know who he is or not.”. Below are a few of the meals I just picked up this week! MAKE it a great week everyone and gooooo Vikes! Additionally, she grew up along with her 2 brothers, Ryan and Brent. We didn't have a checking account, we had nothing, and we built it up from day one,” Amy said.

We also told Asher that if he kept his underwear dry for four consecutive days in a row we would take him to the store to pick out any big boy underwear he wants..which he was super pumped about and chose Toy Story ones. Adam braved the cold and came with me, which was super nice. I have been making meals at Let’s Dish with my mom for the past several years. Hope to see some Viking fans there. They have been friends ever since they were young.

Grandma and grandpa watched Ash man for the week while we were away. Little man was left with Gma and Gpa Graboski again and he had a great time...grandpa maybe snuck him a little too much chocolate though ;) They have been so helpful with all of our traveling, events, and last minute meetings...we are so blessed to have them close! I'm pretty sure Adam ate this whole thing lol! This clip below is from Twin Cities Live and it explains a bit more about the concept and services of Let’s Dish! Christmas Day we helped Asher open his gifts from "Santa" and then we went over to my parents and they cooked us a nice meal! With playoffs right around the corner we are defiantly hoping for a first round bye and home playoff games! I think we brought the MN weather with because it was a pretty cold weekend, especially for North Carolina. “And without hesitation, both Adam and Caitlin said, ‘It’s for times like this that we created a Foundation, for when people are really hurting and need the support. As an all-state center midfielder for Woodbury High School, Caitlin’s quick feet (and quicker thinking) set her apart on the soccer field. With Adam and I both growing up in Minnesota and now our children it’s so special and such a blessing we are able to help. “They just felt that the need was so great for those kids to have a support system, inspiration, and tools.”. We were sick of doing the laundry and frustrated he kept having accidents when we knew he knew where to go. We were beat after the hike so my brother made us dinner at their house and we relaxed, played a few games, and went to bed. - This dish was such an easy and quick meal to make. )...but it will be nice being home and not having to travel for awhile.

Otherwise he was watching the iPad, eating snacks, or looking out the planes window (he really loved to look out the window). I'm excited to check out more of the site and find more meals for our family to try! Happy week of Thanksgiving everyone and welcome to my first TIMEOUT post! In September of last year, the Thielens announced a program that included renovating the school’s weight room, donating thousands of dollars’ worth of athletic equipment, and creating a scholarship fund to help students who are leaders on their respective teams further their education. So I sucked it up and with the help of my great friends and mom (theres nothing like your mom when your sick right?!)

- Psalm 107:1, Watching playoff games on our bye weekend with teammates/friends. One of the teens spoke up and told us how thankful she is that we are doing this for the behavioral unit in the hospital. I was up all night which means my mom and friends were too because they could hear me all night. *Visit schwans.com/yum and use the code YUM30 for 30% your first order with Schwan's! The Right Team   With the values they’ve learned from sports and the right team by their side, Adam and Caitlin Thielen have achieved their dream of empowering and inspiring youth to reach their full potential. I am truly thankful God chose them to be in my life. In April we will be going to Virginia for a signing Adam has...and my brother and SIL live out there so we will try and see them too. Check out our website to learn more, stay up to date, and to give back… https://www.thielenfoundation.org, Hey everyone! We are excited for 2018 and can't wait to see what exciting things lie ahead! We are super busy in the next coming weeks. Now that Ash man is three we knew it was time to push it a bit because we knew he is smart enough and know’s how to use the potty...it was just the fact of putting the diapers/pull ups away and helping him make it a habit. From providing youth with the tools they need to succeed to helping their community endure during a pandemic, the Thielen Foundation has a lot to be proud of in their first two years.

I was not ready to take on both yet lol! His game falls on Thanksgiving again this year which kind of stinks but is also a blessing that he even gets to play the game he loves in front thousands of people. We are going to keep giving.’”. I honestly would have stayed in bed all day if it wasn't for our flight being right after the game... plus I really wanted to see the new stadium in Atlanta and watch my hubby play. It's a perfect post- dinner sweet treat:). ;) We hit up a couple unique bars after which was fun and then we went to bed! There's not going to be very many times MN will host the Super Bowl again. How amazing would that be?!? 2019 also marked the beginning of the Thielen Foundation’s relationship with Brooklyn Center High School.

Adma signed a 4 year, $64,200,000 contract, including $9,000,000 as signing bonus and an average annual salary of $16,050,000.

I met up with Adam at the Washington airport on Thursday and we flew together to VA. Adam was coming from Atlanta because he was out there for a few days throwing with Kirk and playing some golf. Even when it's a bye week they of course still had practices most the week. We have stayed close with Brook and Josh and see them often when we are in Detroit Lakes. It comes with more fish and is super yummy. I really do think it's so important to be thankful not just on Thanksgiving but everyday! We also told him we’d take him to do something fun if he kept his underwear dry for a week like a big boy. Adam is overall healthy and he had a great game and I'm so proud of him. Last week Asher had chicken nuggets and a side of the baby bakers. But he ended up doing great. From family Christmas’s to Vikings games, to events and charity work…we have a lot going on. We are so so thankful for all who support our foundation and are helping us make a difference in MN youth.