Comedie sociale de deux heures! Hey guys, here's Sabby!

:) What do you guys think about that Crossover?

:3 Da ich wie immer sehr spät dran war, hatte ich nur noch eine Woche Zeit dieses Video zu schneiden. Since I chose a German song this time, I'd like to ask you to turn on your annotations for this amv! !If you don't speak German, please read the description!! ! Te gjitha te drejtat mbrohen nga EurolindiContentManagement. Hey guys, here's Sabby! x3 Who else is going to ship them now? Jeudi 26 mars 2015, Hotel El Rancho, 6h30 pm ;D ----------------------------------------------------------------Now for all the German AniNite people ;DBitte schaltet die Annotations aus, ihr versteht ja alles :D Bei der Videoleiste das Zahnrad unten, auf Settings und Annotations aus.

:D ! Im Klartext: Eine Woche habe ich mich rein von Kaffee ernährt. Watch the amv until the end if you want to know whether they manage to hook up or not! While Sanny wanted to make something with the Naruto The Last movie, which had only recently come out in HD, I had the idea to do a crossover with a funny German song. !If you don't speak German, please read the description!! :) The story should be clear once you've read the lyrics, but I'll give you a (very) brief summary: A boy (Raku from Nisekoi) meets a girl (Asuna from Sword Art Online), but can't work up the nerve to talk to her - the same with Onodera from Nisekoi and Rin from Free!.

Gott sei dank sind diese nun alle behoben! COPYRIGHTS Ⓒ EUROLINDI - All rights reserved. ;) ----------------------------------------------------Footage: Main: Nisekoi, Free!, Sword Art OnlineBackgrounds: Watamote, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, Pokemon Programms: Sony Vegas 13.0, Photoshop Song: Bye Bye (Cro) PS: Aren't Onodera and Rin adorable?!!

Danke nochmal an die Jury, dass ihr mir den ersten Platz gegeben habt. Schreibt es mir in die Kommentare! Ich kann es bis heute noch nicht fassen! :) Wem fällts auf? Should I edit something like that again? ----------------------------------------------------------------This year, Sanny and I have been to the biggest Austrian anime convention again and decided to participate in the AMV contest. Let me know in the comments section below! waren. haha Es war mir richtig peinlich, weil im eingesendeten Video noch sehr viele Fehler (Renderfehler, Maskenfehler, etc.) :D ! [Settings - Annotations - On] I put the translations there :) Also, here's a translation of the song - Please read through this first so you have a general idea of what's going on!, verse 3 does not exist in this version of the song!